it's the morning after the night before as it's often is and I happen to have four or five days in front of me when I don't have to eat and drink and do terrible toxic things and this would be a good time for me to detox I don't really have time or the inclination to live on cabbage soup and citrus fruit and water for the rest of my life fortunately there is a range of products on the market which claim to be able to detox me in three to five days but with so many things to choose from how on earth am I supposed to know which one is the best someone who might be able to tell me is Catherine Collins chief dietitian at San George's Hospital she points out that some detox products include laxatives which will help cleanse your body in the way it knows best it is you paid a lot for it actually mean anything is the buzzword it's a marketing term not not a medical term at all our bodies are treating the chemicals that we get from diet from inhale inhaling fumes from our stressful lifestyles or things we produce our bodies are dealing with that if they didn't would be in hospital we'd be dead you're buying an expensive adjunct to a normal diet and these sort of products wouldn't make a rubbish diet good there's no law defining what a detox product is so it's perfectly legal to put the word on any product without having to prove it's true boots has become one of the UK's biggest retailers of detox products since it introduced them three years ago in January after the party season their sales shoot up by 40% how does the detox work how long do they do that how do they don't detox they support your body to do what it it can do a bit sooner or later but they help you you maximize that potential it does have some information here about the essentials when detoxing and obviously tells you what other key ingredients are vitamin E which but you mean that stay there vitamin supplement that people might be taking anyway it's it's a really powerful antioxidant that's naturally stored in the liver and the liver is one of the main organs in the body for detoxing this store naturally why do I need more and again you may not be getting adequate from your diet because there are those who would say in the kind of in the conventional medical industry that the all whole notion of detox is just there are different points of view admit that and I think it comes back to the way we live our lives nowadays we know the body is designed to do toxins but it was designed you know a long long time ago and maybe not equipped for this sort of pollution in the environment and the lifestyles that we have nowadays and I think something that can actually support your body in detoxing and kind of kickstart a healthier diet has to be beneficial they the benefits of detoxing improve and I think by unlike the customers who tell us they really feel better they feel but they don't do lots of kind of you know osebo accessory don't tend to because at the end of the day these are nutritional supplements there things that you would also find in food they're not they're not medicines if spending money makes you feel better then go ahead and buy detox products but I haven't been able to find any medical evidence which suggests that you need to so I'm just going to stick with a glass of water