Baloney. I would have to say BS to that. People
with disabilities should be treated just like everybody else. All handicap persons can do
that if they are trained the right way anybody can do exercise if it’s done the right way.
Yes they can exercise like everyone else. Cause you’re proof right? Yes.
Nestled in the woods of Pembroke Massachusetts,
you’ll find New England Village a nonprofit organization devoted to individuals with developmental
disabilities. Health and wellness is among their top initiatives. This commitment was
solidified in 2006 with the construction of the Sollar Wellnes Center , a 14000 square
foot fully accessible facility featuring a 30×50 indoor swimming pool, a Jacuzzi, cardio
and strength training room, fitness studio, and an indoor walking track. New England Village
might have provided the fitness opportunities but it’s the participants who make sure
they get in enough exercise by coming to offerings each week. Here are some their stories. Hi
my name is Robert Worden and I like to exercise. Exercise is do the bike and rows, like swimming
and Special Olympics in Boston that does that. I love weights and everything and I know I’ll
pick up this bar and work on it. Let me show you. My name is Patricia Claudia Durso and
I feel good doing exercising, feeling better, walking track, and going swimming. Dancing.
Exercise makes me feel good. Really.My name is Ken Bunting and I’m 56 years old and
I’ve been living at New England Village four years. My name is Peter Burbank and I’m
29 years old and I’ve been living at New England Village for six years. I like to dance
a lot. Dancing makes me feel relaxed, calms you down, and is a good exercise, keeps your
metabolism from getting out of whack and I do like to swim a lot. I think swimming is
very good for you. It’s good for you. Good for your coordination and good for you to
lose the tub so you won’t get diabetes and other health problems. Well I walk, swimming,
dancing, karate. Right now, I’m waiting to go into my karate class. I’ve been teaching
martial arts for 47years. Peter when he first came into the Dojo he had a tough time in
the beginning. He said everyone treats me the same in this Dojo and we knew that he
had the ability to relax and start doing martial arts. Its three phases that were looking at.
You‘ll see forms that will be a choreography of movements that entails speed, power, and
balance. The second part will be a two man set where both students know exactly what
they are doing and they are practicing high speed punches and kicks at each other and
this is called free range kumites. The third thing you will be seeing is freestyle fighting
which is actually called kumites sparing. Usually, we like people working with the blackbelts
because he has a pretty good right you have to watch out for. That’s right sensei. My
name is Kristen Fontoni. I’m visually impaired. The strength and the cardio room. What exercises
do you do in the strength and cardio room? I love to use the bike. I love to walk the
track. Swimming, I do weights, do relaxation. Exercise makes me feel calm. Hi I’m Allan
Feldman, I’m 66 years old. Thursday I come to TLC which is a day program. And what do
you do for fitness there? Stretch our arms, legs, elastic beams. And what do you like
about Kim’s fitness class? How does the fitness makes you feel? It helps me. Fitness
helps me feel strong, feel great good. My name is Joy and I’m 54 years old. Every
Thursday, I have fun and games with Kim and she has us stretch to work with the therapy
bands. She has us put the bands on our back in back of our leg. Kim has us do all those
thing in fitness class so we can be strong. Exercise is boring for me but Kim makes it
fun. How do you feel after you are done taking that class? I feel great. I got a great work
out. My name is Jessica Simoes and I’m 26 years old. These are my braces and I use them
to walk with to help me balance. Do you still use those? No. I don’t need these braces
anymore because I got stronger. I swim in the pool to get stronger they do all my stretching
that they are supposed to do, walking, a lot of walking. Exercise classes like fitness.
People with disabilities have long been criticized for not being able to do a lot of things.
I think this should change.