Hi there Sara Peternell here with
Family Nutrition Services. I am enjoying a beautiful Sunday here in Denver
Colorado and I was just walking through my farmers market and it’s just
literally right outside of my door we’re so lucky and so blessed to be able to
have this awesome resource this local resource closeby for
fresh fruits and vegetables I actually happen to bump into one of my clients as
I was walking through the farmers market and she came up to tell me that she was
pregnant and I just wanted to I decided to record a video because I wanted to
share my happiness for this client she’s a young woman but she’s definitely had
her share of struggles with infertility she and her husband have tried just to
conceive and had some some issues and and some pregnancy losses for about six
or seven years and they came to me actually when they were finally ready to
take the next step and undergo some infertility treatments at a local center
center here in Colorado that specializes in things like IUI and IVF and some of
them are medically sort of medically geared protocols for fertility I’ll just
leave it kind of that way they had basically been told that they had a very
low chance to conceive even with help and when this couple first came to me
this woman was you know really sort of upset is kind of the only way I can
really think of it because she had been told to believe that her body was going
to fail her even though she had already experienced some losses as I said and
had been through some really hard times in her family journey and she
desperately wanted to have a baby she was putting her face in the medical
system to help her but even then she had been told that despite the amount of
money that they would pay that she really didn’t have a lot of hope and I
was disheartened by this information when she came to see me because honestly
it’s it’s not an unfamiliar story I have had many clients over the years who
whether they’re doing fertility naturally or they’re maybe getting some
assistance where
ders base things on maybe statistics and odds that aren’t really in the patient’s
favor I would like to just say that from a holistic standpoint and from a
holistic nutrition standpoint doctors aren’t doing their patients any favors
by putting planting this seed in their head that that women can’t be successful
to carry a baby there are a number of reasons obviously why infertility may be
a concern for a couple of course there can be issues on the male side of things
so let’s not rule out that sometimes it’s not just a women’s issue but there
are a lot of you know health conditions for women that may be at the root cause
of why they’re having trouble conceiving first and foremost for my clients who
have Hashimoto’s or have hypothyroidism and low functioning thyroid you know
issues there are root cause issues that are also affecting their fertility these
two things go hand in hand so I have written some blog posts about
miscarriages and also just like some of the issues surrounding hormone imbalance
these can be found on my website at Sarah Peter Nell comm so if you want
some more of the details do go there and read those blog posts but what I just
want to say today for those of you who maybe are getting this type of messaging
from your doctors that you know we’ll do our best to help you but your chances
are really low maybe it’s based on lab work maybe it’s based on your medical
history maybe it’s based on some you know functional issue that you have you
know maybe only one ovary or maybe you’ve had you know endometriosis etc if
you’ve been told that you can’t conceive or that you have a very low chance of
conceiving I want you to remember that I bumped into my client this morning at
the farmers market after six years of infertility issues trying naturally and
finally signing on to do IVF she did conceive she beat the odds and the
reason why is because she also started a complementary program to address her
nutrition and lifestyle factors that were also playing a role in some of the
reasons why she couldn’t get pregnant previously this woman does have
Hashimoto’s she also has a secondary autoimmune
addition she had some serious digestive problems that primarily were irritable
bowel syndrome like but really this was a pretty clear case of leaky gut and the
autoimmunity that was arising from that she had a host of food intolerances that
we were able to address and lower the inflammation in her system and she also
had a number of nutrient deficiencies so when she decided when she and her her
spouse were had decided and they were ready to take the ife IDF journey
together they also made holistic nutrition a part
of that and those two things worked very very well together we were able to
address some of the underlying issues for why her body was in the shape that
she was in right she had malabsorption issues she had inflammation and she had
nutritional deficiencies had she stayed in that state and gone through IVF it is
possible that she would have been unsuccessful because the body has to be
ready there has to be the right environment there has to be a healthy
and ready and low inflammation and really optimal environment in order for
conception to take place your body knows if it’s not the right time so I was so
happy for her I gave her a big hug and I just I just knew that for this family
that they were gonna have but they did have a future with children so when I
saw her cute little belly and she told me that she was pregnant it just made me
so happy this morning I wanted to share this with with the many of you that I
know are out there with a diagnosis of Hashimoto’s or diagnosis of another
chronic condition or just a diagnosis of infertility without any specific reason
that there is hope and I would ask all providers out there who are maybe saying
things like you have a really low chance or it’s a you know the odds are against
you or you know you’re you’ve you fall outside of our medical model or a
medical protocol of what we can do to help people please please have your
patients address their underlying health issues please have them look at
nutrition please have them look at their micronutrient values have them look at
leaky gut issues have them look at the food intolerances which may be playing a
large role is possible to get healthy and it is
possible to manage your health care and your health conditions with some basic
nutritional and lifestyle approaches and then combined with the miracle of
medicine right babies are made so anyway I was just super excited I wanted to
share that with you guys and I do want to say you know again that I’ve worked
with many many families in the same situation whether they’re doing IVF or
IUI or fertility treatments or just going the old-fashioned you’re out
because right a lot of people come to me after they’ve already tried IVF and
they’re like we want to give it another shot just doing things in the natural
way I just want you to know that it is possible okay so I hope this leaves you
with a really strong sense of empowerment this morning and for more
information on any of these topics and the more scientific information that
backs up the the body’s ability to heal with nutrition please do check out my
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have a great day