go to the gym probably, like, I’d say five times a week now. It all started when I was a little kid. I was a fat kid in middle and high school,
and I was like, “Man, no one’s going to want to go out with me because I’m fat.” And, I mean, part of it is my personality,
but, I was really self conscious about being overweight, and I didn’t know what to do. And then, as I became an adult, I learned
that it’s not just genetics. You have to put in effort, go to the gym and
exercise a lot, and it’s about calories in versus calories out, and your diet really
affects it. So then I started thinking, “Okay, well I’ll
just go to the gym and start losing weight,” so, instead of a fat nerd, I became a skinny
nerd for a little while. And then I was like, “Both of these are kind
of stereotypes, I kind of want to be a buff nerd. Like, eventually. That would be pretty cool.” Because people would be like, “He’s just an
Asian nerd with glasses, but at least he puts in effort to, I don’t know, be healthy. Be fit.” Obviously, I have a very long way to go, but
I think trying to be consistent with it, even with a pro player’s traveling and stuff like
that has made my life a lot better. Welcome to Summoner’s Rift. Oh wow. That is strong. Very strong. I, I got watermelon. I had a big mistake. I thought this is tomato juice. But it’s fine. Meat lovers, no cheese. And your avocado is coming. Thank you. No problem. The last month and a half, I’ve been on keto,
and I’m kind of figuring out if I should keep doing it or not. I basically was doing it because it’s a really
easy way to restrict calories, and, personally, I’m a big believer in, as long as I’m getting
enough protein for the gym, as long as I’m not going over my calorie limit, I don’t really
care what I’m eating. I love eating rice, I love eating bread, I
love eating potatoes, and I would always eat sugar in every meal or something, somehow. I think I’m really mindful of how my diet
is affecting me. Sometimes I’ll just go a couple of weeks without
any caffeine, to kind of, reset caffeine’s effect on me. And then same with dieting, you know. Like, if I feel like I’m actually playing
worse, or low energy, can’t focus, then I need to change my diet. But, overall, I felt pretty good. I think I was in a better mood because I’m
like, “Nice, I’m on a diet now, I’m losing weight, I’m making progress.” Like, I finally forced myself to get some
discipline, and that felt good. Does this fit well with your diet? Yeah. I think minus the falafel, this is no carbs. But it’s okay. Cheat meal every once in a while. It’s your birthday, I think you can get away
with a little bit. I can get away with one falafel on my birthday. I’ve never given a shit about my birthday,
I know people do, and that’s why I tweet about it or whatever, or else it’s weird to be radio
silent on your birthday, but, growing up, I never celebrated my birthday. It’s a heart. For your birthday, brother. Thank you! Wow. This is keto friendly. Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you,
happy birthday dear Peter, happy birthday to you. Woo! You’re old! It was really nice. Like, obviously, I super appreciate people
caring about it, and caring about me, and using my birthday as a way to appreciate the
influence I’ve had on them or something, and I just like the positive vibes. I wish coach would let me play Vlad. I think age definitely has something to do
with gaming in general. The least that gets affected is probably the
physical parts, like, reflexes, how you think, it’s mainly about motivation for me. Confidence, and just how you play the game. Because the older I think you get, the more
you think about, like, “Is this still worth it?” Especially if you’re not at the top. The main thing that I’ve noticed since I started
off at 18 years old as a pro, and I watched these players kind of become washed up. So, I feel like the main pattern is just,
as you get older, you take on additional responsibility, and the additional responsibility becomes
a burden for your career. Sometimes being young can be better, sometimes
being older is better. So, it’s up to the player, you know? I think aging too much doesn’t matter. I mean, of course if you can get worse, that
means you can get better. You getting old does not mean you’re getting
bad. You can get better too. I’m getting better. I’m probably the oldest player. In the world, too. Maybe. Probably. Most likely, I don’t know how I feel about
it. It’s, like, mixed. There’s comments like, “You’re so fucking
old. Are you going to retire tomorrow?” Or, some people are like, encouraging. Some are like, “You’re the best, you’re playing
against 19 and 20 year olds and you still beat them.” So it’s a mix of both, but, it’s just pretty
funny. Actually, he’s a grandpa, yeah. Grandpa. I think he’s sometimes grandpa because sometimes
he forgets. I keep saying, “Yo, top’s missing,” and… “Huh?” “Top’s missing!” “Huh?” “Jake, top’s missing.” “Ok.” “Can you hear me?” and then he says, “Yes.” It’s pretty funny because sometimes they do
it too. It’s like, “Wow, you guys are almost as old
as me.” Sausages, chicken, ciabatta bread, Italian
bread, marinara sauce.But if you play in Worlds, your win rate and KDA will go down. Most of the time. In NA, you can farm. Farm noobs, get good stats. Okay, what about only playing one champ in
NA, and then not play it in Worlds? You know, that’s what I did with Syndra. I had, like, over 80% win rate, because I
only played in NA, but then I started playing it at Worlds, and then my KDA, my stats, everything,
just go boom. Last year, maybe last Worlds, Jensen’s KDA
was number one. When he played Orianna… KDA player? His KDA is almost number one. Right? Oh yeah, I had, like, 15 almost. Last split. Aren’t you guys missing that? And now, I just have to go in and int you
know? Like, someone has to int. Different player. I have to die for the team. I don’t know what happened. All of a sudden, I have a good KDA in LCS. We switched places. True. 30? Like, 30%. 30% in the middle. Sugar, sugar, sugar. Yeah, I’m fine. I can play the game. I was duo with Peter, and after the game was
done, I said that, “I go home.” And, I go with Insanity, going to our home,
I’m just looking at my phone at the time, so I don’t know too much of what happened,
but I remember that we, when we go green color, we were going straight, but some random car
crashed to our side, so we’re going like this, and… They’re fine, but we got in trouble. Like, he messaged us, and I was like, “What
the hell?” If our game had lasted one minute less or
one minute more or we duo’d one more game, you wouldn’t have gotten in this accident. All of us were just, you know, worried about
him for a little bit, but then he came to practice the next day, so it was all good. My body’s soft, but better than the enemy. Because it’s a brain game. What? Oh, oh! Hauntzer! Oh! Oh? Oh. I thought Ezreal got in that. How can they be so happy with this game? Tweet. Tweet it. Exactly the same words. “How can you be happy?” Do it, you won’t. How is TSM smiling after this game? So we are playing Clutch Gaming. They are right next to us, so I’m going to
talk a little quietly. Team Liquid and Clutch Gaming facing off,
I’m Clayton “Captain Flowers” Raines, joined by Mr. Sam “Kobe” Hartman-Kenzler for our
next bout, let’s go ahead and get right into it. DIG on 3. 1, 2, 3, DIG! We can be louder. Liquid on 3. 1, 2, 3, LIQUID! What are you doing Jensen? Jensen… Wow. What is my team doing? Guys, stop trolling guys. Alright guys, let’s focus. Lira is waiting so patiently, waits for it
all the way, finds the chains, looking for the chain CC followup, here comes your Rumble
ultimate over the wall, Huni’s not there in time, but he’s going to go all the way in. the flash gets him there, but there’s the
Stopwatch! You cannot underestimate it, it’s a one for
one, almost a one for two. Xmithie just walked right into the drake pit,
going to be slammed by Clutch Gaming regardless. Clutch Gaming with a big win in that one. Great for the damage options now, as Clutch
gaming find themselves getting engaged on. Xmithie quickly having to flash out, defensively,
he’s in some trouble. I’m one HP, I’m one HP. We can push mid. 2v2? Yeah. That last fight showed us just how good this
Team Liquid composition is, it earns them the mid lane turret, it earns them their kill,
and it earns them this Cloud drake on top of it. There goes Huni, Cody going to be in some
trouble, root finds its way down, and he is blown up. Rumble coming around from behind, Equalizer
gets dropped down, Jensen and the rest of Team Liquid are going to retreat, Huni going
to be taken low, he gets popped. Damonte moves forward, that’s what I’m talking
about. You do not assassinate when Skarner is right
there! Vulcan is run down next, a double kill for
Doublelift, Lira is going to be out of the picture here soon, Jensen goes on a killing
spree. Team Liquid showcasing why they’re number
one. Clutch Gaming goes home. Team Liquid grabs a win. Usually every split, we have a slump. Fortunately, this slump was at the beginning
of the split. Recently, we’ve been playing pretty well,
everyone’s playing for each other, and we trust each other pretty well. It feels pretty nice playing in that type
of atmosphere. I don’t think I’ve ever gotten upset that
there’s not enough people. That’s never happened. But I have looked out at the fans, and been
like, “Oh wow. I’m going to be here for a while.” I enjoy it because I can see that people are
really happy to see me, and that’s pretty cool, and I feel like that’s a really unique
experience that I’ll never have happen to me ever again. When I’m 50 or 60 years old, no one’s going
to care who I am, so this is a super unique experience where I’m a celebrity within a
small group of people in the world, and I can kind of, just really enjoy how I’m part
of this .00001% of people that gets to experience this. And, also, sometimes, if I vibe really well
with a fan or something, I can make their day, and that feels really good. Like, some really small effort on my part
can really help them get through the day. I want my purse back asshole. But, your purse… It’s not a purse, it’s a satchel! It’s a purse! But I liked it! Yeah, yeah. Again, if I got invited. Well, I got to go. Peace, peace. Alright Peter, what kind of spicy content
are you going to give us in the makeup room today? Nothing. It’s every single time. I just want a nice, peaceful… Are you saying you’ve never had a peaceful
makeup experience once? I mean, when I do, I’m really happy, but it’s
pretty rare. Someone’s always there. Alright, I’ll tell you what, I’ll edit your
makeup experience with some nice, lotus, tranquil spa music. Yeah, I really need that. And I’ll just stay quiet. I need to conserve energy for all the guardians. Why is the camera on? What does this mean? It means we’re tight. We’re tight? Alright. What did you think it meant? Uh, no, no, nothing. I was just going to make a reference, but
I couldn’t think of it. Never mind. What are you doing? You’re, like, creeping on me. It’s like a horror movie. Running through the halls! This is going to be a thriller of an episode. Don’t beat me up! Don’t beat me up! Holy shit. He scoops me all the time. Look at that! It’s like second nature! He tried to scoop me back. Ah! What the fuck. Golden Guardians and Team Liquid, TL firmly
at the top of the standings, Golden Guardians seeing if maybe they can take down number
one. Here comes Xmithie, flash to Tahm Kench. Skarner’s making his way into the fight, Huhi
is already gone, FBI trying to get himself away, it’s a one for one so far. FBI takes it, but he’s dead. Wow. Okay, AD dead. But now the bottom lane is once again in trouble,
and they will be slammed into the ground! Both kills go over to Impact. Contractz goes in, he gets the heal from the
kingslayer, ends up just giving away a free 100 gold, that was just too ambitious. Yeah, we’re going to bait them in. The more you can poke, the more Golden Guardians
can fight. Nice chain of corruption, with a stolen Skarner
ulti, but now Team Liquid are looking to turn it right back around, Jensen is able to grab
the first kill onto FBI, Huhi going to be taken down next, Hauntzer barely getting himself
away. Impact in hot pursuit, and the man’s on a
killing spree. Hauntzer jumping out here, going to find a
bunch of burst damage onto Jensen, he knows Jensen doesn’t have an ignite, Jensen moves
back, and manages to get the kill with a cheeky stopwatch. Everything Team Liquid wants to happen is
happening, Froggen about to fall now here as well, that’s been the one thing that’s
been slippery for them, they’ll finally grab the kill onto him. Xmithie going to fall here, but it will ultimately
just be a one for five as Team Liquid cleans out the rest of the Golden Guardians, and
Team Liquid continues to show why they’re number one. It’s impressive, that’s why this Team Liquid
team is first in the League. Team Liquid had a very convincing one here
today, and, for more on it, Pastry is standing by for an interview with Team Liquid’s Dane
in the mid lane. Yes, I am here with Team Liquid’s Jensen,
as TL have officially been the first team to clinch playoffs for Summer 2019. So, you guys secured playoffs today. Mmhmm. How do you feel about that? I didn’t know that. You didn’t know that? Yeah, but I don’t mind. I knew we’d go to playoffs. We made playoffs, I mean, you guys have to
win two in a row, and C9 has to lose in order for the bye. We have to guarantee a buy in order for Academy
to play. We only have 4 left? 4 more games. Time’s so fast when we’re with friends. Yeah. I think, especially with our team’s state,
it’s a given for us to get playoffs. Our main goal is definitely to win NALCS again. After that, it’s like a whole different level
for us to achieve. So we’re just mainly focusing on the thing
ahead of us right now. I’m never happy with making playoffs now. I know some players would be ecstatic if they
made playoffs, like, “Oh my god, we did it! We made it!” But, for me, it’s like, if we’re not first
seed, I’m disappointed. That’s, like, the expectations now. The bar is always, like, way too high for
us. We’re going to do our best, and hopefully
the end of the split will be a happy ending. No team has won four times in a row. Fourth championship, Team Liquid, like, why
not? Squad.