The next generation of gym floor cover
systems has finally arrived! Introducing the Gator gym floor system
by Hillyard industries. Gator gym floor covers are made of a highly absorbent
yet virtually stain proof 100% recycled eco 5 polyester top clock and a non-skid
moisture proof extruded thermoplastic backing. The two-part system wicks and
contains spills, keeping the gym floor underneath clean and dry. Unlike current
vinyl systems, Gator gym floor covers top layer absorb sound. This dramatically
improves your gym’s acoustics, making it far better suited for conventions,
concerts, conferences, graduations, and more. Available in 6 foot wide rolls with
custom links, Gator gym floor covers lay flat and do not require seaming tape,
making the system much easier and quicker to deploy. What do we mean by
quick? 2 people can deploy a 10,000 foot system in 30 minutes or less. Gator gym
floor covers utilize a superior racking system called the “Gator lay-up.” The lay-up
racking system is constructed of using high-strength two and a half inch steel
tubing. It includes an attractive, yet durable, powder coat finish. Holding up to
6000 square feet each, the lay-up system sets a new standard for safety,
portability, storability, and ease of use. The Gator gym floor cover system is
the most efficient, effective, attractive, and environmentally responsible gym
floor cover system on the market. For more information, please visit our
website at