the following program was provided by an independent producer solely responsible for its content the opinions expressed do not necessarily represent the views of this station its staff board of directors or underwriters welcome to gate city Chronicles I'm Kevin Avard your host and if you like pets we're gonna be talking about pets today actually we're gonna be talking about dogs and jogging and with me to talk about dogs and jogging I have Jake dodge welcome to the show you're the CEO and founder of yes so I am the race director for the spot-on New England dog jog 5k it's an animal focused 5k right down here in Nashua okay now this is the first I've heard of it we see you know 5k signs all all of his Nashua from time to time and I've participated some in last year I think we went on a run and I think it was like 92 degrees and my wife had me do a five-mile yep and I made it nice job I made it yeah that's the important part and I was dizzy it she said good point good job but anyway so Nashes got all kinds of runs this is the first time I heard of the dog jog before I get any further you got a little emblem on you I do yes and it looked like a six but it's actually a picture of a it's an S that has the negative spaces a profile shot of my dog and your dog is a villa yeah he is a a Hungarian hunting dog not many people have heard of them but if you've heard of a Weimaraner yeah so they looked just like Weimaraners Weimaraners are descendants of the beech lists they look very similar except a Vizsla has more of a golden rust color okay then a Weimaraner but other than that very very similar super crazy super active did you seek out this breeder yeah my wife and I are big runners when when we can when our schedule allows so this was one of the breeds that uh you know kind of fit into our lifestyle and also fit into you know allergies and things around the house and things along those lines so it was it was a breed that we sui sought out then I became a member of the board of directors for the viewlet Club of central New England and our rescue program and then he was kind of a an inspiration for the race so these are hyper allergenic dogs to a point to a point they say they don't shed trust me they do they do they exactly we got a labradoodle we still get Curly's around the house but yeah there are all kinds of jogging in your life you mentioned that you and your wife are joggers when you have the time yeah and did you come up with this idea of a dog jog I did so as I said I was a member of the board for the VCC any in our rescue program the VESA Club and we were looking for a new fun way to create a fundraiser however a lot of people like you haven't heard of the Vizsla breed right so it's kind of a niche market so will we what we did was actually teamed up with three other nonprofits the Animal Rescue League in New Hampshire okay now with the Greater Humane Society of Nashua and then the rescue project and so what you do is when you register for our race you choose which nonprofit you like to benefit or you can benefit all by just registering not and they split it alike really yep yeah exactly well yeah so now the idea is you don't just run by yourself you're running with your dog that is the idea we do encourage people for those people who are out there who have dogs you know we encourage them to come out with their dog if you are a runner and you just like to support animals or you just want to pet all the dogs do we have people do all the time right we encourage people to come out by themselves but yeah the idea is anything that we do for humans we do for dogs interested now this is the third year how did the first year ago so the first year I wanted a hundred people at the race that was our goal originally it was kind of I just fronted all the money for it for the club so I didn't want to put them in any financial turmoil and said hey guys let's do this and I truly believed in it we wanted a hundred people we had about 220 Wow last year we sold out at about 550 how do you sell out on race you just you need to look at the course you need to look at your your surroundings need to look at your venue and really choose okay what's a comfortable limit the other thing that we have to factor in is we sold out a 550 people about 78% of them to 80% had dogs with them so basically it's you know another body space so we're looking at the venue we're looking at the size of the area that we have and dogs and humans and everything your bring your following bags we give them out ready registration yeah yeah interesting so about so a lot of dogs were there yes and everybody's well behaved yeah what we really are you know adamant about when you register is making sure that your dogs are up-to-date on other vaccinations making sure that they're not aggressive but they're not leash aggressive or protective and just making sure that they're well mannered and they're on leash at all times I actually own two dogs only one of them can come with us because the other one can be a little agitated a large following of dogs and that's exactly what this is so so we leave him at home he's our rescue but you know we we encourage everyone to come out you know with or without a dog or even if you just want to come and check it out it's a great time yeah and where will this be held so it starts at Stello stadium right right down the road by the Y and then it runs out around the high school and then you go into mines Falls and so we created the course with a certain agenda behind it we're not all of it is on pavement and the reason for that is just we're thinking about obviously the pads and the dogs you know we've had a lot of really hot June's recently and we are out there every day the week leading up making sure that the pavement is a good temperature if it gets over a temperature well tell people you know probably better off leaving the dog at home or you know looking at other days that may work but I you know we designed it so it's part road mostly trail so that it's a lot more comfortable and better running conditions really for you and your dog so are you gonna have little spots for the dogs and have their water we do so we have like I said everything we do for humans we do for dogs at our water stop which last year the Humane Society greater Nashua did we had you know the cups of water like you would see I'm sure that five mile race that you did you see the little water stop we also have multiple dog bowls on there we also had two spots along with that we have little kiddie pools that we fill up with water right so the dogs can either drink out of them you see some of them laid down in them it's more of just we put some trash cans there so if your dog does have to you know do his business out there of course you can not have to carry the bag with you the whole time yeah we have to be a little uncomfortable yeah yeah that was a change made after the first year we only had one stop and it was just much easier to put three different along the route but it also you know we're we're really looking out for the dogs just to just stay safe in the entire situation and what is this gonna take place it is Saturday June 8th this year June 8th June 8th yet we're part of the gates to these Toyota of natural gate city series so it's race number two the first races this weekend other sponsoring part of this or the gate so Toyota natural sponsors the gate CD series which is a collection of five races okay of local nonprofit here locally Nashua we do three of the race three of the five races you get a series sweatshirt at the end of the end of the event and they run from the first races this May or sorry this weekend May 18th until the day after Thanksgiving and we are one of those vibrators okay I know we doing with Thanksgiving one two yeah I'm just not much of a runner yeah she's the runner you can come out and walk we heard people actually if you look at the demographics we have a lot of people that just come out and do it as a dog walk just because it's a really fun time we like to give away some things to those our participant do it I would not dog the run but so tell me a little bit about the nonprofit tell me about what does it do what is that what is the need for yeah so we were you know just most importantly for us being kind of a niche breed with the VCC any which is abuse of club essential New England like I said how many people have heard of it so it's kind of hard to get some fundraising dollars there is the need there I mean are there me yeah I mean we have a ton of dogs that come through our rescue one of the more successful Vizsla rescues in the country and and the real need comes from those that aren't educated in the breed so okay like I said Vizslas are very very energetic they require about four to five hours of oxley off fleas play every single day so if you can think about it like a Jack Russell yeah yeah but you know they need to be out there they need to be running otherwise they can really get into some bad habits and that's something that you know this race has allowed us to go out and you know educate some people about about the breed to educate them on whether it may be a bad choice or maybe a good choice and really if it fits into their lifestyle and it allows us to help all of those you would think though excited seeks out this breed they would actually do a little investigation as to you the the the temperament of the of the dog yeah and I mean they are they are awesome don't get me wrong I mean we we love ours he is not really the typical be so a lot of the pictures you'll see are these gorgeous regal dogs as I said they were from a Hungarian hunting dog that their mo is they love to cuddle there they're called the Velcro Vizsla for a reason because they're always by your side however that's only if you really do your education and know that okay they need a lot of attention they need to be mentally stimulated they need to go out and get their exercise so it's allowed us to do that very smart breed very very smart too smart for for some of our commands USA because they learn how to get around things but I have a labradoodle like that just and I thought I was doing a good job yeah what she tilts ahead like what the other more important part to it is that you know it's not just for the visa club it's also for our three other nonprofits yeah so the Animal Rescue League in New Hampshire they're located at a Bedford we've teamed up with them they have their own 5k and we kind of you know had reached out to them like hey do you guys want to take part in this they're great partners the Humane Society of Greater Nashua and their team down there have been awesome we reached out and got back in touch with them last year they came on board as a official charity this year we had benefited a different charity for the first two years the Sato project which rescues dogs from Puerto Rico and then vets them and people are paying attention to the news lately even in New Hampshire you have Great Danes or whole you know host of other dogs labs that have been mistreated and those with those it's expensive to take care of dogs you know and when when say 30 or 40 dogs need to be rescued that's a huge dollar amount it's a take care of them it's very large yes and and and a lot of the towns are forced to absorb that people don't realize well do you know what are you gonna do with the dogs you're not going to euthanize them if they're okay but there's a you know I think we've seen numbers up to $300,000 yeah and the town doesn't have that kind of a budget so when you rescue you you really are you're taking care of the community as well yeah yeah and that's you know what what we tried to do and that's another reason that we partnered up with the with the folks down at the Greater Humane Society and naturally here just because it really did kind of bring it back full circle with the race taking place here in Nashua I went over there and met with chuck and everybody over there and they were awesome they gave me a great tour of the facility and we've really been a little selective on who who we do benefit and really making sure that you know the money from the registration is going to good causes right yeah it's so ironic today I actually my dog Lexie's is legal I had to pay her $7.50 City Hall hydration fee yeah yeah but it's important to do that I'm sure that it goes to actually I don't know what it goes to I'm pretty sure it goes towards those City cost you were talking about earlier you would think hopefully this not too many rescues in Nashua but yeah it's it's a great cause and again I never heard of it are you gonna be putting out signs yeah so we are we have a bunch we have a really large social media database right now last year we had a couple people that are if you want to call them famous Vizsla owners that were really putting this out there and that is what created the huge sellout so we didn't do posters we didn't do print we do a lot of digital a lot of email stuff okay so right now we're trending above where we were last year which we sold that a 550 the week before the race sure so we're at over 350 registrants right now signs will be going up you know you're gonna be taking pictures of this while this goes on this is got to be kind of you you're gonna be great if you want to showcase your dog right yeah and of course the fact that you're an athlete it's look what I did it it's perfect for the social media so we call ourselves the world's most opossum 5k and our hashtag is world's most opossum and total pun play on words but people people love it because people love to show off what do they love to show off it's their pets sure it's their athletic achievements it's their 5k it's everything they do so we kind of put that all into and we really do want to make it an awesome time further everyone who comes out every year we always look at okay you know last year was great what can we do better how are we gonna make this better you know there's a lot of people that run the same race year after year after year there's a lot of people who do one race and then forget about it so what we want to do is we always want to be Tippett Ungh and making sure that they are enjoying themselves that their dogs enjoying themselves that there's plenty of water after the race there's plenty of just entertainment and fun things to do yeah that's it you know it's funny because my wife likes to take pictures of the food the flowers and yes of the dog yes so if you want your dog to make primetime this might be the event I mean yeah yeah it is we've had some some pickup from from animal magazines more in the past there's been a couple magazines that have reached out we've had new stations reach out for footage or video that we do we always post the pictures there are always free downloads for the participants so you don't have to worry about bringing your cell phone everyone does but they can you know they'll have professional pictures taken that they can download and they can share and that's only kind of the beginning of what we give away so we always like I said what we do for humans we do for dogs so if you register you'll get a t-shirt your dog will get a swag item now we've teed it we've partnered this year a swag item correct stuff we all get yeah okay so so you'll get a t-shirt your dog will get something to be determined we partnered up with Tito's handmade vodka who is super active in the animal rescue um you know field there we partner up with them there are pet sponsor this year we brought on spot on virtual smart fence which is a product right out of Bedford yeah it's a super innovative and fun project to come on as our title sponsor and they're having plenty of a large presence at the event and to also demonstrate just what they can do I have an escape artist of a dog sure he likes to find ways out of the fence and somehow he's learned that he can jump six foot chain link fences so this product is something that we're looking at too so if he does get away we know where he's going but apart from the t-shirt the dog item we also do metals which a lot of people love race metals so we do raise – with a twist so you get a medal your dog also gets a medal so it's a mini version of the human medal which then can be taken off of the lanyard and it's engravable to be used as a pet ID tag oh that sounds like a you've really thought this true yes yeah yeah a lot of hours of thinking they're so out of the runners who's the real runner you or your wife were you both just about my wife definitely I'm more of the the participant I go out and I do it it's gonna take a while yeah yeah but I mean she went out she ran our first marathon last year and she was diligent matter training and she was well under five hours so for me I'm like that's awesome for you because I've done a couple marathons well above that time and well I've walked one yeah how I walked one that's it it was the hunger walk actually was 20 miles it wasn't even a marathon yeah that was the one in Boston but yeah you actually feel that I mean we actually we started running just so we would feel better yep you know instead of walking just because of all the lactic acid in the system yeah so it's nice here at Stellos correct and it's June 8th June a Saturday June 8th starts at 9 a.m. registration starts at 7 a.m. can come pick up your bib for you and your dog so we have the race cribs for you and we also have little dog bibs and all attached to the leash so the dogs will get a time and it will have you know awards for our top three and then our top three dogs and the top dog gets at the athlean aim top dog award and then we also just have just have some fun surprises planned throughout the day yeah just like the fact that they get a swag go whatever that yeah yeah swag item stuff we all get yeah I know there must be a Facebook page absolutely yeah you can you can check us out at unleash Sports & Events Group which is you know kind of the little organization committee that we started to put on this race you can also just type into Facebook spot-on New England dog jog 5k pops up right there the website super easy to remember run jog calm so you're not gonna forget that one sure all of the informations up there all of our sponsors all of our charities we have you want to take a look through the photos for the last couple years see if that's something you're on Instagram and snapchat and Twitter yeah not not as much as we should be yeah we direct people more towards Facebook and the and and the website for us old people yeah yeah for us old people exactly I yeah it's it that that's enough to handle me you know that the geofilters and I mean for my job I do it and I get it but for this no it's it's not something that that we do we just like to go out there and we have professional photographers out there yeah yeah we have professional photos that'll be available for free to download for all participants look at an email saying hey your photos already go check them out and then we tell we you know encourage people to share it we encourage them to use the hashtag tag the tag the dog dog in it and it really does do a great job capturing the the real main event of this which is getting out being active and getting out and being active with your dog and just you know that dog owner mentality bond that really you know can be created there and it gives you an opportunity to exercise with your dog which is which is fun because our dog is our is our trainer yeah yeah I don't think we walk our dog but we never run with her I wonder if she she probably do well off dogs do well they do but well I appreciate you coming on the show and I think it's a it's a great idea and really it amazes you when you think of some of the situation's some of the pets are put in they didn't do anything wrong they're just in the cage or they're just being maltreated and they need rescuing sometimes people get that Christmas gift and it wasn't a good gift because yes they're not suited for the home yeah and I mean that's you know we're we're out there and we're given the opportunity for you to come out with your dog to support all those dogs they can't make it yeah and all those dogs that are in you know unfortunate circumstances whether it be you know like you mentioned the the Christmas gift that then can't be handled six months later or whether it's you know something where they're just not being treated due to you know just breeders or owners or whatever days we've heard stories at the Capitol where in some of the committee hearings were you know some of the police officers that have to go in and rescue these dogs they're some of the first people that come on they walk out of there crying yep that literally cried they just you know they see situations so and then the other disaster on top of that is now you got to care for and somebody's got to take care of that that that burden and they're innocent if you are doggone or you know yeah yeah they're there they're just innocent they just do they're your best friend so this is a nice way to take care of them yeah yeah and it's great to support you know the local organizations that are working with everybody to make this happen yeah well thank you for watching Gate City Chronicles listen if you're a runner if you're a walker if you got a dog you know what cats allowed I don't know we did have to learn when the cat laughs yes yeah absolutely okay so there's this is a situation where everybody is welcome and would love your participation remember it's June 8th check them out on Facebook and if you have any questions y'all obviously you can contact them through that so hopefully we'll see you there and I think maybe I might be there that'd be a and Tracy we can make that happen yeah until next week thanks for watching gate city Chronicles the preceding program was provided by an independent producer solely responsible for its content the opinions expressed do not necessarily represent the views of this station its staff board of directors or underwriters