What’s going on guys? Bendji D. here from Get Fixed and today’s review is on the Garmin VivoFit Fitness Band. I hope I pronounced that right Garmin, G-armin? Who cares? Bam! Here’s an aerial view. Bam! Here’s a front facing view of the dongle used to synchronize the data from the Fitness Band onto your Personal Computer. A lot of people don’t know this I do my own sound effects My contact information is in the description, below. Let’s waste no time and get this dirty work done did and taken care of. Right away you can see What the? Oh-kay (chuckling) Okay. The packaging looks like it took more time to design and construct than the actual product it’self But hey, who am I to judge right? Anyways the VivoFit is a small package packed in some pretty amazing specs. This device learns you activity level and assigns a personalized goal based on your previous activity. it can also pair with a heart-rate monitor for fitness activities. this thing is on 24/7 keep track of your steps, calories, distance, and monitors your sleep. Monitors your sleep? Creepyyyy. If us guys was smart enough we would have been slapped some of these bad boys around our girlfriends wrist and learn the difference between the regular and suspicious activities. I mean who else doesn’t wanna know when their girl is running around Disney World “handing out” with Mickey Mouse. I hate that mouse Player Last week I told you guys to do Meth. Yeah Make sure you shoot up enough so your family doesn’t have to. As a team, we can do enough drugs to keep them off these streets. These things are wayyyy too dangerous. Anyways guys don’t forget to like, comment, and share. I hope I made you smile today. Bendji D. here from Get Fixed Fragile! You’re not alone. Shut up bihhh, you can’t sing. Whoo-psh! Peace!