hey guys funk Roberts here today I've got a garage gym whole workout for you but before I take you through that workout I want to tell you guys about this awesome garage to summit that I'm part of me and ten other fitness professionals in the garage gym industry are coming together to show you guys how you can workout at home can you workout tips awesome workouts training everything you need to have everything equipped for a whole workout so if you want to be part of that garage gym summit interviews with 10 amazing amazing fitness experts then click the link and join right now right away so you can save your spot it's absolutely free it's ten days and you're gonna get awesome information just like this work up I don't about to show you right now so this workout will do five exercises each exercise is thirty seconds of work followed by 15 seconds rest but let me take you through each exercise very quickly show you get done quickly in the comfort of your own home okay first of all you got push up to rock so we're gonna push up row push up row so make sure that when we do the push up we focus on leading with our hips and then when we rope we press down so it's a renegade little or stand on that other dumbbell and row up court side okay so you do that for 30 seconds next up I'm gonna do just will bring the other side then big chest press so once again we're focusing on chest but we've got a little bit of a bridge I've got 20 pounds so it'll as much as fast as I possibly can keeping my elbows at a 45 degree angle pressing straight up so they'll do that for 30 seconds or even 45 seconds actually I'm gonna change okay next exercise we're going to do bodyweight squats let's just do some light weight squats so you far down as possible sitting back into the squat knees pointed up heels on the ground thanks down on the way up all the way down how do you do that pick up the dumbbell hold it up and go nice and tall reverse lunge reverse lunge so again lower volume let's turn this way so you can see me back make sure that you're nice and tall push off front leg back fast faster quick home workout full body metabolic burn fat build muscle garage gym summit join for free learn more amazing workouts that you can do at home in your garage gym or just in your backyard click the link and I'll see you with my ninja go get it