WALLY REULE: Hi. My name is Wally Reule. I’m
a personal trainer, owner of SedonaFit, and I’m here on behalf of Expert Village. Another
exercise that you can do with this station involves the back, the shoulders, the chest.
And this is a push-pull exercise. So if I was standing in this, and again starting in
the squatting position–it’s my default position–I pull to my chest, I do my fencer’s lunge,
rotate my torso, and push out one hand–both hands. Back to the front, straighten the arms.
Now, when I’m doing this, I’m using most muscles in my body. When I’m pulling back like this,
my upper back is involved, my biceps are involved, my legs are involved, most of my body is involved.
And then this movement will rotate my torso, again, my legs, but also my obliques, and
many of the muscles in my back are very engaged right now. As I push my right arm, my shoulders
are involved, my left arm, my pectorals, my whole body is engaged with this. And I can
go like this. And then, to the other side. Always under control. I’m not throwing myself
out and pulling it around, that kind of thing. It’s about control, it’s about form, and that’s
what I’m doing.