Thank you for joining us today!
I’m Gail Peck, the fitness instructor, and behind me we have Ms. Lynn Bedell
and Ms. Minerva Drayton. So let’s all sit up nice and tall in our chair,
roll those shoulders back for good posture, and we’re gonna start with a march. Right, left, right, left, right, left,
those arms are swinging naturally right by our side. Let’s do eight more. And seven, and six, and five,
four, and three, and two. Gonna take a heel out now. Reach out and out. Make sure you’re sitting towards the front of your chair, especially if you have short legs,
and you’ll be able to reach further. So I’ve got my opposite arm with my leg,
and we’re reaching and stretching the legs, stretching the arm making sure our posture is good. Let’s do four more one and two and three,
and I’m gonna do the same thing but point the toe. Stretch out the front of your foot
for eight and seven and six, and five, four to go, three, two,
let’s take it back to a march. Here we go.
March, and two, and three. Now take those feet a little wider,
starting to open up the hips For four, and three, and two.
Let’s bring them back in for four. And one, and two, and three, and four. Going back to the corners with a heels.
Corner, and corner, and corner. Let’s tap those toes again. For four, and three, and two. Back to the heels for four. One two, three, and four. Now we’re gonna take those heels to the side
on four, and three, and two, Leg to the side, let’s change the arms out and in Right and left remember to sit up nice and tall Let’s do four more and four and three two And one alright bring those feet underneath you now that we warmed up a little bit Let’s add some shoulders into the mix coming forward earlobes back and down Can you everything warmed up and we’re gonna reverse it take them back bring them up to your ears roll them forward One more time going to shrug just pull the shoulders all the way up to the ears push them all the way down inhale bring the shoulders up exhale bring them down one more time All right open the arms to the side. Let’s roll the shoulders in roll them open internal rotation external rotation as you continue to do that move bring the arms more to like a v-shape and Then we’ll open them back out to the side Very good all right keep those arms out. We’re gonna flex the wrist bend the wrist flex then give yourself a great big hug Well X would bend the wrists again and let’s put the other arm on top big ho Bring our hands, just let them rest right on our shoulders I’m gonna rotate my torso looking over the right shoulder come back to the center big breath in let’s take it to the left Moving just from the base of the spine again over the right shoulder back to the center and over the left shoulder All right making that a little larger. Let’s bring the arms in front of us rotate to the right come back to the center rotate to the left and one last time to the right and To the left back to the center I’m gonna bring the arms all the way up and hug your left knee up to your chest Find that lower back stretch and add in some ankle circles very good other direction I Take your leg extend it out. We’re gonna point and flex the foot Getting the ankle warmed up and put that foot on the floor Other side bring the arms all the way up hug the right knee up to the chest Pad the ankle circles for good mobility and the other direction All right take that leg extend it out flex it point out flex it point it And we’ll take it and put it right on the floor all right Let’s check that posture again sitting up nice and tall call these dead bugs I’m gonna take the left leg out in the right arm alongside and switch So try to point your toes to the ceiling And that way you’ll get a nice long leg you’ll contract those Quadricep muscles a little bit more, and I’m trying to elongate. I’m trying to reach All right, let’s do four more four and three and two Whatever leg is out there. Just hold it take your hand and just reach a little further, and we’ll switch legs and reach And put that foot down alright. Let’s add in some more upper body I’m gonna bring my knuckles together, and we’re gonna pull back and then open wide Squeeze your shoulder blades together open wide This will give us good work on our back and a good stretch across the chest down open two more one Open wide last one open wide bring the hands in and we’re gonna reach them out give yourself a nice stretch on your back Bring the hands back in we’re gonna do a move called the breaststroke just like if you were in the water Open up nice and wide so lean forward stretch your arms out bring them in and forward and open Let’s do that one more time All right gonna do it in reverse Open bring that water towards you and stretch out bring it in and towards you two more big stretch forward and back And one more time and then stretch forward again Let’s reach to the ceiling touch the sky and bring your hands to your shoulders. Let’s add in some single reaches I’m gonna take my feet a little wider now make sure I feel really stable with my feet on the floor my sit bones in the chair stretching up and reaching for range motion All right, very nice. Let’s do two more. Here’s one And here’s to bring it down and just shake out the hands a little bit Alright as you can see we have some tools or props with us one of them is these Resistance bands you may have one at home if you ever went to physical therapy But we’re gonna use these To start with under our feet to work our legs So I’m gonna take my feet and step on the band So when you’re using the band you have to find just the right amount of resistance So we’re gonna step on it and let’s cross it Sitting towards the front of the chair because that’ll give you a little bit more emotion I’m gonna take my right leg move it right and bring it in move my left leg and move it left So we’re moving from the hip Now if you feel like you have too much tension in the band start with your feet a little wider Okay If it’s easy for you then just shorten up on the band So we’re gonna go right leg and left leg trying to move just from the hip Mm-hmm alright, let’s do four more and three Two a posture check sitting up nice, and tall right leg only four four out and in three two and one switch left four and three and two and right four two one and left you Again for two And two and finish with singles right leg and left leg Right leg so by now. You should be feeling it in your hips your outer thighs alright last four and a one and A two and three and four All right, let’s let those legs rest But now we’re gonna add some arms and back by rowing so sitting up nice and tall skin your forearms along your waist as your elbows lead the way back and release and pinch the shoulder blades together So as I mentioned with the band if this is too tight slide your hands right to the end you’ll have more band less resistance If it’s kind of easy for you, and then walk your hands further down for extra resistance or to go Feel those arms doing the pulling the back muscles getting that work two more and two and One all right. Let’s shimmy out the shoulders just loosen that up, and we’ll take the band off our feet Okay hold it right out in front of us Relax the shoulders, and I’m gonna take it oh a little wider than my shoulders and these are called band pull up arts so I’m gonna start pulling the band apart till the middle of it comes right to my chest and release it pull Alright, let’s inhale its exhale on the exertion as that band pulls across your chest Right good job four more and three This is great for your posture muscles two on the last one little tugs four four and three and two One bet you’ll feel really good about now, so I’m gonna just go up and back to wherever it feels good up And back so we don’t want to be straining when we’re doing this smoothie smooth, but we don’t want to feel them But not in a straining kind of a way, okay, hold it right overhead. We’ll bend to the left Come on up. Let’s bend to the right come on up to the left and to the right now I’m gonna hold it right in front of me and rotate your torso to the right Rotate to the left and back to the center Okay, now. We’re gonna take the band around the bottom of our left foot And I always make sure it’s secured really well around your foot so that it doesn’t slide off I like to cross the band just for extra security We’re gonna do some bicycles, so we’re gonna be moving from the hip joint and the knee joint So everybody kind of relax your grip a little bit sitting up tall and I’m gonna take that knee bring it in and gently press It away so all the moves are slow and controlled We don’t want to do anything jarring to our joints I’m pushing out the leg I’m bringing the knee into the chest My breath is continuous. I try not to have a death grip on the band So just try to keep your hands relaxed, and we’ll just do two more. Here’s one And here’s two now. I’m gonna go in reverse push the leg away bring the knee into your chest Out in in this position or direction probably feels a little bit more challenging for and here’s three And here’s two all right I’m gonna hold the leg out and hold both streamers on the band with my left hand sitting up tall Turning the foot towards the left. Let’s open the leg and bring it back in open the leg very good moving just from the hip So try not to put your torso into it Four and here’s three let’s do two more two and one alright holding a leg in front I’m gonna pull the band a little tighter and just take the foot left and right now say this has been for ankle strength and mobility for four and three two One alright, let’s try another rowing set so we’ve got straight arms lead with the elbows and squeeze your shoulder blades together We’ll do eight of these Three try to have a nice neutral wrist and four And here’s five feeling stronger already and six two two goes Seven on this last one hold it back little pulses four four three Two one and release the tension shimmy out your shoulders a little bit Alright same thing on the other side So make sure the band is very secure around the bottom of your foot we can cross it Sit up nice and tall and here we go with the bicycles knee into the chest and smoothly press it out Fairly nice and tight So you can see what good action? This is on the hip and knee joint as it strengthens the legs three and here’s two One I’m gonna reverse that push out up and in and two and three four Five Six two left seven and that was eight all right holding the band In that one hand trying to keep it relaxed I’m gonna open to the right bring it back in so you can keep your toe up Or you can turn your foot the direction you’re going AMC In and out and in how about three more one? And here’s two And here’s three now I’m gonna keep that leg still and take the foot right and left four four three two one all right We’ve got one more set of rowing, but this time Let’s do alternating arms, so I’m gonna again continue to sit tall pull the right arm back release it pull the left arm back That’s at the elbow leading the way shoulder blades coming together just for more one And here’s two And here’s three And we’ve got one more and we’ll shipping out those shoulders again Alright, very good. Take that band off your foot and We can put it right down behind us or in our little handy holder down here And while we’re down here Let’s go ahead and grab the ball now if you don’t have one of these balls at home You can just go to the dollars dollar store Dollar Tree and pick one out this one has a little squash in it Okay, we’re gonna put it right between the knees and again I’m gonna make sure I’m sitting tall feet flat on the floor and as we squeeze into the ball We’re gonna cross the arms so squeeze and cross squeeze and cross good so inner thighs Shoulders and chest as we continue to cross. Let’s lift. Those arms a little higher So they can go right up towards the head, and they’re gonna come right back down in front of the knees All right, let’s keep going. Let’s go back up again squeeze and open so yes, it does take some coordination to do this up And up all right we’re working our way down Back in front of those knees all right, let’s finish out in front of our chest for four and three and two Now quick little cross is ten nine eight the wrists and the legs And four three two and one all right shake out. Those arms a little bit roll out those shoulders Okay, I’m gonna take the ball in my hands And we’re gonna bring it up overhead And I’m gonna bring it down to my knee is my knee lifts so reach up nice and tall Bring it down towards your knee Very good. Let’s do four more and here’s four reach and three reach to reach last one Now when we’re holding the ball in front of our chest. I’m gonna give it a little squeeze That’s gonna activate the muscles a little bit more And I’m gonna push my leg out as the arms go out toes to the sky push away all right same thing only we’re gonna push overhead four and Three that’s it give it a good squeeze to that ball. Let’s push it out to the front again for four and three and two and Overhead we’ve got four and three and two One more round so your arms are starting to get a little tired two and three and four We’re up four and three and two Last one all right. Let’s take a quick little stretch break here I’m gonna put my right heel out and just kind of slide down towards your foot you don’t have to touch your foot But you do want to feel a little bit of a stretch in the back of that leg Your heart rate might be up just a little bit from that last exercise that we did Then slowly come on up Put the other heel out there roll down towards your foot big breath in and out And bring yourself up okay, I’m gonna take this ball next to find a wedge it behind us We’re gonna do some abdominal crunches next so feet flat on the floor The ball can be at your lower back or your middle back We’re gonna cross our arms at our chest gonna take a big breath in inch forward come on It’s a gentle lean back. Just enough to activate your abdominal, but be mindful of your lower back coming forward in one unit and back very good And back all right inhale forward And back very nice and again coming forward up right and Back, let’s do three more Forward back all right two more and forward and back one more time Take it forward up and back Sitting up nice and tall kind of what we did in the warm-up I’m just gonna add a little rotation again to the right once again your head follows right along with a spine to the left and right and the left Picking the ball in our hands again. I’m gonna give it a good squeeze and we’re gonna push it up overhead as we come up on to our toes and Up so we’re getting the shoulders as well as the calves four more and four and three and two Good breathing back there all right now We’re gonna lift move your feet forward a little bit, and we’re gonna bring both of the toes up as we curl the ball so we want to counteract the calves with the shins four four squeeze that ball three and Two and one all right one more set I’m bringing the feet in a little closer heels come up Well goes up touch the ceiling three and four four two go and four and three and two and one One more time with the toes coming up and curl We’ll do both feet together curl and down and curl and three and four four more and four three and two Last one all right holding the ball in front of our chest. I’m gonna give it a big squeeze release School he’s trying to flatten that ball right out and three release it and four four to go squeeze four and three and two and Last one all right. This is very good for our hands and our wrists I’m gonna let the ball rest in my left hand put your right hand on top and as if you were trying to open up a jar because we all know how that Challenge and that can be some time, so I’m just using my right hand to spin the ball in one direction So you can see it’s really getting your wrist your thumb your fingers, and we’re gonna go on the other direction Turning that jar Opening that jar four three two one all right Let’s try it with the other hand plop it in your palm hand on top of your ball See if this hand wrist works. Just as well as the other one and we’re circling All right, let’s turn it in the other direction for four and three and two and One all right back to the center I’m gonna take the ball in the leg, so I’m taking my ball to the left the leg to the right so we’ll stay right there in that same side stretch, so you’re kind of reaching an opposition the foot and The ball that’s it nice side stretch over. It’s too far more stretch and stretch over two more And one alright switching side reach Four more four and three and two Four four four and Three kind of like a half of a jumping jack – and one switch again four and three two And one I for to hold on to the ball and two And two All right hands on the ball. We’re gonna do some pretend the ball is like a wet sponge And we’re squeezing it out. We want to make sure we have a good strong grip Good dexterity and strengthen our fingers, so this one works really well for that I’m just using it wringing out that wet sponge four and three and two and One all right letting fingers just kind of the palm and the fingers rest on the ball I’m going to take the fingers by pairs and push your thumbs into the ball pressure index fingers into the ball your middle fingers Your ring fingers and your pinky see if they all cooperate and let’s try that again thumbs press in index fingers metal fingers ring fingers and Pinkies all right, so now we’re gonna do the opposite move. I’m gonna take my thumb’s off the ball now my index fingers middle fingers ring fingers Which just don’t want to lift as well as the others and your pinkie will do that one more time by pairs thumbs up index fingers middle fingers ring fingers and Pinky all right very good holding it up in front of your right shoulder we’re gonna make some big figure eight So I’m gonna pull it down towards the left and then right Once again you’re moving from the shoulder keep that core nice and tight We’ve got eight. So you can be as dynamic with this as you’d like We’ve got four pull it down and three Two and All right very good. Let’s open the feet wide enough that when you take your arm and hang it there I’m it’s just kind of freestyle and take the hand and circle the ball from your wrist It’s a good reception and we’re gonna reverse the direction that’s it, so just kind of let your shoulder hang relax three and two and One switching sides with the arm hanging shoulder relaxed, and we’ll circle for four and three two Let’s go in the other direction for four and three two And one And let’s bring the hands together and we’re gonna start stretching out a little bit So let’s stretch the back muscles out and pull your arms and torso over to the left Come back to the center nice big stretch to the right and from there. Let’s touch the ceiling with our palms I’m gonna keep the right arm up bring the left arm down to the right leg and just give yourself a nice long stretch and Let’s switch sides up and over Very nice. Let’s do that one more time so you want to feel that elongation first as we stretch And let’s take it in the other side Opening the arms up like we did earlier. I’m gonna flex and bend the wrists again Cuz we don’t not want to neglect to that area and then bring your right arm across find a nice shoulder stretch Relax that shoulder down. Let’s look over our right shoulder for the next stretch and add in some wrist circles no Multitasking here and go in the other direction with your wrist circle All right, let’s open the arms nice and wide flex and bend the wrists again now. I’m gonna bring the left arm across Pull across relax the shoulder but look over the left shoulder add in the wrist circles And let’s circle the other direction All right bringing it back to the center I’m gonna take my right arm up to bend at the elbow like you’re patting yourself on your back Take your other hand and kind of gently nudge it back. So if that’s painful. Just don’t go back so far Relax, and let’s add a little stretch to the left And we’re gonna come up alright do the same thing left elbow is bent my hand behind my back here Just a gentle pressure on the arm. Just stretch the tricep muscle, and we’ll stretch to the right All right, I’ve got both hands on my elbows kind of like making a picture frame for your face And I’m giving the arms in front and just gonna rock the baby back in forth So all these are very good for a range motion for flexibility mobility We’re gonna add a big circle here big circle moving from the shoulders for two and one let’s go in the other direction circle and three and two And one shake out those arms Alright, we’ve been working the legs a lot today So we’re gonna get a good stretch for our hips so you’re gonna. Take your left leg It’s more appropriate stay here at your ankle otherwise moving your ankle up to your shin or possibly bringing your ankle up to your knee Make sure you’re sitting nice and evenly on your sitting bones I’m gonna come here and kind of assess how this feels if I want to go a little deeper I’m gonna just gently hinge forward so as I said before a stretch should feel like mile tension So if this is too much on your knee or your hip then just bring it back down so while we’re on the stretch Let’s take a couple of nice deep breaths. I’m gonna inhale through the nose and exhale Feel the tension release from your knee from your hip from your back And your shoulders Slowly come on up, and we’ll switch sides Right ankle on the ankle on the shin above the knee It’s pretty nice and tall on the chair to start take a big breath in exhale hinge forward. See how this side feels Breathing in great big breath out. Let’s do that one more time big breath in great big breath out when That leg comes down put the heel out in front of you reach up As you breathe out we’re gonna reach right out over that leg You know you don’t have to touch your toe just anywhere that you take your hand to and you feel a stretch All right, let’s switch I’m gonna bring that foot in bring the arms back up take the other heel out come up thinking out over that leg relax the face relax the shoulders And let’s bring that foot in so it’s parallel to the other one I’m gonna take both arms up take a great big breath in and a great big breath out and let’s do that one more time big breath in and A great big breath out. Thank you for joining us if you’d like to take these classes with us You can join us here at the James City County Recreation Center for chair fitness