what's going on guys this is Vince with v shred comm and in today's video I have a full leg workout for you we're going to be focusing on hitting every single leg muscle and all you're going to need are dumbbells like I said today's video is going to be a leg workout that you can do pretty much anywhere because you're not gonna need any kind of fancy equipment you're not gonna need a barbell just a couple of dumbbells and then something to put your foot up on because one of the exercises is going to require your foot to be elevated back behind you and this workout is going to be basically catered around focusing on all the different the main muscle groups of the legs you got your glutes your quads your hamstrings and then we're gonna finish it off with an exercise for calves so if you're trying to develop your legs and maybe you have limited equipment this is going to be perfect for you now before I get into it I will say if you're trying to get in shape and you're trying to build some lean muscle summer is right around the corner I do have a free fitness quiz that tells you the three most important things to do to get in shape depending on what your body type is because you can try to get in shape and follow a plan that your friend is following and it might work for them but it won't work for you that's because you need to do specific things based on what shape you're currently in and what your exact the goals are and that's exactly what my quiz tells you so hit that link right below this video down to the description to check it out and just get a couple free tips to help you get in shape this summer also make sure you are smashing that subscribe button and hitting the little notification bell and subscribing to the V shirt channel here on YouTube it's quickly growing but I get a lot of viewers who just watch the videos and aren't subscribed and you're missing out on a lot of content that I'm pumping out so without a further ado let's get into today's workout so like I said this video this workout is going to be catered to all the different muscle groups and starting it off we're going to be doing some dumbbell goblet squats so goblet squats are a great variation of a let's say back squat it's going to put a little more emphasis in your quads though because the weight is going to be in front of you so you're gonna grab a dumbbell and you're going to be going for 12 reps here so you want to go with whatever weight that you're gonna be able to hold in front of you for 12 reps and with goblet squats like I said it's gonna be a lot more emphasis on your quads but also a lot of emphasis on your glutes down in the deeper position and then one thing that's important to remember here is that you do want to try to keep your torso as up right as possible you really want to avoid leaning forward as you squat down keep your shoulders back keep your chest out and then as you drop down drive your butt backwards your knees are going to go over your toes anyone who says that your knees aren't supposed to pass your toes on the squat is a liar it puts way too much pressure on your hips when you do do that I made a video about a couple squat mistakes if you want to check it out put a card to it right up here but you're gonna go down you're going to do 12 reps so you're gonna go down to just depth is going to be about 90 degrees with your legs so you want your hamstrings to pass level to the ground that's going to be just past 90 degrees you're gonna go down you're gonna squat back up and as you squat back up you are going to squeeze through your glutes that's really going to allow you to get that full range of motion and also just get a better contraction with your glutes because a lot of people find it difficult to get that contraction with your glutes when doing a squat so you're going to do that for 12 reps you're gonna rest for a minute and you're going to repeat that three more times so four total sets of 12 and if you can bump up weight maybe you could have done 13 or 14 or 12 was just really easy bump up weight but about 510 pounds and just do a heavier weight so that you are failing around 12 reps exercise number two are dumbbell Romanian deadlifts so RDL so here you're gonna get a pair of dumbbells so you're gonna pick up some and these again are gonna be pretty heavy dumbbells because obviously when you're doing deadlifts any kind of deadlift you're typically gonna be able to go a little bit heavier because you are gonna be working multiple different muscle groups it's a good compound movement but it's gonna be putting a lot of emphasis and your hamstrings and your glutes so we started it off with some quads and glutes we're gonna move into an exercise that primarily focuses on hamstrings and glutes now and we're hitting glutes twice in a row because that is the largest muscle group in your body but now we're moving on to hamstrings with these you want to put your feet pretty close together now your feet aren't going to be completely together you want them to be just inside of hip-width and then also I like to have my toes just slightly pointed outward it just helps my I have knee pain sometimes and so when I go when I go to straight with it I feel it a little too much and I don't like that so I have my feet slightly pointed outward that's just comfortable for me find whatever position most comfortable for you from there you're gonna bend down you're gonna have both the dumbbells and you're basically just gonna slide them up and down the front of your thighs and so starting out in a straight up standing position you're gonna have a soft bend in your knees as you go down so you're not gonna bend your knees too much and you're also not going to keep them completely straight ass nice soft Bend and as you bend down you want to keep that dumbbell pretty much pressed against your thighs the whole way down and you're going to drive your hips backwards so you're gonna drive them backwards and then you're going to go down until the dumbbells are probably about six inches past your kneecap then you're going to bring them back up keeping the dumbbell in line basically touching your legs and then as your dumbbells past the dumbbells pass or kneecap you're gonna really focus on driving your hips forward by squeezing with your glutes so that driving of the hips backwards is going to get a nice stretch back there and then as you drive your legs for as you drive your hips forward that's what's really going to help to get that contraction of your hamstrings and your glutes so again you're gonna go for 12 reps here after you get 12 full reps nice and controlled you're going to rest for one minute again so 60 second rest repeat that three more times for four total sets and we'll move into the third exercise and this exercise is going to be a Bulgarian split squat so this is the exercise I was talking about that is going to need the bench or a chair or a box behind you for you to put your foot back on and you want that you want it to be just below knee height you don't want the box to be too high you also don't want it to be super low and here you're gonna put the foot back you're gonna put your toe back on it you're gonna grab the two dumbbells and then with your front leg you can make this exercise so that it focuses a lot more on your quads or a lot more on you're a little more on your hamstrings so what we're going to do is we're gonna put our foot out a little farther and by putting your foot out a little farther that's going to put a little more emphasis in your hamstrings yes your quads are still going to be being worked so don't worry but we're gonna go a little farther so your knees not going to carry past your toes nearly as much and so what you're going to do here is you really want focus on keeping your chest out but as you do squat down you are going to be hip hinging a little bit which means just going to be bending over at the hips a little bit you're gonna squat down you're gonna go until that front knee is about at a 90 degree angle then you're going to press up through that front foot keeping the weight back in your heels you don't want to be pushing too much through your toes you could end up getting a little too much pressure in your knee maybe hurting yourself so keep that pressure on your heels or just try to keep it evenly distributed on your foot press up through that front foot get that full extension of your knee you really want to squeeze out but don't lock out there's a difference between squeezing out and locking out and then you're gonna go for 12 reps again nice and controlled reps you're gonna switch feet put the other foot back on the box same thing with the front you want it to be a little farther out so you can get a little more hamstring emphasis here 12 reps with the other leg rest for a minute and get right back into a completed for 4 total sets again and then the next exercise we're gonna move into is another lunge variation but these were just going to be doing walking lunges so walking lunges have a little more emphasis with your quads because what you're going to be doing is stepping forward and as you step forward you are going to be carrying that weight forward on your leg and then you're also going to be in knee flexion and as you extend your knee as you are stepping forward you're going to be getting a lot of emphasis on those quads so grab a pair of dumbbells that you're going to be able to do 12 walking lunges with each leg this is not six each leg 12 total this is 12 each leg so 24 steps total and here again you want to keep your core tight keep your chest out as you do lunge down you are going to be bending forward at the hips so hinging a little bit with your hips but really going down as slow and controlled as possible really focusing on keeping that your body and your back in a straight line as you lunge down with your back knee you do not want your back need to be pounding off the ground you want to go down maybe about an inch a half inch until your back knee touches the ground if it touches the ground on accident that's fine just make sure it's not pounding off the ground and creating this little bounce that you get when you bounced the bar off your chest with benchpress you want to avoid that you want your leg muscles to stop you from lunging down and your leg muscles to push you back up to just stand back up to lunge back up not bouncing off the ground and the ground is stopping your momentum and then you're able to just use that momentum that you're using from the bounce to get back up so all leg muscles here nice and controlled again same thing with your foot you don't want to be putting too much pressure on your toes keep it evenly distributed through the balls of your feet and the heel of your foot if you need to focus on using more of your heel that way you're not going to be putting too much pressure on your knee 12 reps each leg like I said so 24 total steps rest for a minute repeat that three more times that's going to be the four total sets for that and then that's going to be the it for the for the top four upper legs basically and we're going to move into one exercise for calves and this is just going to be some dumbbell straight leg calf raises and so with this you can just go a regular standing flat on the ground calf raises here holding some dumbbells and you really want to focus on exploding up with your calves and then squeezing out at the top I like to really get an emphasis that that squeeze at the top and then lowering yourself a little slower than you exploded up that just has always helped me with my calves and if you want to add a little extra stress here you want to add a little extra stretch I should say if you're at a gym or maybe you're home and you have something that's about a half inch tall or maybe an inch tall and you can put your toes on it by putting your toes on it and then going down as you go into that eccentric on your way down you're gonna be getting a little better stretch in your calf which is going to allow you for a more full range of motion and as you do that you're going to get a better contraction with that calf so adding that little plate does help a lot but if you don't have it at least doing standing calf raise is going to be debt better than doing nothing this is going to help you develop your lower leg muscles as well in addition to your upper leg muscles you want to avoid just focusing on that the upper legs and not and and avoiding the lower leg because I did that and it in and it leads to small calves and then you got to make up for it later so avoid doing that and that is the entire workout so that's the full leg workout like I said it's going to be 60 second rest one-minute rest 4 sets of each exercise going for 12 reps with the calves I forgot to mention it is 15 reps with each set of the calves I do like to go a little bit higher with my rep range simply because you are walking around on your calves all day so they are used to being worked all day long so higher rep ranges with a little bit lower weight has just always helped me feel the best contraction so that's the whole workout guys if you are looking for more leg workouts make sure you're going to my leg playlist up here I got tons of tips to help you get bigger quads tips to help your glutes tips to help basically any leg muscle in your body and just pull on workouts if you want to try out a different one next week so let me know you like it down in the comment section below hit that thumbs up button if you did like this video and other than that guys thank you for watching I hope you enjoyed it and I will see you in the next one you