How are you all doing? First of all, I would like to thank you all for loving our YouTube channel so much I hope your love for our channel remains intact in the future as well. Today’s topic is going to be really interesting. Many viewers have asked me What I usually eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner For muscle building. We will cover this topic in today’s’ video. Let’s start our video The first meal we are going to prepare is breakfast For breakfast, we will cook oats and boiled eggs. First I will take oats Which I have weighed at 50 grams. Here I have a mixture of milk and water 100 ml each. The other ingredients being used are The common fig (Anjeer) Walnut Soaked almonds Flax seeds and one banana. Now let me show you how to prepare it. Now that my oats are ready I will serve it in a bowl. And I will add The common fig (Anjeer) Almonds Walnuts Flax seeds and then a banana into it. So the oats are now ready to eat and I have mixed all the ingredients into it. I had already boiled the eggs and I will eat them along with two yolks I have taken 8 eggs in total Consisting of two whole eggs and the remaining six as egg whites. The breakfast is now ready to eat. As I am starting my day my first meal should consist of a good amount of fat, protein, and carbs. I am getting carbs from oats which are complex in nature. Complex carbs are slow-digesting carbs and help in keeping you energetic throughout the day. We all know eggs contain protein which is the building block of muscle. And for muscle building, protein is crucial. Plus all the dry fruits I’m eating contain good fats and some other important vitamins which help me to stay healthy. Now I’ll see you all at lunch. Now we are going to prepare our lunch. But along with lunch, I will also prepare my dinner. Why? Because I don’t have a lot of time to prepare all the meals separately That’s why I save some of my time by preparing my lunch and dinner together. Those who travel or go to the office everyday can save some time by preparing all the meals together too. Those who do have plenty of time during the day can cook and eat fresh each time. I will be eating fish for lunch. as well as dinner. 250gm for lunch And 250gm for dinner as well Also, I have green vegetables For lunch as well as dinner. This is Bottle Gourd curry (Lauki). You can have any green vegetable of your choice such as Bottle gourd, Ridged gourd, Capsicum, etc. All the Indian green vegetable are healthy and nutritious to eat. Now I will show you how to prepare fish. But before that, I would like to tell you That fish being my preference does not mean that you have to eat it too. Non-vegetarians can replace fish with chicken And vegetarians Don’t be disappointed at all because soon I will upload a video on vegetarian diet for muscle building with all the meals. Let me show you how to prepare fish now The two reasons why I prefer to fish are that it is easy to cook and digest. Many viewers have asked me how my skin quality is so good and vascular. Because I have eating fish regularly for almost past Two and a half years. My skin quality has become better due to the presence of omega in it. Now let’s prepare this meal. (Turning on gas) I am going to cook this meal using coconut oil. There is no need to use too much oil because the fish already contains a good quantity of oil But still, I will use at least 5ml of coconut oil. This meal is very easy to cook I’ll simply put the fish fillets into the pan. I’m using some spices as well Salt as per taste Turmeric, which is antibiotic in nature and helps to fight against many diseases. Red chili powder, as it will improve our metabolism And finally, we will add ‘Kitchen King masala’ To add some extra flavor. A good thing about fish is that we don’t need to marinate it before cooking But still, I’ll add two spoons of curd Three instead. Now that I have mixed everything in the pan I will add some water to it. approximately 100ml So that the fish doesn’t overcook and the nutrition value remains intact. Now I will cover the pan with the lid And the steam which will occur inside the pan will automatically cook the fish well. The fish is now cooked and ready to eat. You must be wondering how the rice on my plate suddenly appeared But I had cooked them beforehand. 150 grams in quantity Now I will serve the fish on the plate. So here we have fish, rice, and green vegetables You might be interested in the recipe of green vegetables too So I have shared it in the description below for you all. I have shared the rest of the recipes in this video itself. My lunch is now ready to eat. This meal too gives me good amounts of micro and macro-nutrients that will help me in building stronger and healthier muscles. Usually, two hours post my lunch I eat my pre-workout meal After two hours my workout and eat my post-workout meal immediately after the workout. Those who have not watched my video on ‘Pre and Post Workout meals’ already Do watch it It’s very knowledgeable and will surely help you. Now, it’s time for dinner. As I had already cooked the fish I will eat the remaining 250grams for dinner. Let me show you what other things I would eat for dinner The first thing we’ll have is 250gm of fish. The second thing is the green vegetable. I had prepared this too while making lunch. Same quantity again. So what will be the difference between lunch and dinner? Let me share that with you. I will eat two medium-sized cucumbers And one lemon. The reason for adding cucumber is that it contains fibers. The reason for adding lemon is that it has vitamin C which removes the toxins from the body. Moreover, the other important thing is that we have now changed the source of carbohydrate. We have replaced white rice with white potato You can use sweet potato as well. I face digestion issues after eating sweet potato So I prefer eating a white potato. Now let’s chop it. Our dinner is now ready to eat. From this meal, you’ll get proteins, carbs, fibers and basically a good combination of micro and macronutrients which will help to build your muscles and keep you healthy. This is the end of today’s’ video. Eat healthily, stay healthy. We will keep coming with such informative videos. Subscribe to our channel and press the bell icon to get the latest updates about our videos. Make sure to check out our previous videos as well. Do tell us in comments what our next video should be about So that we can share them with you all soon. See You. Goodbye.