what's up guys Josh from strength side this is a full body strengthening routine for beginners all these exercises are going to be done on the ground and we're gonna be working through full ranges of motion to promote better mobility in your body if you are a little bit more advanced this can also be a great way to warm up as well so we're gonna start on the hands and the knees I want the knees right under the hips the hands under the shoulders and we're just gonna lift the knees a few inches off the ground here and we're gonna hold this is called a quadruped ed hover and you're really just pressing the ground away trying to activate the core we're trying to put more weight into our shoulders rather than our legs here right and that's going to really get the core going I want you to try to protract the shoulder blades as much as you can pushing them to the sides of the rib cage and lean forward a little bit so that was two holds for ten seconds each we are going to do one more and as you can see here I'm just kind of wiggling my body these are meant to start firing the nervous systems start activating all the muscles of your body to get you warmed up for the next exercises that we are about to do next is the downward dog press we're going to start in the quadruped read hover that we just did and then you're going to press your chest back towards your knees we're gonna start with bent knees this is really great for opening up the thoracic spine the upper part of the back really trying to push the ground away as hard as you can and I'm pushing my head and chest towards my knees now after we do five we're going to switch to the straight leg version right so now we're gonna straighten the knees we're gonna try to get those heels down to the ground we're still pushing away with the ground we're still pushing the chest towards the thighs this is really going to start opening up the hamstrings and the calves here if you can't get your heels all the way down to the ground that's okay but each rep we're trying to push a little bit further into that position okay take a second to recover here wiggle the wrists around fix your man but if you need to and we're gonna hop right into the next exercise which is the fire hydrant so I'm gonna prioritize keeping my torso and my hips very straight in an alignment here I'm gonna lift the knee directly to the side I'm gonna keep the knee at 90 degrees and I'm gonna keep my ankle at the same height as my knee I'm gonna really squeeze the side of my hip for each rep we are doing about 10 reps I'm not the best counter so that's why I say about on the last rep I usually like to hold anywhere from five to ten seconds and really try to squeeze that muscle so I'm interested guys do you enjoy these voiceovers more or do you enjoy if I speak live to the camera on this particular day is a bit too noisy and windy out to get any good audio but I'm interested what do you guys prefer or maybe you don't prefer either comment below let me know and if you really don't care you can comment something like bananas let's say bananas for whatever and last rep so if you can't already tell we are kind of switching between lower body to upper body movement so as you do one the other muscle groups have a chance to recover and we're gonna need it in this one because this movement is challenging it's a down dog to a lean forward pike start with your chest pushed back as we were doing in the downward dog and then lean yourself forward bringing all your weight over your hands keep your back rounded we're really trying to protract the shoulders in this and then we'll go back to the starting position with the chest pushed back you can do that with bent knees like I'm doing or with straight knees it's fine the the important part of this exercise is that we're trying to get all the weight over the hands this is like a beginner handstand and as always when I put out beginner material it does not mean that it's easy this is challenging for me beginner material usually just means that its basics and fundamentals that will hopefully lead into more advanced movements in the future okay last rep your shoulders forearms wrists should be really feeling it right here or take yourself a little bit of break and if you need a longer break feel free to pause the video and take a longer break no worries in that we had a little camera mishap here but we kept going because we're professionals now we hop right into a donkey kick so with the donkey kick you're lifting your heel up to the sky as much as you can but the main thing that I'm focusing on here is keeping my core tight and not extending through my lower back that's the the main problem you'll see with these if you watch people do them is they're getting all the extension through their spine rather than the hip we want that hip to extend that butt to squeeze those glutes really turn on to do this movement and we want to keep that lower back as neutral as we can now in the beginning you'll probably get a little bit of extension in the spine don't worry about it too much just keep on squeezing that core pushing the ground away and try to get all that extension from the hip great job on those donkey kicks now we are going to hop into push-up East Centrex which is the lowering portion of a push-up everybody knows push-ups are how you get jacked man right so we're gonna start in a strong plank position you're gonna lower slow and controlled down until your stomach meets the ground and then you can just press yourself back up on your knees now if you need to do this in the kneeling position that's totally fine go ahead and do that so once again we start in a strong plank we're really putting a big priority on keeping the whole body line straight and then we're gonna lower and we're gonna try to get that hip in chest to meet the ground at the same time I'm gonna move my elbows straight back we're not flaring the elbows out to the side and the stronger you become in these push up lowering motions the easier a full range of motion push-up becomes let's go ahead and smoothly roll onto your back as smoothly as possible and we're going to do some glute bridges so put those feet right underneath the knees and you're gonna press the hips up to the sky simple exercise but I wouldn't really want you guys to focus on is keeping that core tight trying to keep a little bit of posterior tilt in your pelvis don't extend through your lower back and push into the ground through your whole foot I'm talking the heel I'm talking the big toe and the outs as always you can hold on the last rep I made a super funny joke here to the camera I can't quite remember what it was but I sure thought it was funny so the next exercise is heel taps you're gonna bring the knees right over the hips keeping the knee at about a 90 degree angle you're gonna tap one heel down at a time now the priority of this exercise the main focus is keeping the lower back flat down into the ground so I'm really gonna engage the front of my core here and I'm gonna keep that whole back flat as I do this this is gonna be really really good for core activation but also coordinating the core to work while my hip is working so now after we do 10 we're gonna do another 10 what's straightening the knee now this becomes more challenging because the lever gets longer and because I can't remember how that reason was we're gonna go ahead and point my toe oh it's because the hip has to work you're right more range of motion that's right I'm gonna point my toe and I'm just gonna focus on that core keeping that lower back flat one of the challenging things with an at-home no equipment workout is working your back muscles but we're gonna accomplish that by flipping over on our belly and we're gonna do some double use and some lies so I start on my belly and I bring my elbows to 90 degrees in this w position I'm gonna pull my shoulder blades back and then I'm gonna lift my elbows off the ground I'm gonna try to keep my wrists at about the same height as my elbow and my priority here is to drive the movement through scapular retraction so through pulling the shoulder blades back and then lifting and as you lift you should feel the front side of your chest open up now another thing to consider here is just trying once again to knock it much extension through the lower back so you want to squeeze the butt a little bit try to keep that spine neutral and when you do that you should be accomplishing a lot of the muscle activation coming from the upper back that was 10 reps and now we're gonna move to the Y position the Y position is all about strengthening the traps here so I'm gonna flip my thumb up to drive some external rotation of the shoulder and then I'm gonna lift my arm keeping my elbow straight as high as I can I'm gonna try to keep a neutral spine by squeezing the butt but you'll probably get a little bit of extension here in the lower back and that's okay most people are fairly disconnected from their traps especially the mid to low traps and that can make this exercise quite challenging for me it took me a while to get the hang of this exercise but once you start to get some good activation patterning from those lower traps your shoulders tend to feel much better your posture improves all the shoulder stability really just goes through the roof on the last rep you can hold 5 to 10 seconds okay flip on over to your back and we're going to end with something fun here at least I think it's fun you're gonna start laying down on your back and then we're gonna come to a standing position through a couple different patterns here so the first one I just do a sit-up and then I put my hands down beside my hips and I push myself forward into a squat so sit up hands down feet come up and I press forward into a squat I stand up and I reverse the motion back down now in this one I believe I'm going to use one hand yes one hand so with this exercise we're kind of just starting to explore different ways of getting the standing from laying on the back trying to unlock new patterns in the body use the body in a little bit different ways now right here I believe I go no hands I'm saying that to the camera nope look ma no hands not the smoothest of you taking a lot of momentum here but that's okay we're just trying to do different things different ways to get on up guys I had a fun time chillin with you we hit a lot of different muscle groups a lot of different movements in just 13 minutes if you're feeling good repeat it do it two to three times if you're just getting into stuff like this just do it once but then see if you can work towards two or three in the future if you're finding this routine useful and it's right up your alley comment below let me know and maybe I will make more just like this in the future guys like the video if you enjoyed it it really helps the channel grow subscribe to strength side and as always was really great sharing this experience [Laughter] peace