hey guys welcome back to human 2.0 coach Dan here I need to go over a full body kettlebell complex full body kettlebell workout alright if you don't know how to do any of these exercises or maybe one or two of them are a little new for you check out our other videos on how to do these individually ok complex is combining all these different movements into one and then putting in a little bit of a time to rest okay so we're gonna do a single arm swing front right lunge press front squat do the other side and then we're going to rest for 30 seconds we're gonna repeat that four times and that is our work it should take you probably eight to ten minutes alright I'm gonna set up my timer here it's gonna give me a countdown starting with my weaker side my weak exercise for this will be the press okay one Bell no all the weight get it onto lunges clean it up to the front rocks if I've got the same leg one two three four five on the presses screwing it down three four five on the front squat one two three four five on to the other side single arm swings six so good on to lunges clean one two three four five on the presses on the front spot one two three four five good you know rest for 30 seconds if you need to switch anything such as the precedent of push press that's totally fine I don't want you switching weights all right the whole complex it's meant to flow together with one way one belt very little equipment you can easily do this at home all right I got 10 seconds before I start like first side again shake it off 2 1 swings good into lunch Wayne it 1 2 3 fine I depress it's in the front of all three five good switch sighs so you don't meet you right back good want you to your lunges five reps one two three four five on the press front squats two three a hand rest shake it off possum juice move the Assam around and runni again we're doing a whole bunch of different movements combining them into one as you can tell I'm going to breath I do this stuff all the time if you only have ten 15 minutes pick a few exercises put them together and how do you tack where you got five seconds set up nice technique every time practice swings so and the lunges clean nice front rack too five under press two three four five that's definitely getting harder for me that's my weaker one front good on the lunges make sure you're going down all the way still one two three four five on a press front squats one two three four five good all right three down one to go keep moving any rest grab a little drink if you need it all right make sure you keep a good form on all these exercises remember impatiens then each one of these exercises is it some exercise all right we've got to master them all first alright but if you have them do everything together last set three two one good what two three four five press to getting our three four five front squat one two three four five last side bar countdown we're making good time seven eight nine ten get it I'm the one just last lunch cleaning it good position squeeze tension two three four five last breath stay strong front squat last exercise five knots one two three four five all right four quick sense seven about minutes I'm very experienced with all this stuff don't be worried if it takes you 10 minutes or so all right the point is you get a full body workout in one weight very little equipment you don't even need a lot of space all right and we'll see you next time