hey everyone its Asia gang and this is the summer body workout series with my best friend Laura Varney I cannot believe it we are in week four and today's video is the full body cardio workout it is killer and it is a workout so let's get started we are starting with plank locks get in a plank position with hands underneath your shoulders then go to the right ten times event to the left hand times keeping your core engaged now we've actually run out of room so we're only doing five loss on each side so if you are short on rooms do as many reps to one side as you can but ultimately just do a total of 10 times box on each side so as you can see Laura's telling me about we are doing walking lunges which I'm not too thrilled about so all you have to do is lunch step forward until dropping your rear knee until it barely touches the ground making sure your front knee doesn't go past your front foot and remain upright walking lunges adds that extra difficulty of walking risk sustained static so while I gave it a hard time I actually prefer it to regular lunges something that is not fun at all our burpees and this is probably the fourth time in forward videos we've used burpees in our videos which trains virtually every muscle in your body it's great for calorie torching and muscle building and as you can tell we're kind of struggling but we only need to do ten all right so push through it until you finish ten burpees and there we go believe it or not guys this is the last exercise the wrestlers sit through we usually have done five exercises in in each video but today we're only doing for this is actually one of my favorite workouts it's killer on the poor and actually a great cardio workout as well so start on your hands and knees and pick up your knees off the floor so they are hovering over the floor and you're on the balls of your feet then drive either foot underneath and across your body then you end up with your foot kicked out to the side your butt down and one hand supporting your body weight it's kind of confusing when your verbal can talk it out but I think the visual will work and then guys do this this entire workout a total of three times then head over to Laura's channel for the second half of this full body cardio workout Congrats on to reaching week four I believe a more weeks and Counting let's go see you next week Friday