my name is Hani Ramba this is FST 7 or chest in phase one you'll see FST 7 exercises at the end of the workout and in phase 2 you'll see them in the beginning of your workout take the concept from this video and apply them to whatever phase you're in first exercise is going to be flies then we're gonna superset that with dips let's get started make sure you warm up because if you don't warm up you're gonna have more likelihood of injury what you're gonna notice is Jeremy warms up his rotator cuff his delt and is PEC so he can handle the heavier weights good make sure you watch your posture keep your chest up during the whole exercise and keep your chin up as well Paul would ya all I am Jeremy will be following my hand through the whole range of motion the latter is gonna help hit every part of the chest good that's it good good we use this warm-up per set go good make sure especially during depths that you do not use momentum and take your time feel the rep through the whole range of motion 18:19 good 20 that's it yeah a good pump now huh yeah we hit most muscular I have Jeremy flex five to 10 seconds between sets so he can create even more of a pump we increase the blood flow and get that three-dimensional effect that we're looking for on stage squeeze relax good oh man quick I have Jeremy sipping on a mean oject just to keep his body fuel during the entire workout go down a great way to increase intensity is to open up your hands during the fly motion what that's gonna do is it's going to help get better contraction so therefore you get more muscle soreness which equals more growth one more that's it you brought your brother okay good control that's it control keep going go four three two one good job catch your breath what you'll notice is I continuously tried to keep Jeremy's heart rate down what I'm trying to do is make sure he does not fatigue we are trying to go to muscular failure if he gets fatigued he's gonna end up getting tired before he hits failure and that's not the goal same thing squeeze squeeze squeeze yeah good ten more seconds ah hold it hold it hold it hold it hold it hold it hold it hold it hold it ah good let's go make sure you have a slight Bend of your arms but you want it somewhat straight so you don't want to end up curling the way this is a fly come on two three four five six eight nine ten shoe good job good job catch your breath catch your breath catch your breath now we're gonna do side chest pop up that let out a bit right catch right there hold it hold it good job okay all right now arch your back so hold it hold it twist twist twist twist twist twist twist twist good whoa well still time to work fifty-five three four five four one more that's it control that's a control keep going go four three two one it's a good job good good now I need you to flex most muscular grab her hands across squeeze squeeze right there right there right there right there squeeze squeeze squeeze squeeze squeeze squeeze squeeze squeeze squeeze squeeze squeeze squeeze glass quick sip quick sip how's that wait thank a little bit okay four five gallon 1 2 3 4 5 yeah 1 2 3 4 5 3 up top three rooftop go 1 2 aah duh good so hurry down a little bit let your heart rate down a little bit let's go come on control this control this let's go on the set you own the stage let's go three four five six seven eight nine ten give me four partials don't we start hitting partials now what that's gonna do is gonna help us get past the point of failure so we get more delayed onset muscle soreness therefore more growth than we can rest the kitchen grab let's go squeeze hold it good that was five we got two to go all rights go come on okay get right back up right back up right back up oh come on two three up one come on that's it huh you got this you got this control control it Oh control it two three four good quality five six Oh keep going Oh portions one two three oh good job come on let me get you some light there you're right there give me another crab most muscular and hold it for 1501 hi relaxed okay again go squeeze squeeze squeeze squeeze squeeze squeeze sweet sweet good job good job one left one set left let's go control the weight good five three four hop-hop fingers open fingers open now there you go control it control it control it up three two one more that's it come on this is it let's go come on come on up on stage let's go this is it this is why you're doing it takes to win good job okay this one out okay hand on hip muscular okay and there you have it gentlemen FS c7 chest