Hi, I’m Natalie Carey, and I’ve been to NorCal fitness summit Which is being rebranded as rise for the last three years, and I started going because I was a personal trainer But when I went independent I had really no idea what I was doing as a business owner and something that you are told when you go independent is that? Yeah, you’re still a personal trainer But being a business owner comes first when you go independent and start your own business, so I went to NorCal fitness summit or rise With no idea what to expect and I got so much great information about how to run my business how to make it profitable What kind of practices I should be? Implementing with my clients and on a day to day basis for my business acumen It was all really helpful every year that I returned I learned more stuff And it gets even less overwhelming it can be a little bit overwhelming at first to get all of that information But it becomes even more digestible you see the returning faces every single year and Like it’s something that I look forward to every single season You