Fresh fruits are a highly appreciated for
many pet birds who are used to eating fresh food. But anyhow, some birds who don’t know fruit
won’t eat it or are even frightened when it is offered to them. But if you keep on serving sweet apples or
pears to your birds, some day even the most stubborn “fruit ascetic” will most probably
start to like the taste. Another advantage of fresh fruit is that it
brings fun into the everyday life of a pet bird. Many birds love to play with their food, and
also the nutrients (vitamins, minerals) are related with an enormous health benefit for
your birds. You should serve them different kind of fruit
because all birds have their favourite food and by offering a variety of fresh stuff your
birds will be able to choose what they like best. Clementines and related sorts of fruit such
as Mandarins contain a lot of natural acid. Some birds tend to show troubles with their
digestive tract in case they eat a lof of this kind of food. So you should make sure to serve small amouts
only. Some food stores offer dried dates and figs
that are not extra sweetened. Such dried dates and figs can be served to
pet birds. Please do not offer this food to them too
often because it contains a lot of fructose and your birds can gain too much weight from
it. Any kind of melon is a highly appreciated
goody for all pet bird species. From water melon to honeydew melon and cantaloupe
melon, everything can be served to your feathered friends. Pet birds do not only love to eat the berries
but also the leaves of the mulberry plant.