[Music] hello I’m Nick VAD axis in this subject food nutrition and your health we’re going to look at various aspects of your diet and how your diet can influence your health and your susceptibility to various diseases we’ll look firstly add basic nutrition what nutrients are and how the body uses nutrients to build up tissues and make energy for all of the metabolic processes that take part in the body we going to look at the digestive system and how food is processed by the body so it’s available to the tissues we will look at various diets and dietary intakes too much food or too little food and what happens in the body in those states we will look at various eating disorders like anorexia and bulimia and binge eating and we will also look at a healthful diet what we can do to actively take in good food so as to positively influence our health and guard against things like cancer and heart disease I hope that you enroll in the subject and let you enjoy [Music]