good morning date on the detox I could not sleep last night because I was working on a song to like 4:00 a.m. and it's dropping next week I'm so excited and I'm just so excited but I just wanna show you guys a little bit of my morning routine so I wake up I just literally all ended so far as to put my hair up wash my face and then I listen to this positive affirmation tape on YouTube it's essential for my mental state like if I don't listen to it I have the worst day I realize is that positive mindset and mental strength is all a practice like it like anything else like working out anything you have to have a structure to plan for your mindset just like better than anything else and if you want to have a positive mindset for me at least silicon is like being happy and like positive see me have to work on daily so I put on my insurance Tory but it's listen every day I am affirmation for success is the title of the video it's like this health and happiness repeats I positive I am statements so I listen a good 20 minutes it's 20 minutes long depending on my morning and then I brush my teeth while I listen to this stretch a little bit and then we make pretty notes it's my body happiness is present in every thought that I have each day as a gift I enjoy every process towards making my dreams come true now we're gonna make protein oats so protein oats are amazing because they have protein in them so normally oatmeal is just straight carbs but balanced and every meal so we had protein you dried chocolate or vanilla sometimes I do want skip of each but either one tastes unreal make them overnight last night because I was working super early cinnamon a dog face a little bit of sweetener a little drop to how I loves things super said makes like like 10 dashes of you just like light someone just do one or two dashes a drop of Java like half a tablespoon oh and protein that's it it's so easy so all the notes from Trader Joe's one cup I do ratios all visually and I just add things and take out I you cannot take things up I just add more things I need to but I just so quick I just all together now I use agave because it's a vegan and it's from an agave plant and we're gonna plant things but also maple syrups great because it's from a plant honey is great it's from nature so we do all organic natural sweeteners no like stevia or artificial sweeteners we do and everything all natural you just do one total scoop of protein type has two scoops tastes a little too pro to me and just not as enjoyable and I'd rather just eat something that tastes good smells like cake oatmeal brownies and that's all I'm gonna do I ate a little late at night lastly I was working and so if I eat super late at night I don't eat us hefty in the morning so I'm not going to add almond butter just little tweaks like that you guys helped so much with your diet yeah I'm so gonna eat these I'm gonna finish getting ready and I'm gonna run out the door and go to the gym first thing to do the workout make sure you go hard in the workout you guys you have to go hard to tone up for inside it's crucial and this is what the workout I provide is the minimum workout like you should be doing Pilates a few times a hike a few times the walk actor like this is minimum it's not optional you have to do it okay so don't fool me you don't want in this set I just did a crazy workout at the gym you guys can see in other videos and on the meal plan but not always the protein Oh balls for snack a protein shake so I'm gonna teach it man hey hey how to make the best consistency protein shakes because everyone still struggles with that so hunter you choose one face of fruit you know like you choose mango or banana or strawberries or mix berries one serving of fruit funda banana and be like too many weird flares flavor pure like one cup of frozen fruit other things people sometimes get confused with it way too much calories the smoothie because ya know easy so you didn't cover shake their nose it's too much to process so we just do this one tablespoon of almond butter protein so super simple but the flavor when there's less ingredients flavors work here okay so then I fill the liquid it's the top of the frozen I typically do a shake after my workout or before it depends if you buy the music crazy prexy yeah so you can for example drinking amina emi back he's magnesium pills destroyed myself at the gym absolutely destruction absolute destruction but i feel good i love working out so much it's the only thing that makes me feel but now i'm at my brother's house we're finishing shipments i'm so sorry if your product is late I can't explain to enough how my hands are tied and how sorry I am and how pissed off it makes me that people are getting late orders but there's literally so little I can do except be here now and I think I got a shipment so I think all orders that are late should be shipped out today tomorrow morning the latest I'm gonna go check out the scene pretty sure these are new shipment boxes hell yeah and I'm eating lunch at sink there's this chicken avocado tomato brown rice ball oh shit Holden oh god she's psycho she's so me oh you holding the poise in the family are like the most boy your boy you can getting the girls in the family or the girliest girl's name yeah it's hysterical let's get a close-up she can't jump from me here right hold her strong please are you trying to kill you oh she's trying to kill you yes she gets free needles are going around shed so easily I've never seen anything like this I just left the boys house been grinding all day packing boxes and so now I stopped at faiths my mom's house to say hi and just ahead the puppy puppy stain and then I'm gonna make dinner so I'm gonna make dinner now it's faith okay and then we're gonna just chill [Applause] based on his scream life and we're snacking on unclogging a few of these little Wheat Thins but they're doing free before we make dinner which is sweet potato and proteins okay three beauty tips and I'll give three businesses okay beauty tips wait meeting me tips faith I've never seen Simon do makeup so good in my entire life his face it looks like she's not wearing makeup to do that so naturally but it enhances for best features seriously yeah I would say less is more when it comes to makeup just for me and it's more about applying it in the right spots then is actually the layers and layers you know if you and also honestly honestly energy is way more important than any type of looks you have wear confidence always confidence I don't want to say makes but it literally it gives off an idea of radiates and other people and you're mean you actually become ugly you need to think of other people what do other people need how can I offer something that helps people so it's not like it's not about yourself at all it's about finding a solution to other people's problems and really thinking about other people yeah others focused step 2 be persistent if you can't find a way the first time try as many other ways as you can I never take you for an option there's no option it's always yes always you asked me to work figured out make relationships and networking networking it's all about knowing the right people helping them it's all about helping other people I just added olive oil and this everyday seasoning from Trader Joe's add some salt probably after I'm really just eating potatoes I want these are yong-su potatoes they are orange but and then joy I'm full man I eat my veggie burger what a day I have my D bloat supplement right there and I'm gonna take that before I go to sleep but I just wanted to tell you guys that I hope you feel great hope you feel great I hope you're loving the recipes and keep working extremely hard it's so worth it it's a lifestyle also if you guys are like mentoring the group messages and some people like I'm not losing any weight or I don't see changes your body takes time to adjust you have to be patient you have to be consistent like I think like seven days then you'll start to see more results but you really need to be consistent for it so it's a full lifestyle I see results quickly because my body's already in shape so it like gets even it's way easier for me to just adjust but everybody's body is different you have to be patient and the biggest thing I can tell you is to just keep being consistent and keep working really hard okay six of the how are you guys feeling we're actually halfway there so it's gonna go so as I keep saying this but literally each day counts how hard you work he breakfast this morning protein pancakes that I've made the recipe so even I showed it to you guys so it's gonna be redundant I'm going to show you again I just want to show you that I'm gonna hang with Julianne my mom and so I'm doing extra workouts besides the one that are excluded on the plan and so today's Saturday go ahead with a friend dude bike ride do a little extra something to get more cows I also just want to show you guys a little update of my body wave flat super tight like so I feel so strong and energized like today's the day I can really feel the most difference because once you're consistent for about a week and you really see change so it's like a body builder shiny my pose is but I just want to stack sorry just was shopping got a present for my mice totally Verma's money go you let me know my mama protein shake instead of a protein bar Ellison here is banana happen with banana ice pretty fair enough very light okay so we had a slight change of plans we went to the gym first I worked so hard I did the lean out workout that's on the meal plan and I also did some extra little booty band and ab workout and now we're gonna go on the hike I had a protein shake and so yeah we're just gonna just show you have my day involves we're going to do Runyon Canyon with my mom Julie and my brother Luke once is the final week I definitely up my workouts the like this weekend and then I'm gonna have a rest day on you'll see in the meal plan but I work so hard I love it so much but you guys really have to put in like serious work and time and meal prep and all of it it really adds up your results will be so evident with how much work you put in and how on it you are but don't stress if you're taking it easy I just made my snack plate lunch goji berries almonds banana chips apples celery hummus so you really want one thing of fat so either choose almond butter peanut butter or hummus you know you don't want too much so really try to balance it out I love having different variety and different tastes so it's so much fun like to taste different flavors I love it so you don't get bored and it's fun to eat for the Asian stir-fry I'm using tofu as my protein you guys I've been trying to teach you how to cook tofu took so long run finally don't you know if it dice it up into tiny little pieces so it gets super crispy fry it in olive oil and just drizzle some soy sauce on it oh good so for the tofu crispy golden-brown you add soy sauce and then sesame seeds are crucial I get these cashew that's been seeds from here does I just use that on remaining sub students let's make business bottom super light so it's off hook us up here this is gonna be our Asian stir-fry add a little I'm gonna add a little bit of soy sauce to their rights if you guys want to add a little bit of teriyaki sauce this add a little bit but no it's also amazing is this organic coconut aminos it adds a little bit of that soy sauce flavor hmm it's a little sweeter don't I just drizzle this on the veggies or the rice biggest piece another delicious meal so quick and easy and tastes like heaven all that stuff is you just have to try and experience it for yourself and also send me your progress photos post under stores that love Rico 60 everyone's meal recipes but tomorrow is day 7 we are over halfway through the detox we have two more days of hard work today and tomorrow and a rest day and then a really intense burn down where it's way lower calories it's hard working out so get ready for that that's what you guys should see that the most changes if you really stay on it but I wanted you guys this week get used to eating a balanced healthy diet getting your nutrition in so that when we do the burn down you're not in a state that's too uncomfortable your body's already used to it so this two-week detox is more is more of a long-term sustainable lifestyle than the New Year's detox is like a one-week really intense not sustainable lifestyle so that this the goal with this is to start teaching you this week how to maintain a balanced a healthy lifestyle this is like a lifestyle and then the last three days are burned down that are not sustainable but will help you get quick results in three days for the Coachella Festival you guys are really so yes that's a little bit about that and the song on Thursday I'm enough time yet but I hope to do say Kawasaki he's the man best music of all time he's performing a party which is gonna be unreal so I'll see you guys tomorrow for days seven good night