name’s Andy Gundlach, and I own 16 Anytime Fitness
clubs in and around Madison, Wisconsin. Before I was an
Anytime Fitness owner, my typical day was
pretty high stress. I thought I was happy. I was a director of operations. I oversaw 16
restaurant locations. I didn’t have that true passion
and love for what I did. BRAD TAYLOR: Andy’s
a natural leader. He leads by example, and he
challenges us and his staff to become better
each and every day. That’s what a true leader
does is raises the bar. And Andy does that. ANDY GUNDLACH:
I’ve got no trouble getting up in the morning. I’m up at about 4:30,
5:00 in the morning, ready for a workout
at one of my clubs. The great part of
being an owner, to walk into one of my
clubs and take some time and talk to members
about their experience. What are their goals? Get to know them. My whole day is
filled with things that I just can’t wait to do. SPEAKER: I lost 130 pounds,
stopped smoking, I feel great. And I couldn’t have done
it without Andy Gundlach and Anytime Fitness. ANDY GUNDLACH: Most people
think that if you own 16 clubs, you’re not going to
have any spare time. You’re going to be
working day in, day out. With Anytime Fitness, I
built the infrastructure where I can still
have my free time. Underneath me, I have
four area managers that each oversee four clubs. This has enabled me to continue
to do the things I love. In the last two years,
I’ve taken more vacations than I had taken in the
previous 10, 15 years combined. This is something I was never
able to do in my previous life. It’s kind of changed
me as a person. You know, I’m 10 times healthier
than I’ve ever been in my life. I’m more laid back. I’m enjoying and
loving life more. My friends and family see it. There’s not a more
rewarding industry that you can be in where you
actually make people better. And it’s great watching
people transform their lives. You go home every day feeling
very fulfilled about what you’re doing. [MUSIC PLAYING]