Today, we are going to talk about nutrition I got my personal Chef Simon with me As you all know, eating healthy is very important. First, let’s go grocery shopping ! Ok Evan, on the menu for diner beef tartare for starters, grouper for the main dish with baked potatoes broccoli if they are organic or brussel sprouts Nutrition is a huge part of the life of an athlete. The older you get, the more you understand what your body needs. I you can actually feel the benefits of eating healthy. The same way you feel with practice. When you don’t eat healthy, you don’t feel well. You even feel guilty. On the other hand, when you eat healthy, you feel better and you know your body is in shape. so it’s not the big bags like at Carrefour (french grocery store) ? These are the purple ones ?
– Yes exactly How many ?One? Two? take a couple We need parsley and sun-dried tomatoes ? Herbs are over there parsley, parsley, parsley Seriously, where is it? Simon, just one ? My name is Simon Reverchon, I am 27 years old, I’ve been working with Evan for 3 years. Before that, I was working at the Four Seasons here in Orlando. I met Simon randomly on social medias, Snapchat to be exact. He sent me a message, introducing himself as a chef. And I was looking for one at that time. So, I gave him a one week try out. We enjoyed his food and we have been working together since. My first day? He was shaking, I remember it Really, I just didn’t know what to expect. I am french, so I am used to cook with butter, a « generous » cuisine as we would call it. On the first meeting he told me no more butter, and try to avoid fat. It was tough at the beginning especially due to the way I am used to cook. When I was working at Paul Bocuse, it was all about butter. The more the better. But I got used to it pretty fast. Everything you invest in the gym, you have to invest the same outside of the gym with treatments, nutrition, sleep, stretching. It’s part of being an athlete, you have to be a pro on and off the court and the way you eat is part of it. Usually, during the season, he will eat more. Be more cautious during the off season. So if he tells he needs to lose some weight I cook accordingly It is always a discussion depending on my goals, my needs, the way I feel. Having your personal chef saves you so much time, so much energy, you don’t have to think about the daily menu Every night with Laura, we were asking ourselves « what are we going to eat ? » most of the time we ended up eating at the restaurant and if you are lazy you end up in a fast food restaurant. It’s definitly a luxury, I am lucky enoug to be able to afford it I really enjoy it With Simon we try to work all year long, not only during the NBA season. So he came to France with us during the summer for 3 weeks Before the national team, so I could be ready. I try to stay in shape during the off season also. Sometimes I go crazy on the food, I ask for pancakes In order to build something that will last it cannot be too hard You can’t have a military diet for 5 years, it’s impossible You need to find a good balance. Simon is bring the heat tonight You want to try ? Ok, I’m down If I cut my finger off…. Yes, that’s why your are cutting the tomatoes. Everytime I grab his knife, he’s like be careful, be careful it’s not even real size tomatoes A real samurai The only time I cooked in my life was back when I was 16 years old, in Nanterre I could do only cook one dish I had my rice cooker, so white rice, I was cooking some bacon in a pot. add some heavy cream. Then I put everything in the rice cooker put some curry on top, grab my spoon and eat I was eating that 5 times a week On a daily basis, I am in contact with Laura I choose the menus with her If we need something for the kitchen she will let me know, Because I am focused on my games and my routine I don’t have time to communicate with Simon, Laura does it that’s her job I just eat What’s going brother ? You’re on time, what is happening? Evan is like a brother so everytime I’m in Orlando, I come to his house. I want to know what Simon cooked, we are going to have some good wine. It became a tradition when we play against each other What’s annoying is that you were not doing good and since you hit that buzzer beater you’re back on your feet. How does it feel ? you were in a slump, bad game, 4 for 14 from the field and last possession, what happened? walk us through it Man, shut up Bring a basketball please what was going through your mind? Listen, coach drew a play, I got the ball, I shot it. Do you work on this shot during practice ? Yes, of course, always, I saw guys eating hot dogs right before a game I saw some guys eat an entire pizza before the games I believe that what you put in your body is what will give you your strenth and your health I found a great chef in D.C, who has been helping me a lot on a day to day basis But, yes nutrition has always been super important for me. Thym and rosemary roasted grouper with broccoli sauteed in garlic. looks pretty good I hand-picked the potatoes myself Simon, it’s really good What’s your diet like these days? I have been eating normally, red meat ounce a week. Then some chicken a lot of fruits, vegetables and a lot of fish. What was your diet last summer ? Pescetarian, only fish, fruits and vegetables. The young athletes need to see what’s in our plates Fish, broccoli, potatoes it’s pretty good. All your teamates got chefs ? Vooch is trying to have one. Simon recommended someone. Most of the guys in the league have a Chef No The majority of the guys who have been in the league for a while have chefs It’s not that many On the team, almost nobody has a chef. Yes because, it’s a lot of young players. On my team, Otto Porter, John Wall, Bradley Beal, Markieff Morris, Kelly Oubre, all have chefs. I don’t know if DJ Augstin has a chef, I am not sure. I think he got someone making lunch boxes He must have one Ok, see you tomorrow. May the best win. Bro, I have been waiting for 10 minutes. Jeff Green told you to telling me something ? Yeah, he’s happy you cut your hair I saw him he was giving me the thumbs up Aight, see you Monday.