Hey Marines let me talk to you for just a couple seconds about fitness, there’s a lot different kinds of fitness. There’s mental fitness, spiritual fitness and there’s your physical fitness. Staff Sergeant Crystalee Munoz, and I’m a Force Fitness Instructor Trainer. The purpose of the Force Fitness program is to change the way that Marines view physical fitness, as well as how we conduct physical fitness. My name is Sergeant Dennis Corrol. I’m a Force Fitness Instructor Trainer here at Force Fitness Readiness Center Quantico. The purpose of the FFI course is to train new Force Fitness Instructors to send to the fleet. Anybody here that goes through the Force Fitness Program could build a program for arty, infantry, admin, supply, an air winger; anybody can find the program and build one for themselves. Hey Marines, when we begin the new year you’re going to see a new order out on fitness. So, I’d ask everybody to pay attention to that, and also as we always do continue to work on your fitness. Take advantage of the Force Fitness Instructor out there to help you develop a program thats going to make you faster, stronger, more flexible and less prone to injury.