yeah this is what ended up coming out of my body hey guys it's Joe and next up in the glam lab I am trying foot detox pad never really heard of them but I've seen them all over Instagram and now I really want to try them what are foot detox pads they are these patches that you put on your feet and apparently overnight they draw all the toxins in your body how on earth does that work well you put these patches on the bottom of your feet before bed and you wear them for eight to twelve hours they contain a variety of natural ingredients like would vinegar tourmaline herbs and minerals these all-natural ingredients are supposed to draw the toxins like a magnet they can even pull out metals and poison out of your body like lead and arsenic and apparently not only do you see these disgusting shades of black come out of your body but you're supposed to feel more relaxed and therefore sleep better now there are mixed reviews some people believe this is all for your health and some people believe this is just Oh either way I have to give these a try we'll see how this goes moment of truth Oh yikes that's disgusting what is wrong with me and as much as I'd like to believe this is some kind of hoax my cousin also tried the foot detox pads last night she in general live a little healthier lifestyle than me and I think that's pretty evident the color isn't as dark and it doesn't take over the entire patch mine hers hmm I have to say I have been meaning to kick-start myself back into a healthier lifestyle I need to be watching my diet better it needs to be exercising more and this is definitely giving me that motivation I slept great but I kind of always sleep like a rock so I can't say if I slept any different okay let's start price these bamboo vinegar ones were $10 on Amazon littering the price and you see right in front of you I am going to give foot detox beds of thousands Bob I'm definitely going to use some of that whether you want to try it or not that we started so you don't have to