Hey what’s up everybody?
Mitch and Dennis here from Stick Mobility. Today we are going to work on your feet. So how to strengthen your feet, right,
you want strong and sexy feet. Well, I don’t know about the sexy
because I’ve never seen sexy feet. Alright, so grab a stick we need something to
push up into we’re gonna use the rack right now. It could be a door frame, ceiling, anything you got that’s solid. So kind of set up like the Dunphy Squat. Dennis is set here, we’re gonna work one foot at a time, three planes of motion so we really see do we have function? Can we strengthen these bad boy? So Dennis is gonna get going. We’ll start in sagittal plane first, alright. It’s just
like doing calf raises but slow, steady, with intent. Alright, looking can we go up,
can we decelerate down nice and slow, not just clunk down on the floor like lots of
people do when they’re walking and running. You want every toe, every digit working. So we’re also creating some active mobility in
here getting those toes to move and flex alright. You know, after about two weeks or so you got
calves like this… I’m just playing, it might take four. So now we’re gonna shift into some frontal plane, alright,
we got to make sure we could work through all planes because your ankle is supposed to do that,
your feet need to be able to do that. They’ve got to be free, they’ve got to be strong so we can prevent injuries or bounce back from injuries faster, whether it’s coming from the foot or the ankle. Right, if you’ve sprained your ankle, we need to bounce back fast we need to get
function back, so they have to be able to work. If you look out frontal plane there right, he’s just
making sure you’re hitting every toe, every digit, and he’s going to start going into a
circular pattern to hit that transverse. So we wake up this ankle, we link the foot to the ankle, right, so that eventually it starts tying up into our hip, so we can move in all directions like a efficient human. Again, look at the pattern,
creating the best circle that you can. Feel your limitations, feel where
you have weak points and focus on it. You do about, everything, probably a good place
to start is about five reps of each, in each direction. Alright and then we got to make
sure you also switch directions. Don’t assume that they’re going to move the same. You’re probably gonna see one
way feel or move a little bit different. So the idea is to be able to create
good circles in all directions. That’s how we’re going to start, by strengthening
our feet, wake them up, teach them to move again. Unlock your feet, get out of your shoes, go barefoot. Until next time move your feet