Hello, my name is Loretta Zullo and I’m the Director of Food & Nutrition for Mesa Public Schools. And today I’d like to share with you a little
bit about what we do here at Food & Nutrition. The Food & Nutrition department supports the educational process by serving healthy meals to our students, providing them with the nourishment they need to be successful in the classroom. We believe that the hungry child cannot learn. We have 528 adult employees in our department as well as 192 student employees in our junior high and high schools. It takes the collective efforts of everyone
to prepare and serve over 55,000 meals a day. Food safety is our top priority and we’re
very proud of our food safety record. Our focus on food safety is supported by our partnership with Maricopa County Environmental Services and our participation in their cutting edge program. The managers are ServSafe certified and our school kitchens meet rigorous food safety standards every day. The school day begins very early in our department from the time the first truck rolls away from the Food & Nutrition warehouse to the time the last pan is washed and put away. These hardworking and dedicated employees accomplish amazing things every day. The Food & Nutrition staff members have the unique opportunity to interact with just about every student in the school. These men and women are caring individuals who strive to build strong student centered relationships with their customers. They decorate their kitchens to create a warm and welcoming environment, recognize accomplishments and celebrate individual successes. They greet their customers by name and offer a friendly smile to brighten their day. “Thank you, Angel, have a great day!” To support the work that happens in the kitchens across the district there is a team of professionals in the central office. These folks take care of business in the areas in Human Resources, Technology, Procurement, Accounting, Free and Reduced Meal Eligibility and Program Oversight. We love coming to work because we have the best job ever. We feed kids. [Upbeat music]