decided to come to Meredith to study food nutrition. Actually, I became
interested in nutrition through a required summer
reading book called, Chew on This back in
sophomore year in high school. And so I did a little more
research about nutrition and found out about
Meredith College. And they offered me the chance
to come and play basketball as well as study at a
top food and nutrition program with my ultimate goal to
become a registered dietitian. SPEAKER 1: Studying food and
nutrition at Meredith College prepares our students for many
different kinds of careers. Some students already
know they want to become registered
dietitian nutritionists. SPEAKER 2: We’re
digging in gently to check for any muscle loss. SPEAKER 1: Others are
interested in nutrition, but they don’t know
exactly how they want to apply that interest. SARAH MASSEY: I was
interested in nutrition. Did not know if I wanted to
become a registered dietitian. But I knew of Meredith. I toured Meredith
and I saw that they had a wonderful
undergraduate program that was accredited by ACEND. And also a graduate
program that’s accredited with two different tracks. And then also a
dietetic internship to become a registered
dietitian, if I wanted to pursue that route. [INAUDIBLE] SPEAKER 1: Meredith’s
program is incredibly student-focused
because of our size. We mentor every student
to help her determine the right career for her. Meredith faculty and staff
use their network of contacts to give our students access
to a variety of real world experiences. SARAH MASSEY: I served on a
non-profit for three years during my undergrad. I also served in this garden. And now as a graduate student,
I spend most of my time in this garden and
in the classroom. SPEAKER 1: It’s important
for our students to have lots of opportunities
to explore their interests and apply what they’re
learning in class. On campus, students
practice what they’re learning in the
community garden and the food laboratory. Once they decide
which path to pursue, students focus their studies
through concentration in dietetics or food
systems and management. Students who want to
become registered dietitian nutritionists are
well prepared to go on to the required
dietetic internships. Others pursue careers in the
nutrition field, such as food management or
sustainable food systems. Learn more at