Welcome to the Five Bite Diet YouTube channel. Let’s join Dr. Alwin Lewis, the 5 Bite Diet creator as he discusses weight loss hurdles and shares insight into this revolutionary rapid weight loss program. If you’re interested in losing weight– I mean, if you’re truly in– first of all I want to work with people who are serious about wanting to lose weight. If you really want to lose weight we’ll get you there. That’s that’s gonna happen. It’s difficult for those people who say they want to but they don’t really mean it or they–there’s so many other things they would rather do than lose weight, like eat a lot of food. Okay, so that’s that you know throws a wrench in the works, right? But if you really want to lose the weight then work with me. Yes. Read my book because it really lays out everything. It clears your mind. It brings it back down to the basics. This is how and why we gain weight. This is, you know, the the stoichiometry of the carbon atom which is so critical in understanding weight and weight loss. We go through the whole thing in the book which is really–it’s a short easy book. I think it personally is fun to read and hopefully I think you or other people will find this also very motivating. So what I’ll have people do is go through it and read it over and over and over again, just reinforcing these really important concepts that will keep their path clear all the way to the finish line. And then if need be, I mean, come on, I’d be delighted to work with you, you know, whoever you might be and we’re gonna figure out the little things that we can tweak that will help you as the individual get to that finish line. But first and foremost, yeah, you’ve got to understand the basics. You’ve got to read my book! Thank you so much for joining us! Don’t forget to click the link in this video to visit our website for special free offers and discounts. Join the worldwide 5 Bite community and get one-on-one access to Dr. Lewis himself! Be sure to watch and like our other Five Bite videos and come back to visit our Channel. See you next time!