Hello everyone I am your fitness coach and
a nutritionist Sonia Bajaj. Today I am going to tell you about five most important exercises
for the beginners to lose your belly fat or to tone up your abdominal area. Just five
exercises for upper, middle and lower abdomen. So we start by taking a mat and lying down
on a mat. First exercise I would like to tell you about is the upper abdomen. The two muscles
which you see here is a very common abdomen exercise which we call as crunches. But people
make a lot of mistakes in doing the crunches where they use a lot of neck than using the
shoulders. They do not keep their squeezed while doing a crunch. So the two most important
things which are to be kept in mind is that when you crunch the movement is from your
shoulders and not your neck. Secondly whenever you are crunching you have to breathe out
when your shoulders go up away from the floor. And the next one is keep your core engaged.
Keep your abdomen tight whenever you are doing a crunch position. Or even when you are sitting
like this, the way I am sitting right now see that you are always sitting in a position
with your abdomen always tight. Just don’t leave your belly loose. This is the function
of your abdomen. So just keep it contracted – keep your core tight. So automatically you
will see awesome results. So we start with the first exercise for the upper ab which
we call as a crunch. This exercise you are going to do for the upper ab which is crunch.
So lie down on your back, open your legs shoulder width apart, toes facing straight. Lie down,
take your arms under your neck to support your neck looking up towards the ceiling,
elbows facing straight up towards the ceiling and now see that there is always a little
gap between your chin and your neck when you crunch. So we start first of all keeping the
posture correct. Keeping your lower abdomen tight and contracted. You lift up your shoulders
going up straight breathing out coming back down inhaling again. Breathing out… coming
back again inhaling. So my elbows do not bend right, left, up or down. They are absolutely
straight. My arms parallel to the ceiling and my chin looking up and I crunch giving
a lot of impact on my upper abdomen. My lower abdomen is tightly engaged it’s tightly squeezed
in. So breathing out we go up again the movement is from shoulders. The shoulders lift away
from the mat and we go up breathing out. Hold it for a fraction of a second. Coming back
inhaling to the floor again. Breathing out…we go up… inhale and we come down. Breathing
out… inhale… and we come down again. So this was the crunch, very basic exercise for
a beginner. If you are a beginner we can do three sets of twelve repetitions each and
slowly and slowly as we improve we can do a lot of variations in the crunch itself.
So at least start with this. Start with a upper crunch and see the results you get.
So the second exercise we are going to do is for the middle section. The middle abdomen
and lets go for it. Take your hands… as you are a beginner… take your hands and
support your lower back keeping your hands under your lower back. Now slowly lift your
butt away from the floor… and come down. Breathing out let’s go again. Coming down
touch the floor… and you are back. As you are a beginner don’t expect too much of going
up away from the floor. Go at your own pace. See the lower back is not hampered. Please
take a consultation from your doctor before doing any kind of abdominal exercises and
it needs lot of cooperation from the lower back which is required when you are doing
abdominal exercises. So once more middle section we are going to do is keeping your hands under
the lower back… for a beginner… breathing out going up and inhaling and coming back.
Breathe out…come back… and come back. Again as a beginner we can start with three
sets of twelve repetitions and as we keep on increasing our days of workout we can increase
the sets of or we can increase the repetitions and see the results coming out. Now let us
go to the most most stubborn fact which is the lower abdomen. The pelvic…the lower
lower pelvic region and a few exercises to tone up your lower abdomen. Just lying down
straight on your back again. The most stubborn and important area is the lower lower abdomen
so where the maximum fat is accumulated. The exercise for this requires your lower back
to be properly strengthened and if you have a lower back pain please consult your doctor
before doing this exercise I am going to right now tell you. So keeping your hands straight.
Put them under your lower back again. Slowly lift your legs up slightly bending your knees.
Inhaling come down. Slowly lift your legs up. Your knees are slightly bent… and come
down. Breathing out lets go up. Inhale and we come down. Again remember that your core
is tight when you are lifting your legs up or you are bringing your legs down your core
is totally engaged you are keeping it tight. Another good variation to this for people
who are beginners or people who have low back pain is to keep you hands under your lower
back and you can also go by just starting lifting your one leg up at a time and bringing
it back down again… and bringing it down back again. Slowly when you increase the strength
of your abdomen and your lower back can we do for… both legs up… both legs down.
Inhale and come back… and come back. So again remember this requires a lot of strength
from the lower back. Again and again my remembrance to you is because I have seen a lot of just
getting a lot of lower back pain because of leg raise is and regrets later on. So you
can even go single leg up. Right and then left… right and then left… slowly when
you see that you are able to cope up you can lift both legs up which is no doubt much more
impactful on your lower abs. So again three sets of ten to twelve repetitions each as
you feel comfortable being a beginner let’s start with this exercise and see that it is
not only helpful for your lower abs but also for your legs. Now when we are talking about
abdomen region we cannot forget obliques. Obliques are the most important part of our
entire abdomen region. So to strengthen the obliques so that we can strengthen our entire
abdomen is very important. So obliques workout is here for you again. Do try it out three
sets of ten to twelve repetitions. Lying down again on your back straight… keeping your
arms behind you. Breathing out lift your right leg and left arm up. With your leg going up
try taking your as close to the toe as possible. Inhaling and going back. Now again left leg
and right arm. Right arm going up with your neck coming up breathing out. Again see that
the movement is from the shoulders when you get up. It is not the neck movement it is
the shoulder movement away from the floor. Neck is again looking up. The chin does not
attach your neck. There is always a little gap between your chin and your neck. So again
going back. Now once you are comfortable with this and you find this pretty OK to go with
and now you are moving ahead we can always go both legs up together, both arms coming
up with your shoulders coming up breathing out. Hold it for a fraction of a second inhale
and we go back. This is very impactful for your entire abdomen region. Start with the
single leg raise and alternate toe touch and then slowly advance to the both legs coming
up together with. Again here also you lower back has to be properly intact doing this
exercise. If any lower back problem please consult your doctor or go with the single
leg raise up. Hold it for a fraction of a second. Slightly your knees are bent. Lower
abdomen is totally engaged… and inhale and we go back. Last time again. The movement
is from the shoulder… there is a gap between your chin and your neck… your arms are going
as close to the toes as possible. Inhale and we go back. For the beginners I would always
advise to start with the single alternate arm and leg and slowly when you advance and
your lower back is ready to accept it please go ahead with both arms coming up with both
legs going up together to see more impact on your abdominal region. Again three sets
of ten to twelve repetitions is very good enough for beginners. Last but not the least
my favourite exercise for the abdomen is a plank. People who have done plank and they
could see the amount of pressure they could feel in the lower abs the amount of strength
they realized they had in their shoulders and also in their lower back and butt. So
a compound exercise which no doubt needs a lot of time to start with and reach to a level
where you can hold a plank for around a minute. So for the beginners I would always advice
to start with the plank for holding it for five seconds to ten seconds going on to fifteen
seconds to twenty seconds. See again that you do under proper guidance to start with
and to learn the technique and to learn the correct posture. Because if you are not in
a correct posture in the plank you can always go off with your lower back. So sitting in
this position only putting your elbows on the floor your palm facing down. If you are
a beginner you can always keep you palm also like this. Now taking your knees… one and
two above the floor and see that your back is like a table top where even if I keep a
cup of tea it does not fall down. It is not bending like this. It is not stooping in the
camel position. It’s absolutely straight and if you want you can keep your palms on the
floor or you can hold you palms up like this and see that your don’t throw your neck too
low you don’t look up. It is looking squarely down and holding it for as long as you can.
See that again your abdomen… you keep a conscious effort to keep your lower abdomens
tight to your lower back. Your abdomen to your spine. Hold it for… see my lower back
is not stooping down. That’s going to kill the lower back. It’s not up like a camel position.
But if it is really uncomfortable slight camel position would still go better than your stooping
down. Hold it for as long as you can. Slowly relax back. and come back. To start with hold
it for five seconds. Slowly and slowly in days go on to ten seconds. Don’t expect too
much of perfection. But do it under proper guidance. All the exercises of abdomen can
require a lot of strength from a lower back also. So once you are done with the abdominal
exercises don’t forget to stretch your lower back. which is very very important and about
which people are not aware or they do not bother. Please whenever you are doing your
abdominal exercises to stretch your back is very very important. So a little back strengthening
exercises and stretches after your abdominal workout is very very important. So these were
the five exercises which I showed you right now to fight with your stubborn belly fat.
But the points I would like you to remember is that please do the exercises under proper
guidance of your fitness coach and even if you are watching this just see that you keep
in mind all the points which I have mentioned again and again of the breathing pattern the
posture and about the lower back and any pain in the lower back… if you are recommended
by the doctor to take care of your lower back or if you have a spine problem, slip disc
problem see that you take a green signal from doctor to do all these. So now if you have
any queries regarding your abdominal exercises or your nutrition on abdomen you can connect
with me on my facebook page which is stay strong or or you can e mail me on my e-mail