Hey guys this is Drake Abshire for The Underwear
Expert. Today we’re going to be taking a look at a
few exercises using the ball that you can easily do at home in your underwear. Each exercise will be paired with a boxer
brief from The Underwear Expert club. After you’ve rolled around a bit head over
to UnderwearExpert.com and use promo code “FITNESS” for 30% off your first order when
you sign up for the club. The first exercise we’ll take a look at is
the sit-up twist. I’m wearing the Mack Weldon boxer brief for
this one. It has mesh zones to keep you cool, a no-roll
waistband to anchor things up top, and a stay-put leg design that prevents riding up below. For this exercise you’re going to take the
ball. You’re going to start in a seated position. You’re going to roll down just slightly on
to it. Fingertips are going to be at your head, only
your fingertips. Do not pull at the neck. You’re going to lay back, give a good stretch. You’re going to come up, you’re going to twist
to your elbows at the center of the body. The second exercise we’ll look at is knee
tucks. For this I’ve got on the Papi Sport boxer
brief. It’s got a great moisture wicking quick-dry
fabric that contours to the body. Ok so for this movement you’re going to hold
yourself nice and steady, hands placed right underneath your shoulders. Pull the knees in. Keep your back nice and flat, core engaged. Make sure you don’t roll side to side. The last exercise we’ll look at is wall ball
squats. For this exercise I’m wearing the Wood liquid
camo boxer brief. This pair is made with an ultra-soft eucalyptus
blend. It’s sweat wicking and thermo-controlled elements
also make it a great pair for working out. Ok so for this exercise you’re going to take
your ball and you’re going to place it against the wall. You’re going to place it right on the mid
to lower back. Feet are going to be out in front of you squarely
placed, and I’m going to come down nice and deep. Make sure my feet don’t come past my toes,
right at ninety degrees, and then I’m going to come right back up. That’s it for this week’s tips for fitness
in your underwear. Remember you can find all of the pairs of
underwear you saw today in The Underwear Expert club. Use promo code “FITNESS” for 30% off your
first month’s order when you sign up for the club. What about you? What underwear do you like to wear when you’re
working out? Let us know in the comments below. If you’ve enjoyed today’s video give us a
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