Hey guys this is Drake Abshire for The Underwear Expert. Today we’re going to continue our focus on
exercises we can do in our underwear by taking a look at some easy at-home dumbbell exercises
for ripping and toning your arms. This week we’ve paired each exercise with
a jockstrap from The Underwear Expert’s underwear subscription club. Jockstraps have come a long way since your
high school gym class. And we’re gonna show you a few options from
the club that are functional, fashionable, and perfect for the modern workout. After the video head over to underwearexpert.com
and use the promo code FITNESS for 30% off your first month’s order when you sign up
for the club. The first exercise I’m going to show you is
the triceps overhead extension. For this exercise I’m wearing the Marco Marco
essentials jockstrap in plum. This fitted jock is made of a viscous spandex
blend for maximum support and comfort. So for the overhead tricep extension you’re
going to take both of your dumbbells and what you’ll do is you’re going to place one leg
forward and one leg back in a split stance. It doesn’t matter which one. You’re going to get yourself in a stable position,
you’re going to take both dumbbells. You’ll place them both together, palms facing
each other. Go overhead, and you’re going to drop the
dumbbells to behind your neck and extend them straight up toward the ceiling. Now make sure your elbows stay tight and against
your temples, and press the dumbbells straight up toward the ceiling. Make sure they don’t separate. Abs pulled in nice and tight, and remember
to breathe. Next we’re going to take a look at the curl
overhead reverse press. For this I’m wearing the stellar jock by Junk
Underjeans. Ths jockstrap features bright jersey striping
and a matching waistband that can add a little bit of fashion to your workout. Ok so for the curl overhead reverse press
what you’re gonna do is you’re gonna do a simple curl, bicep curl, with my elbows locked
at my side, abs pulled in tight, and from there when they’re up by my shoulders I’m
gonna press them straight up. So don’t do it like a typical shoulder press
like this, but keep them in that reverse position. You’re gonna feel the tops of your shoulders,
the front of your shoulders, down to your biceps in that movement. From a side position it looks like this. Remember good posture. Keep your shoulders back. Alright, and that’s the curl overhead reverse
press. The last exercise I’ll show you is flip curls. I’m wearing a jockstrap by Bluebuck. This simple and classic jockstrap is made
of cotton for maximum comfort and even features a cotton label to avoid irritation while you
move. You’re gonna start just like a simple bicep
curl, and there’s a flipping motion that happens at the top. What this does is you work a lot more forearm
and grip strength. So you’ll take it up to the shoulders. You’re gonna flip at the top and then take
it back down nice and slowly. Your elbows may bow out, but again you twist
at the bottom. So regular bicep curl, twist at the top, and
back down. So just keep flipping the direction of your
curl. Again remember soft bend in the knees, shoulders
back, good strong posture, abs tight, and breathing. And from the side. And that’s dumbbell flip curls. So to build your arms you’re gonna do each
exercise for four rounds for ten reps each. Make sure that you pick a weight that you
can handle for all four of those rounds. That’s it for this week’s look at fitness
in your underwear. Remember you can get all of the underwear
you saw today in The Underwear Expert’s underwear subscription club. Use promo code FITNESS for 30% off your first
month’s order when you sign up for the club. What about you? Do you like to wear a jock when you work out
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