hey everyone Dave Kay here with another
five facts video this time talking about exercise facts let’s talk a little bit
about how I exercise and how you can build exercise into your day-to-day
routine in order to be where you want to be let’s do it Dave Kay getting started with fun fact
about me exercise edition number one first thing you should know about me and
my exercise routines I like to do push-ups first thing in the morning I
find that one of my biggest challenges with exercise is time and making sure I
have enough time to do all the exercise that I want to do so being able to do
push-ups first thing in the morning saves me up from a lot of different
things for one it prevents me from needing to find a gym or go to the gym
I’m able to do those push-ups right here in my room first thing in the morning
and not have to worry about where I’m located or how long it’ll take me to get
there another thing about push-ups and the
benefit of push-ups is it allows me to build muscle now muscle burns calories
over time as long as you maintain that muscle you find that that muscle will
burn calories over time whereas cardio activity although it’s good for you and
great for your heart health does not burn quite as many calories over an
extended period of time so building muscle helps burn calories
over the course of many days so you know I like to do push-ups and build those
muscles first thing in the morning but I found that I haven’t been doing quite as
much cardiovascular activity I haven’t been running or swimming quite as much
as I probably should and the reason for that is I feel like it’s hard for me to
find the time to do that sort of thing so again to find the time to run or to
swim can be challenging you have to go out of your way maybe to find a pool or
a place to run one of my best solutions for this is if you are let’s say you’re
walking to the parks right let’s take the example of going to the Disney parks
and if you’re at the contemporary and you want to go to the Magic Kingdom if
you walk instead of take the monorail sure it may take you an extra five
minutes but you’re able to get that additional 15 minutes of exercise doing
that walk as opposed to taking the monorail so as opposed to taking an
additional 15 30 minutes out of your day to do walking or running you’re able to
build it into your day and spend an extra five minutes on your travels to
where you’re trying to go I did this same thing for work I would take the
train to go into work and then I would walk from the train to my office and I
would walk to the train from my car it was about a mile each way so I found
myself walking an additional three four miles a day built into my day
they routine because I was taking this approach as opposed to riding a cab or
looking for another solution like that maybe a scooter that kind of thing
instead I was walking and building in that exercise another great way I built
exercise into my day-to-day routine is to take the stairs if you find there’s
an opportunity at work whether it’s to take the elevator or take the stairs up
to your floor let’s say you work on the third floor if you choose to take the
stairs every day and especially if you go out for lunch and find yourself
walking up to your floor several times a day this can be really really good for
your health this builds muscle as well as that cardiovascular strength it’s a
great way to make sure that you’re building exercise into your day to day
generally taking the stairs does not take any longer than taking the elevator
depending upon how quickly you take the stairs and what floor you’re going to so
this is something to keep in mind if you’re looking for a good way to build
exercise into your day-to-day and into your workday consider taking the stairs
not just walking to the office although both are great options another way I
like to get my exercise in is to use downtime or idle time again I talked
about exercise being a time constraint for me so when I’m working on other
things let’s say I’m developing a script for a song or if I’m working on some
work that doesn’t require me to sit at my computer if I’m able to do some work
on my phone or something along those lines maybe if I’m taking a break I find
it’s great to take that time and do some squats or some sit-ups and just build
that exercise into your day to day routine again just sort of taking that
time and whether it’s flexing your muscles getting that muscular exercise
or doing those squats and building that into your day to day can really have a
big impact over the long term I met with a doctor who asked me how much exercise
I was doing and I said really I haven’t found much time to go to the gym or do
exercise but I do walk four miles a day round-trip from the Train and I do take
the stairs and it adds up to being maybe about eight or ten flights of stairs a
day and I also and I added in all these other things that I do over the course
of this day like my morning push-ups or squats and the doctor said that’s
absolutely the best way to do it if you can build exercise into your day to day
route team for one it makes it a daily habit
doing consistent exercise is huge it’s really important to make sure you’re
getting consistent activity and consistent motion as opposed to just
doing one series of exercise over a given week I would much rather walk one
mile over the course of seven days so one mile on Monday one mile on Tuesday
one mile on Wednesday as opposed to walking seven miles on a given day of
that week so only walking seven miles on Saturday if you build exercise into your
day-to-day routine it builds that cardiovascular strength over time and
you’ll see it’s easier and easier to walk that one mile whereas if you’re
only doing that walk one day a week it’s a lot harder to build up the strength
and endurance that you want to have in order to get to where you want to be on
your exercise goals so I mentioned the value of consistency over intensity in
training in my opinion now I think intensity is important as well but I
think consistent activity even if it’s just a little bit is really beneficial
so make sure that you take some time let’s say you’re on your lunch break or
first thing in the morning or after you get home from work take some time to
walk around the neighborhood or do whatever is the best source of exercise
best source of activity for you in order to meet those exercise goals that you
have and again by doing a little by little every day you’ll find that you’re
able to build up your strength and build up the level of intensity and the amount
of exercise that you’re able to do and that you’re comfortable doing on a given
day this is really important to remember if you can build in a little bit of
exercise and a little bit of what you want to be doing each and every day this
will go a really long way for you so try to build that in to your daily routine I
feel the best time for me to do exercise is first thing in the morning I feel
it’s the best way to start my day and it’s the easiest time of day for me to
get the exercise in now you may ask why first thing in the morning I’m always
tired first thing in the morning and I don’t want to do the exercise when I’m
tired for me it’s because I’m tired first thing in the morning I feel like
I’m slower and I’m less productive first thing in the morning so it allows me to
build in that time doing that exercise really helps wake me up therefore making
me far more if they after I’ve done the exercise so doing
exercise first thing in the morning actually helps me break that tired cycle
helps me get active early helps me start doing things earlier and helps me build
up to the energy level that I want to be at for the day as quickly as possible so
I strongly advise if you’re considering exercise and doing it throughout the
course of the day try to do at least a little bit first thing in the morning
and let me know how it feels to you in terms of cardiovascular activity one of
my favourite activities to do for this is swimming I feel that swimming is a
great way to get your exercise in if you’re looking to build up that heart
health and there’s a couple reasons for this it doesn’t put too many strains on
you physically on your knees from running or walking too much it allows
you to sort of stretch and be able to build out different muscles whether
those arm muscles or its leg muscles and gain different type of strength in that
way it’s also very unique exercise so I find it to be more fun you get to
practice new skills like breathing off to the side while you’re swimming and
you can work on improving your swimming speed over time again it’s a low strain
activity so you don’t find yourself pulling too many muscles or any other
issues while you’re swimming comparatively to a lot of other high
intensity cardiovascular activities that I know one thing to watch out for when
you’re swimming is your rotator cuffs it is very easy to overextend your rotator
cuffs especially if you are swimming too much in a given moment or in a given
sitting it can be a very intense exercise it’s a great way to build
muscle but make sure that you’re swimming at a reasonable amount for you
in a given day it does take some time to build up to the level of swimming that
you may want to be at I find that bodyweight exercises are very beneficial
as well I really like to do push-ups sit-ups squats and those sorts of
exercises for one because I can do them in the convenience of my own room and
also because it’s a great way for me to build up my own strength and for me to
be able to gauge how much I’m able to move and control myself to be able to
have that flexibility and to understand the ability that I have to move myself
like to do pull-ups or to do push-ups to me is really valuable it makes me
understand and have a better picture of if I were in a certain situation where I
needed to let’s say pull myself up from cliff or something along those lines
gives me a better idea of what my capabilities are and it helps me focus
on not just building that muscle but also building up my weight or minimizing
my weight and getting to that point where I want to be so that I’m also sort
of easier to move myself so that’s something to consider if that’s
something that helps you consider how you do your exercise I find that those
free weight exercises not free weight exercises but bodyweight exercises can
be very beneficial what do you do for exercise what do you think is the best
way to go do you think that these tips are helpful or is there something else
you’d like to hear more about let me know in the comments below thank you so
much for being a part of the fun with me I’m glad to share these adventures with
you and I hope you enjoy them for more fun family-friendly adventures
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where as cardio vac just so you know I like to do that push-ups so you know I
like to do push-ups and do that muscular activity but what I haven’t been doing
as much as I would much rather do 10 push-ups over the course of seven
different days ten push-ups a day adding up to 70 push-ups as opposed to 70
push-ups on one day although and again you’ll find doing little by little
you’ll be able to build up your strength and build up the level of effort you may
ask why do I exercise the first thing in the morning one reason for this is I eat
I feel it’s best for me to exercise first thing in the morning that’s the
best way for me to get my day started and it’s the best I find that I find
that bodyweight exercises