You know how it is, dear FC Bayern fans. You go on your summer holiday, eat great food and when you come back, you’ve put on two or three kilos. But how do you lose this weight? hat’s what we’re going to show you today! Hey David Alaba, it’s great to have you here! How does one lose weight? I’m not so sure myself! Let’s just do a few exercises. We’ll start with the first one, what’s it called? he plank – let’s start with that one. Okay, show me how you do it. Like this…–
Woah, yeah! Then you hold it for 30 seconds. 30 seconds!? Okay, we’ll say 15. Yeah, 15 is okay. Woah! How important are body strengthening exercises as a footballer? These exercises are very important for your torso, for your stomach, for stability when going into challenges and so on. Okay, next exercise please. Now you can lift your legs behind you. Okay, done. But honestly, when you’re at home on the sofa and playing Playstation, how often do you do these kinds of exercises? I do them here – before and after training. Is it important for young players to do these kinds of exercises? Yes definitely. When I was 15 or 16, I used to do a lot of these exercises. Now we do extra stability exercises regularly because it’s just part of what we have to do. Now that we’ve got a sweat on, is it time for the next exercise? Next exercise? What else is there? You can tell you’re not used to doing this! You need to think a little bit first. Well I have a few exercises, but I’m trying to think which ones you can do too. Oh yeah! That’s what they all say… That’s why I have to have a think a little. He only does fitness, that’s what he told me. Nothing else all day long! Okay, what’s next? So first sideways for your oblique muscles. And then you can swing your arm up and down. Which of your coaches placed the most importance on these kinds of exercises? Andreas Kornmayer. Before that, there were a few coaches at Austria Vienna that also thought they were important. So the Austrians really consider fitness to be important? Yes, from a young age. But this exercise is too strenuous for me. Can we do a final one which isn’t so tiring? That’s crazy. What else can we do? Just one, a last one. Just one, a last one. Yeah. Push-ups, shall we do them? Oooh, okay. Come on!
Shall we both do five? Yeah, but you can do yours on your knees. I can go on my knees? Okay, lets’s go. He’s actually doing them on his knees! What a laugh! But please film this so you can’t see me! Please – okay? Who’s the biggest poser in the team? The guy who stands in front of the mirror tensing his muscles? The poser in our team? Yeah, and you can name yourself if it’s you. Me? No, I don’t think it’s me. The real poser in our team…? Lewy! Lewy? Does he always stand like this in front of the mirror? Doing the Balotelli? Yeah exactly! When he comes out of the shower, he stands in front of the mirror and looks at himself like this. But he’s very fit. Okay, we’ll check with him if that’s right. Yes, ask him! And tell him I said “Hi”.! Now just the final exercise is left and it’s my favourite! Your favourite? Yeah, just lie on your back – be careful. Come on, take it easy! And lie down? Yeah, that suits me. I’ll lie next to you. So this is my favourite exercise – you’re not allowed to cross your legs. Oh, that’s too hard for me. David, that’s for joining us. You’re welcome. See you next time! That was it from “Get fit with David Alaba!”