(relaxed electronic music) – What’s up, guys. Welcome
to my YouTube channel where we talk all things photography. Today we’re doing a
behind-the-scenes vlog, I guess. We’ve got a couple things on today. Firstly, I’m shooting some
stuff at one of London’s leading boutique gyms. I’ve worked with them a
couple of times before. After that, I’ll come back
here, edit the images, and then after that I’m
going to the Apple Store. This thing is heavy. I’m
shooting this on the 5D Mark IV just to see what it would be like with one of those Manfrotto tripods. I don’t know how people do this. It’s killer. It’s killer. Although, I did manage to get to the gym this morning at 6:00 a.m. – [Kids Voices] Yay! – It’s now twenty past seven. Yes, I’m going to the Apple Store tonight because they have a guest speaker. I’ve just been trying
to broaden my horizons for where I get my inspiration from. So, it could be interesting.
Might learn a couple things. So a little bit about today job at one of London’s boutique
gyms, it’s called Third Space. They’ve got a number of
gyms throughout London and it’s at the higher tier of gyms. You’ll see the facilities are incredible. I’ve worked with them before. (camera shutter noises) So this brand came to me, asked me to shoot their
instructors in the new space because they’ve launched this new space and they quickly need images
to kind of get out there for social and stuff. We’re not using any
external lighting today. No flash or anything like that. They didn’t want to use
flash because we’re shooting possibly while other
customers are in the building. That’s one of the troubles
with shooting at gyms like this because to get the gym
empty is really hard. So I’m really looking forward to this. It should be like a
Run and Gun type shoot. We’ve got half an hour slots
in each different classes so there’s like yoga,
HIIT, cycle, dadadadada between 9:00 and 12:00,
so a really quick shoot. Works out great for me
because it’s really simple. It’ll just be me shooting
on the 5D Mark IV here and I’ll probably shoot
it on the 50 mil 1.2. I will take this 24-105 with me, and I will take the 70-200 with me as well just to vary up some of the shots. Maybe get a little bit of depth. I’ll try and shoot some behind-the-scenes, or as much behind-the-scenes as possible. I might stick my phone
in the hot shoe there, or just stick it on this little Manfrotto and stick it in the
corner while I’m shooting to give you guys an idea
of how the shoot goes. Yeah, I’m going to have a
quick breakfast and get going. As always today, using the Vanguard, whoa, Alta Fly 48T roller has been doing me good for pretty much a year now, so if you’re in the market
for a roller, here we go. (relaxed electronic music) (camera shutter sounds) (relaxed electronic music) Okay, that is this shoot wrapped. Gonna get back to the house
and get through the images. Okay so we’re back at the flat. Immediately after the shoot,
I went through the images one-starring any that I thought
were my personal favorites or that the client might like. I’ve gone through this
process in a previous video. I’ll link that up here. (mimic computer noises) So from cut to one, I one-starred, actually one-starred over 150 images from the three-hour shoot. We just shot a lot of stuff. Usually when I’m shooting to I find I’m shooting more because there’s a smaller
window of opportunity to review the images. These specialist gyms have certain rooms for certain exercises, and you only get this
small window of opportunity because it’s not possible for
them to close the studio off because members pay quite
a high membership fee. You can’t just be like, oh yeah, half the gym’s not open today. We had half an hour slots in
the cycle class, HIIT class, half an hour with the rig. Right at the start we had
half an hour in the yoga room. Pretty hectic. I did try
and tether at the beginning. The studio’s so big, and even though my tethering
cable is 5 meters long, it was just proving too tricky, so I just showed the client
the first few images, they were happy, we were
kinda happy with the light and everything like that, and we just went from there. This was a bit more of a
Run and Gun thing today so we were using the
lighting in the studio, which looks really cool. In certain instances, it was way too dark. I found myself shooting
at like ISO 6400 or 8000 and it was just way too dark. The image fell apart,
nothing was quite sharp and there was a ton of grain. So those didn’t quite work. But actually, somewhere
around the 4000 to 5000 mark, I’m very fortunate that I’m
shooting with the 5D Mark IV, and that it can handle anything
up to like 4000 to 500. 4000 to 5000, sorry. And the images turned out really good. The lighting in there
when you catch it right is super dynamic, and yeah,
it’s brilliant, it’s beautiful. So that just about wraps
it up for today, guys. I was going to go to the
Apple Store by Oxford Street to go to a talk by Ronin Mackenzie, and I think it’s all about
retouching the stuff. But it’s getting a bit fine now. It’s about 5:00, so I’m just gonna, 6:00, so I’m just gonna cut it here
and get editing this video. Yeah, I’ve crafted a little
desk space here in the new flat. We moved in here a couple of months ago. So I’m very stoked to
have the second screen out and the laptop elevated. I’m very excited about having
a beautiful workstation. Oh, if you follow me on Instagram, you might have seen a
story recently I did, which is like an Ask Me Anything. I’m kind of collecting some questions from people who follow me on
Instagram, YouTube, where ever, about how to get started
as a photographer. I get the occasional DM
about how to get work, or how to approach people for shoots, how to start your own business, what camera to get, where
to invest in your gear, and all that stuff. So if there’s anything
that is on your mind that you think I could help you with, put a question in the comments and yes I’ll be filming
this video very soon in the coming week and
I’ll get it up here ASAP. So thanks very much for watching, guys. I hope you enjoyed this. I
hope it brought you some value, and I’ll see you in the next one. (relaxed electronic music)