undeniable unquestionably excellent
episode 1 of undeniable season 3 I am going to bring an undeniable package to
means that I’m going to do everything in my power to make sure that I bring my
absolute best I want to make sure that when I step on that stage I want it so
just like that’s the number 1 right there that’s her that’s what I want to
be the point of me making this the title series isn’t just look how hard I’m
gonna work and what I’m gonna do I hope that by me sharing this with you that
you’re able to figure out how to be undeniable in your own life and your own
goals I hope that this shows yeah I worked my butt off and I gave it
everything that I had it still wasn’t enough but now when I come in this time
I’m gonna be undeniable and I want you guys to learn and figure out how to be
undeniable in your own lives this is your wake-up call
you are in control of the thoughts you allow into your mind you are capable of
succeeding you are not a failure despite build attempts of certain things you
were meant for greatness you were meant for success I believe in you but in
order for you to succeed you have to believe in you and my last video was
titled I feel like a failure and if you watched that video then you understand
why and what went into that and I just want to say that no matter how much
success I have had or will have I am a human and I have feelings and sometimes
I feel like a failure I have feelings of failure but the difference is I don’t
let those feelings or thoughts or emotions control me and I don’t let them
define me I might have that feeling but then I go and I do something about it
and I remove myself from that that emotional state that I’m in when I feel
that way I’m not letting a single second go to
waste yeah I may be struggling yeah maybe I don’t have any energy at all but
I am pushing harder than I’ve ever pushed before and it’s simply just for
one reason and it’s that I have to be undeniable today I don’t have ten days
to be undeniable I don’t have you know two weeks one week whatever peak week no
like I have to be undeniable right now in this session in this rep in this set
as I do this movement every single second of my life at this point has to
be undeniable so I got first call-outs I’m very happy
about that and no matter what regardless of what
happens I’m happy it’s another great national show in the book this music I
listened to for the past few weeks during cardio and it got me through
every single cardio session and now I’m playing it just for us to get ready to
go out in and I literally cannot believe that all of the sessions of cardio like
completely paid off all the cardio all the training all the food all dining and
it wasn’t just a 20-week tribe this has been like years years in the making
so it didn’t happen overnight I hope that this series has shown you that each
day you have as a choice rather choose to be undeniable today and adds to
long-term success or you choose to give in you choose to give 70% and we live
life thinking that you’re just not one of the lucky few this win was not luck
this win was premeditated chaste sought-after
envisioned and passionately pursued passionately pursue your dreams and
watch what happens being undeniable is a daily decision it
is not an accident people do not fall into it they are not
lucky or special few who just happened to make it to be undeniable in your life
as a daily choice a daily decision a daily commitment to excellence to
discipline to doing the things that you know you need to do even when you don’t
feel like doing them any one can choose to be undeniable but few will do so it’s
hard it’s messy it requires sacrifice and the truth is sometimes you’ll do all
of these things and it still won’t be enough welcome to undeniable season 2 episode
number 1 choose to make changes not excuses choose to be excellent not
satisfactory news to create to life you want do not just exist disappointed when they didn’t get my pro
part and it was always like dumbfounded by that I’ve never had that kind of
mindset at that show or in another show and look
at what happened it did happen so going into the show I couldn’t work every
single day I do it needs to be done I went over and over in my head I
envisioned I might visualize if every single time I
do a rat do whatever it is so I realize my goals I see it pop that in great
detail I know what that the tan is gonna smell like I know what my hair is gonna
feel like my makeup on me my jewelry my bikini suit and I envision every last
detail envision your goals see it happen daily and you’ll have peace
regardless I actually want to talk to you guys for
a second about something that people ask me about literally all the time they ask
me all on my social media is snapchat in the gym when they see me and it’s the
topic of how do you do it how do you stay motivated how are you in here every
single day and I almost feel bad because I feel like you guys want this like
long-winded intricate detailed you know explanation and not truth is I don’t
have that for you guys you know I replied to this girl at the
gym the other day she’s like how do you do it I see you in here every single day
killing it and I just said I want it and I like kept walking and she laughed the
next day and was like you literally just might drop me like it was so perfect you
have no idea and you know to me that’s what it comes down to like if you want
something it doesn’t matter if you’re having a good day or a bad day you’re
gonna go in you’re gonna put the work that needs to be done in order to
achieve your goal stop lying to yourself like half of you are literally lying to
yourself and everyone else around you you say you want this you say you’re in
love with this person you say you want this job you want to you know have this
big goal and dream of this but the truth is you just like the idea of it or you
like telling everyone about it you don’t actually want it deep down inside if you
actually wanted it deep down inside you would literally do anything and
everything to achieve that goal I can say with 100% confidence I am gonna
achieve my goal because I want it to the deepest part of my core everything in me
wants this so whether it’s a good day a bad day it doesn’t matter I’m gonna be
here putting in the work if you guys dream cardio if you’re doing your lift
push harder show me that you want it show me with your actions
quit saying it put in the work day in and day out and dreams your goals
everything will come true I promise IFBB pro debut after the hardes prep to date as my point of view I literally couldn’t
be happier it was an incredible show I feel so good I wish I could like wash
this tan off and go do my cardio because I have a show next week and I just want
to start making all the improvements I know I need to make and I know that I
can make like guys if the fires ever been lit it’s right now this is like
literally the first line and the next chapter of this and I’m so excited for
it’s like beyond whole thing has just started good
morning everyone it is Saturday May 27th and it is show day it’s the Toronto Pro
Super Show feel amazing like I felt incredible up
there is one of the first times it like I just felt I don’t know I belong up
there I know that and the judges we’re looking at me and they were talking like
crazy and I knew instantly like when I saw them talking I knew like I already
know what they were thinking I was like they actually liked me on stage like
this is a good thing they just I can tell I’m not conditioned and I could
tell us what they were saying so I’m excited I’ll try and talk to them
personally you know personally get their feedback but I just I need more
conditioning that’s the end of that right now we are seven days out peak
week for the NorCal championships I’m so excited for that show yeah shut it wait 125 already have
slaughtering some meals I don’t feel nervous this time I feel very calm I
feel very peaceful I feel just love and good energy going
to the show and that you guys and everyone supporting and being there for
me has been a large part of that so I think God that I’m here I’m thankful and
honored to be here honored to be gracing the stage with I believe 33 other
beautiful grows so Pro amateur division whatever you are if you’re computing
today I want to say good luck and just know that whatever is meant to happen is
going to happen anyways so enjoy the day put a smile on your face and have a
great time out there love you guys Jesus number 24 from Venice California Emily
hey going into this third peak week I knew
that my physique was not a top five and a lot of people are asking why and the
reason is because I need more conditioning that means I need to be
leaner I need to have less body fat a stage and for the pro level there’s a
different level of leanness I need to attain and I’m very realistic about that
I can definitely be confident in what I have but I’m also realistic and I know
where I need to be so it’s very encouraging for me because this is not
my 100% – physique my physique can go much further than this so I’m really excited to take it to
that level but so where I’m at right now this is my best
that’s why I could be so happy and so satisfied because I know that I gave it
my everything even when I felt like I couldn’t like I felt like I didn’t want
to even without the placing I made myself push and made myself go harder
and that’s why I’m so proud of myself that’s why I can have such confidence
and like I said it’s encouraging because I know when my physique is at its 100% hey guys I’m currently doing a cardio
session right now and I wanted to record this voice over to say one thank you so
much for watching thank you for looking back on my journey thus far with me
and – it was just really important for me to take this time to look back at
everything because I’m not just here to show you guys that end result I’m not
just here to show you guys what it looks like to be undeniable when you get that
win it’s my goal it’s my purpose it’s part of what I do to show you show you
the process of what it takes to get there
I just finished a full day of work have my computer on my pillow on my exercise
bike so I can finish my cardio and get this YouTube video up to you guys
whatever it takes I will bring the undeniable package this time I’ve done
it before and I’m simply repeating this process – this is my time. I feel it.