– In this video I’m gonna break down 11 tips and strategies
for fitness marketing. Comin’ up. Hi, I’m JD with Marketing 360 and we help small businesses grow with our marketing and
design talent technology through our number one marketing platform Marketing 360. We call marketing and design MAD and we love MAD. And hopefully these videos will help you fall in love with MAD too. So make sure to follow us to learn tips, tricks, and strategies to grow your business and fuel your brand. So are you in the fitness industry? Do you want to grow your gym or your personal training business? I’m sure you do. Here’s 11 tips on how you can execute some marketing beautifully to do just that. Tip number one is to build
a beautiful website with some really beautiful branding. One of the first things people are gonna do when they’re
researching where they wanna go in terms of a gym or what personal trainer
that might wanna work with is they’re gonna take
a look at your website. So your website really is
your best sales person. It never calls in sick. It can sell a thousand people
at the exact same time. So take some time and invest in your brand and in your content. Have everything there that
somebody might want to look at or understand about your brand in order to go with you. Because what they’re
gonna do is they’re gonna compare your website with
other websites in the area for gyms and personal
trainers and then they’re gonna decide who to do
business with based on the look and the content of that website. So focus on your website. And power tip here, check it on mobile. Most people are using
their phones these days so make sure you’re site
is the best on mobile. Tip number two is to build
a strong social presence. Build your presence on
Instagram and Facebook especially for gyms and personal trainers. You may even think about YouTube, but people are gonna
check for social proof before they decide to invest in your gym or in your personal training service. And they’re gonna wanna see good content, educational content, interesting content, show that you’re passionate
about what you do. And they’re gonna wanna
see that people are actually following you
and engaging with you. If they see those things they’re gonna have more trust and move forward to the next step which is
doing business with you. Tip number three is to invest in video. Do videos all the time as a fitness brand. Make sure that you’re
posting that on social media. Video can be a hard thing
to do sometimes if you’re trying to think about what
content to create on the spot, so an idea here is to write down the questions you hear every week. Your clients are gonna be asking you questions in the gym all the time. Write those down. Those are perfect ideas for videos. If you just create a video every week or two or three a week and just answer those simple questions, it’s gonna be valuable information for people online that are
watching and consuming that content. It’s also gonna create
brand awareness for you to help grow your brand
and your fitness business. So that’s one power tip. Another one there is
also to do is to feature one client a week. Show their before/after. Talk about their story. Talk about what they
enjoy about your brand, what makes you different. Share that content as well. This is great ways to have content ready to go all the time. A steady drip of content means a steady drip of new customers. Tip number four is to use a CRM. Stay organized. Keep all your clients listed in a CRM. Store information about them and their family and their goals. Follow up and check in with them and build in email automation that sends them automated tips and
reminders, class schedules, workouts of the day, sends them fitness, nutritional information,
those sorts of things. Send them holiday emails, birthday emails. Really build a relationship and use a CRM to store that information and then have a process to follow up with your clients to keep them engaged. Lotta times people will trade trainers or trade gyms because they get disengaged. Stay, follow up with them so that you earn them back if they do leave, and more importantly, keep
’em there so they don’t leave. Tip number five is to build
your reputation online. You should have a lotta reviews. You should have a four or five star rating and a constant flow of
reviews all the time. The more reviews you get the more clients you’re gonna get so ask for reviews from your happy clients. Here’s an idea. Maybe offer ’em a free month if they leave reviews online and have them leave reviews on more than just one review site. Ask ’em leave it on the Google reviews, maybe on your Facebook reviews, and all your other relevant
review sites that you’re passionate about so that when somebody searches your brand name and
the word reviews on Google, the page is just lit up with
four and five star reviews on multiple review sites. A lotta times before people decide who to do business with in any business but especially a gym or a personal trainer, they’re gonna check your reviews online. And if you have a
tremendous amount of reviews on a high star rating in
comparison to your competitors you’re gonna win the business. And so ask for reviews and give people a free month for doing it. Tip 6 is to optimize your local
listings on directory sites. This is gonna help you
rank higher in the maps on Google search but it’s also gonna help you rank higher
in relevant directories that people might also be looking online. There’s personal trainer directories, there’s gym directories. You’re gonna wanna be listed highly on all of those because here’s the deal. You can’t control where people look but you can control if you’re there. And so you wanna make
sure that you’re there and you’re ranking on top. And so optimize those profiles. Ask for reviews on those profiles so that your present there and you can capture business from
every possible source. Tip seven is to dominate
the first page of Google. When somebody searches
your city name, gym, or city name, personal trainer, or other relevant key words that could potentially drive you business, you wanna dominate page one. You can dominate page one in three areas. You can be right on top
and that’s paid ads. So invest in paying to be on top. You also wanna be high in the maps which is right below that. If you’re high on the maps you’re gonna get a lotta business and if you have a lotta
reviews there that helps. And then also you’re gonna
rank high organically. And so build content on your site. Blog on your site. Do things that are gonna
rank high organically so that you potentially own real estate in three positions on page one of Google. If you do that you’re
gonna grow your brand. Tip number eight is to do retargeting ads. Retargeting ads basically stay in front of people who
see you on social media or they go to your website. A lotta times before people decide what gym to do business with or which personal trainer to hire they’re gonna do research, right? They’re kind of in
research mode for a while. Sometimes a week, two weeks,
a month before they decide. So you wanna do retargeting so that you stay in front of those people during that research phase. This builds trust and when they’re ready to do business
they think of you first. Tip number nine is to
run social targeting ads. Build social targeting ad campaigns specifically for Instagram
and also Facebook so that you’re targeting people in your area that are
interested in fitness so that they become aware of your brand and they basically eventually
do business with you. Now create video content, create engaging content, create educational content. Don’t necessarily sell
people in these ad campaigns. Just provide value. This’ll build trust, create
this passion inside of them to wanna give you a try. Offer a free month to get
people to come in and try or maybe a free class to just open the door to that conversation and then you’ll win the business. Tip number 10 is to develop
a corporate program and talk to the businesses near by and the organizations near by and offer a discount if their employees or the members of their organizations work out at your gym or use
you as a personal trainer. This is a great way to
get near by customer bases and offer a discount but maybe be able to do some group classes where you make your profit margins that you need. If you can get groups of people there and create maybe even specific classes and group events for these
businesses and organizations, you’ll get additional buy-in and now as they grow those businesses and hire new employees, guess what? Now you also get a new client. Tip 11, last tip, is increase the lifetime value in you customers. Try to get more revenue out of the clients that you have. If they’re paying a monthly membership fee or hourly for your
personal training service, how can you get additional
revenue out of them? Well you can do that a lot of ways. Maybe offering swag, selling them some shirts and some hats and if they’re passionate about
your brand they’ll buy that. Selling nutritional products. Maybe power bars or drinks can be helpful that you can provide
maybe after they work out. And there’s tons of
other ways to do this and offer additional products
and value that you can add on top of the revenue
that you’re receiving. If you could just get a hundred dollars a month more from each customer, think about what that
does to your revenue. Even it’s just a hundred
dollars a year more out of each customer, what does that do to your revenue? Well, it’s huge and it’s going to help grow your business and invest in marketing to grow
your business even further. Bonus tip of the day, two parts. Think about running competitor ads. You can run Google search ads and social media campaigns that
target your competitors. So when somebody searches a nearby gym or another personal trainer name, you can run ads at the top of Google and also be there just kind
of creating awareness. Maybe they didn’t know about you and they click it and they learn about you and go with you instead. You can also target on social media based on followers of brands. So you can run ad campaign that targets people that
also follow nearby gyms and personal trainers. This creates awareness. A lot of times people just
like to change, right? They just like change and so they’re kinda interested in trying another gym just for the sake of trying it. So if they know that you exist, you can potentially earn
business by doing this. And maybe you’ve had a client leave and go to another gym but now they see you because you’re targeting them on social media in this way and it makes them think you know what, they were pretty cool. I’m gonna go back there. So you win the business back. That’s one power tip. The other power tip is to use an all-in-one marketing solution that pulls all of the things that I’ve just talked about into one platform to make it easy ’cause marketing can be complicated and doing all these things, logging into Facebook for this and Google for that, and CRM for this, and an email for that can be very time consuming and overwhelming. But if you just log into one
platform to do everything, that’s where the ticket is and that’s where you can grow your business. And also a platform that offers talent to help you do these things ’cause you only have so many hours in the day. So take a look for something like that. Marketing 360 is a great
solution as well so take a look at Marketing 360. Maybe it’s the perfect ticket to help grow your business. At the end of the day
thanks for watching it. Share it. Enjoy the video. If you have people that you think might find this content interesting, definitely share it
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