Let’s face it, most of us would like to
look good, have the body of a sculptured Adonis, without having to constantly diet and spend
three hours in the gym every day. We don’t all have the cash to be told how
to work out by a rather strict personal trainer, and who on Earth wants to go under the knife
and have their belly fat suctioned out and then have a surgical six-pack made. We want the best results with the least amount
of effort, and today we are going to tell you how that’s done. 14. Don’t work out first thing
While we might admire people that wake up early and start doing their exercise routine,
there is quite a bit of evidence that tells us that this is not a good thing at all. Your muscles and joints according to most
health sources are just not ready. You need to warm up first, and so make sure
you’ve walked around a bit before you work out. As for eating something before you exercise,
well, that’s a debate still raging. Some experts say if you want to burn more
fat, work out before you eat. Then again, the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics
tells us it’s better to have a small snack. The best kind of meal for an energy boost
in the morning would contain simple carbs, such as a bowl of yoghurt and some fruit. 13. Couch potato work out
If you seriously don’t want to leave your house and go to the gym, then use your house
to get fit. You can do dips on your couch or tables or
chairs, and just a few of these once or twice a day will work out your triceps. We assure you, it won’t take long to see
a difference. Add to that one plank a day in the comfort
of your room. Start with just a few seconds and build up
to a minute. Most of the experts out there will tell us
that a minute is a decent plank time. This will make a huge difference to your stomach
muscles. When you are in the kitchen, simply lunge
now and again while waiting for something to cook. If you can’t do that, you can go down on
your heels with a straight back. Put the weight mostly on your back heels. This is called a squat. If you are feeling super fit, jump up at the
end of it. You could also do a burpee in your room, and
these are great for your body. Just these simple exercises you can do while
watching TV and waiting for the kettle to boil can make a profound difference to your
body. You really don’t need the gym to get in
shape, nor do you have to buy the 20-minute hellish workout videos. 12. Put pressure on yourself
How many of you have said, “Ok, tomorrow I am definitely starting my workout routine.” You know what happens next, you wake up and
the person the night before who was determined to get fit no longer exists. You say, hmm, ok, maybe I’ll start tomorrow. Tomorrow never comes, as the saying goes. Well, the fitness experts have a kind of hack
for this. They say pack your workout gear into a bag
the night before. Put that bag close to the house or apartment
door or even in your car. If you’ve gone to that much effort you will
likely work out. Taking all the stuff out of the bag is an
effort in itself and it will make you feel like a very lazy person. 11. But not that much pressure
According to the health experts a lot of people don’t even start working out because it
just looks like too much work. Well, then don’t make it too hard. Start your routine if you want as 5-minute
work outs, not one long session that almost kills you. If you start with a difficult work out like
that, it’s likely you won’t go back. Something is better than nothing. Go easy on yourself. When you are watching the TV in the room maybe
plank for 10 seconds. Trust us, this is better than nothing at all. We know it’s not something you’ll often
hear from those great motivators of mankind, but set the bar low if you aren’t used to
working out. 10. Create a rewards system
There should always be a pay-off for working out, whether that’s how it affects your
body, or perhaps what you can put into your body. Get into the habit of rewarding yourself for
what you do. 10 press-ups in the living room is a job well
done, now you can start playing that video game or give yourself a snack. When you start doing this you will actually
feel guilty if you don’t work out before you can eat or relax. Maybe if you go to the gym, do something enjoyable
after each session. When you do this your brain starts to relate
the gym with that blissful activity, and you will go back again. 9. Leave things around the house
Even if you don’t have a routine at all, just buy some dumbbells and perhaps some kettlebells
and leave them in the bedroom, kitchen, living room, garden, etc. It’s very likely that when you see them
you’ll occasionally pick them up. 8. Just don’t eat for a while
Intermittent fasting is the great lazy person’s diet. It really takes no effort. In fact, it’s easier than actually eating
because you don’t have to cook, or even move. Many studies these days will show you that
intermittent fasting will make most people lose weight. Other studies show that it can have health
benefits. Start with a 16-hour fast, which means only
eating in the evening and then eating around midday the next day. Reading forums about this, a lot of people
said once they’d done it one time it was easy and they kept doing it. Many people said they also felt mentally agile
as well as physically good. You can also do 18 hour or 24 hour fasts. It’s not bad for your health, but best if
you are in good health before you fast. If you have health problems talk to your doctor
about fasting before trying it. Also, make sure you drink water throughout
the fast. 7. Listen
Listen to a podcast or an audiobook while you’re exercising and tell yourself you
can only listen to it when you are exercising. If it’s interesting you will want to go
back to it, and so you will have to do more exercise. 6. Treat exercise like a drinking game
You can do this with your friends. You all know the drinking game in which you
must drink when someone on the TV does something or says something. Yes, it can get you quite drunk. Well, do the same but change drinking to say,
push-ups or sit-ups. Maybe you are watching a movie with your friend
and you split characters in that movie. Every time character A does this your friend
must do 5 push-ups, and every time character B does this, you must do some exercise. It’s fun, and it’s great seeing your buddy
sweat it out. You can also do it alone, but it’s not as
much fun. 5. More playing
But what if you don’t like doing much but playing video games and watching YouTube videos? Then get yourself an exercise bike and do
your playing and watching while on that bike. In fact, it’s said with games the more intense
it gets you will actually peddle faster. You won’t even know you’re working out,
burning tons of calories, and getting fit. 4. Don’t join a gym or get a personal trainer
Yep, you won’t often hear this. Basically, the gym costs money and personal
trainers cost a fortune. You’ve been thinking about both for a while
now, but hey, save yourself some money. Do the workouts at home or in the street and
then pay yourself the cash you have saved. 3. Brothers in arms
Anyone who’s taken up exercise will tell you this. Start doing your routine with another person
who is about as good as you. None of you will want to let the other down,
and you might also start to get a bit competitive – which is good. Having another person around will motivate
you. On those days you just can’t be bothered
they will be the boost you need. 2. Make the house a great big circuit
This means every time you go in a certain room you have to do a certain exercise. You might try and avoid the kitchen because
it’s there that you have to do a number of squats. Maybe just start with one squat. The bedroom is the part of the circuit that
you have to do a push up, or a number of push-ups. The living room is where you do your planking
of course because as we said, planking and the TV go hand-in-hand. Do your lunges in another room. This might sound like hard work, but when
you’ve done it once, it just becomes a habit. As we said before too, set the bar low. Do what is easy for you at first and build
up. Soon enough you’ll start feeling proud when
you have made progress. Rome wasn’t built in a day. 1. Look good
Invest a decent amount of money in what you wear at the gym. This will motivate you to actually wear that
stuff and when you do wear it you’ll feel good. You need to enjoy wearing the gear. Another thing, let’s face it, many people
work out because they want to look attractive to people. Nice clothes will already make you look good,
and the more working out you do the better those clothes will look. Spend an amount of money on those clothes
that you really feel you must use them. Once you are at the gym or the running track
you may end up having a crush on someone, and we can tell you from experience that this
is the greatest motivator of all time. If you are dressed well you’ll feel confident
in front of this person and you’ll want to keep seeing them. This will mean you have to keep working out. And hey, if you ever start a relationship
with them, you have a workout partner. Beats meeting someone in a bar and having
a drinking partner. We know you must be able to add something
to this list, so please add away. Would you be interested in doing some things
we have talked about? Tell us in the comments. Also, be sure to check out our I Did 30 Push-Ups
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