in continuing this theme talking about
fitness as we are just about a week exactly from your show talk to the
people about the misconceptions that they normally have with business talk
about show for now show is next Saturday September 14th 2019 for Coliseum we have
bodybuilding King figure Minzy Minzy classification we have long different
nations something that may get other people I turned it may be these
interesting things just getting fit motivate but one of the misconceptions
about Fitness’s you see all these different image to sweat bands lose
weight jeans and target one body part learn sweat band will not help you
reduce you Asia it was Mickey sweat it’s different weight loss but to lose body
fat takes do things exercising burn enough calories and changing their
eating habits another misconception is that you can go from 40 percent body fat
over 100 pounds or 80 pounds the hottest shape and get down to back to what you
20 was only fit the most fit it takes time you can get back there but you
gotta be willing the best time this the nutrition and the exercise for
consistent basis for a certain amount of time and another thing is they’re
thinking about losing the weight around their waist lines they think it can you
target weight you can’t target weight those but if you have no body fat in one
area to another you have to one the best of time to lose
weight even after somebody farts I keep going down anyway giving itself not
necessarily going down weight but keep losing body fat over the period of time
and the best of that part would be down outside but you’ve got to be willing to
make just a lifestyle something that you wanna change and only because you didn’t
get on shaking and day you want your ninja so hopefully you like the content
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