Instagram is full of “ℂ𝕠𝕞𝕖𝕕𝕚𝕒𝕟𝕤” what happens when you combine, instagram comedy, with the world of personal fitness (result : pure cancer) I, an incredibly fit and athletic individual, wanted to find out more. and all my research has pointed to RAYDIAZ. a man so fonny, he can end world hunger with just a s m i l e 🙂 [COFFEE BREAK] but first guys, *claps* *inhales* *King Crimsons*REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE I’m selling brand new 👖merch👖 [off screen playground jargon] DUDE, SHUT UUUP– i’m selling merch with epic designs like these: that would make ANY family member completely disappointed in you. Uh, What are you wearing today? I’m wearing a [clearly disappointed] Very nice! Very formal! there’s no middleman we’re packing and selling all of these entirely on our own, uh it’s quite hectic and really overwhelming but we just wanted to give it a shot in their own and see how it went and every single purchase gets a Certified Kiss™ from me *smeuch* some of the designs as well are limited time only, once they’re sold out they’ve gone forever so, be sure to check out the link down below. it’s really intimidating to doing all the merch in-house, but Hopefully you guys all love it. Please do buy some! if you don’t I’m– I’m literally going to go broke. I PUT SO MUCH MONEY INTO THIS, GUYS– [TRANSITION NOISES] So back to RAYDIAZ, we know he’s an 𝐼𝓃𝓈𝓉𝒶𝑔𝓇𝒶𝓂 𝒞𝑜𝓂𝑒𝒹𝒾𝒶𝓃… What kind of content does he make? [MUSIC, ABDOMINALS] AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA MY EYES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOOOOOO- Wha– wait, what did you say? that wasn’t funny?? :0 that was just a guy flexing his muscles and self-promoting? Alright, alright, Uh, Let’s try another one [SPIDER] ADIDAS: Augh! What the hell was that…? SPIDERED MAN: That was me! -whut? SPIDERED MAN: I bit cha!! I’m human now, right? ADIAZ: No! you’re a spider SPIDERED MAN: If I’m not human then that means– *webb* – OUGH! ????????? SPIDERED MAN: But it ain’t all about the looks, Pete! *flipp* I’ll see you tryna save ALL the bitches! I GET TO SAVE THE WORLD??1??!! Hey, do you hear anybody askin’ for help? 🦅 [LADY SCREAMING] Help me!! Freeze! ( ・・) ( ・・) ( ꒪Д꒪) ( ꒪Д꒪) Tha– That wasn’t funny either…! Then, Why is he labeled as a comedian?? RAYDIAZ is a person whose entire career is based on Instagram. in 2019 saying your career is based off Instagram… …is kinda like saying your entire career is based in the Ass-Crack Kingdom. the ONLY benefit of RAYDIAZ being on Instagram, is that he doesn’t come over to YouTube and steal all my views. ~Eyteeyn Pluss Adviysed~ now Ray advises in the bio that you have to be 18 or over to watch his content, I originally thought maybe it’s because some of the contents a bit more suggestive or sexual, but Honestly coming to think of it, I think you need to be 18 to have the MASSIVE BRAIN required to understand his very… advanced form of comedy. That comedy being him doing unfunny skits, and continuously flexing his muscles for no reason [💪💪💪💪💪, 💪💪💪💪] Thank you Ray… thank you for showing us your Big Big Muscles™ now Ray, I do have to admit, I’m definitely am more ripped than you. I go to the gym 9️⃣ times a week. I will cheat you out. I actually have bigger muscles, but I do try to hide them 𝖂𝕰𝖂𝕰𝖂𝕰𝕬𝕰𝕰𝕰𝖂𝕰𝕰 void That came from NO bicep curls OR steroids. [MUSIC, STERIOD PROMOTION] Wait was that God Church merch?? that AIDS trend that jake paul started? He’s wearing a God Church hoodie, in 2019 this is the part where I, like, I go back and I go: 啊 you know, I do a funny scream That’s a bit overdone. I’ve seen a lot of you meme that so, uh, Together, we’re gonna have a collective sigh of disappointment for RAYDIAZ. Are you ready? HUUUUGGHHHGHH– So many of these videos are just him flexing he’ll be doing something, and then he’ll be shirtless. [🏀] [??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????] [🏀] Tag 3 friends and comment #raydiaz #monday Yeh guys when you watch this video be sure to comment #pyrocynical, and then the day you’re watching the video, because I am SO DUMB, I can’t tell what day it is 🙁 one thing I love about RADIOS uh, like most commentary channels, He latches on to trends like a fvulking leech. He tried leeching onto The Egg Instagram picture, I dunno if you guys remember that meme like the most liked picture on Instagram, They can all rot, I don’t care. ¯_(ツ)_/¯ You could see– you could see here him, uh, Comparing himself to the egg… #10 year challenge, So he went from a man of the Venezuelian local gang to an egg *asthma* It’s actually just hit me like right now You know how… sperm works like one in millions of chances of you being who you are? You being born on someone else? Why did so many rebterds make it…? back on topic, uh, let’s put the existentialism back in the corner, I’ll probably address it later in some therapy session… You’ve also got a picture of Rayb doing the inevitable “This was me before~” “This is me now~” “I had such a glow up, you guys!” One thing I despise about these comparison pictures you compare a Hyper Edited, Well-Lit Photoshopped, 4K image, To some dirty-ass shed and a disposable camera Like if your younger self got the treatment in photo production, that this picture got, you would probably look nearly about the same BALD DUDE: This specific client is… not your typical sober companion type of client. ADIRAZ: I wanna see your 🐓. HAIRED DUDE: …I can handle it RAYDIDA: Look at you… You’re 45 years old…! I did a bit more digging, and it seems that Ray’s partnered with the Zeus Network… I have no idea who they are. So I went on THEIR Instagram page, to check out what kind of people Ray is hanging out with. [AUDIBLE DISDAIN] -Hell no! -Why the fubc ya’ll both come with this bfch here dressed with ya’ll fubk (???) [LAUGHTER] -What is you wearing dude? [BUFFERING] -Well, do you know what? I’m just gonna do what I do best, then! Look! -What’s that? [PUNCHLINE] [LAUGH.] [I SAID LAUGH.] Most of his videos are just him flexing to his friends, but in this video, it seems a bit more ironic, but Unfortunately, it’s not ironic enough I love I purposely points off at the ceiling, so you can like see his tattoo in its full form. Like, thank you man! Now, I really can’t take much more RAIBDIAZ on my own, I feel that my brain is literally rotting in my skull. So, I’m gonna bring along some of my Mentally Insane™ friends to come and help me react to him. *clap* I say something, they say something. We have the funny haha. You hopefully don’t skip the mid-roll ads. PYRO: Is he T-Posing? “He is!” “Great thing is that he learned how to give the kisses.” “He can’t… he can’t get salmonella…” “Ryan, what state are you in?” “connecticut” “Highest rate of depression?” RYAN:Oh, yeah! Heroin became a huge issue in my state recently… Ȧ̶͔̘̰̙̜̝̲̳̦̇̚͠W̴͉̠̟͍͔̞̽̀̋̂̍W̴̠̏̇̃͗̊̈́̓̚͘͝W̶̟͍̻̪̣̥̐͌̒́̏͂̚͠E̵͓͊̎͒͌̔̄̓̚Ë̶̻̮̬̖͕̭͖͖̀́E̸͙̝̱͓͖̯͊̓̈S̵̬̬̙̤̑̽͒̀͛̓̐Õ̵̡̨̧̰̺̪̖̭͈͗̀̓̑͐̔̒͌̃M̷̛̻̒͋̓͋̍̽̉͆͐E̵͔̒̎̀͑̀͠ PYRO: Awesome– [LAUGHTER] So, I want to introduce you guys to: This is RAYDIAZ, He is a very funny Instagram comedian man. He basically came to fame after saying this: Ho M eR S iMpSo n. 8D He’s incredibly fit, healthy and alive, as you can see… from this video here. MATT: He looks like the expansion to, ehh, some of DLC pack of The Sims.” ᵀʰᵃⁿᵏ ʸᵒᵘ ᴹᵃᵗᵗ RYAN: OHHH, the Dab. *clap* Hell yeah. [PYROCHORTLING] Wait, was there a dab? RYAN: Yeah, there was a dab! Did you not see it? Rrrrright there *wheeze* [STALE MEMES BASS BOOSTED] “Why????” cuz he’s EPIC!! BOOUT. More importantly, RAYDIAZ does Instagram comedy. RYAN: [ANGUISH] Now the thing is about most Instagram comedians. They have to be relateable, right? So this is a pretty relatable video here: “College Life be Like” BRO 1: YO WHAT YOU MAKIN’, SMEGGS? BRO 2: Oh, oh. It’s just a little white rice. BRO 1: With what else?<:0 bro oh no- nothing else. : did u guys find that funny the punchline its bazinga. it needs at very end is: homer simpson. if it- you just replace soundtrack with him saying bazinga over and would actually be more funny. i love comments as well like every single person has to have a crying emoji. tag people in college life without fred the- third movie came out there no lucas. okay let try another one. blow my brains out. this not even fbgking tank top. literally like-- bib... fgubing bib.. gotta show muscles somehow so they captured one: girls. man got nothin wait bobby-- getting depressed by trying caption these awful jokes. could get my-- grandma wrong bro. wait. tep know perfect gurl. ain gurls.>:3 -Oh yeah? Watch. [DOORBELL] -AI -hEI -sIS? -bRO?? -I told you I got girls! [HOMEBOY VIOLENCE] [UNINTELLIGIBLE] I really want to follow him guys, I dunno. I’ve got this big inclination to follow him for more content. I wanted the part where: RAYDIAZ’ Venezuelan great-grandfather storms in with a 12-gauge shotgun and executes all of them kneecaps first. *gunn* “There was a bit where he was texting his grandmother… He wasn’t getting any reply so we can all just assume she probably died like two weeks ago.” “That’s your reply. I know it. I know it.” I love the comment: “bruh, I’m the one in the black hoodies”. It’s like, t-this is the intelligence of his fanbase. wait… bro……. He wore a black hoodie………… I have a black hoodie in my wardrobe!! [MINDBRUHED] MATT: The better joke right now is your entire channel now. :/ Ryan, Can you kick Matthew out the group please? MATT: No, you can’t not! No! I’M MAKING THE VIDEO– RYAN: and there it is. PYRO: Thank u man. Justice. RYAN: My thought was, One: Where was the uhh… the– [PLUNK] RYAN: Sound effect with all the Sharks? PYRO: That is like, on his grave when he’s dead and rotten. “i was the first Instagram comedian to not use the thud sound effect” RADIDAS: ??? -OH, HEY, RAY! HAVE U MET MY GURL? -babe? :0 [THAT LADY HAS NICE SHOES.] [RECORD SCREECH] -GeEt OuT MATT, RESPAWNED: All of these…. All of these videos include like, a woman and like, someone’s stealing: yo girl. RYAN: That’s Instagram comedy! PYRO: Matthew are you criticizing RABIZDIAS? RYAN: OHHH, I’M SO SORRY, I DIDN’T MEME TO… RYAN: DUDE, I– HE PUT #saturday AND #comedy IN THAT! If he put’s comedy as a hashtag then that means— Right boys, conclusions? What’ja’think? MATT: I think– I think after watching those examples. I’ve come to a very concise… con– uh– Conclusion that a Nobel Peace Prize is deserved where it’s due. PYRO: Yeah, I agree with that. What about you, Ryan? RYAN: My final thought is uhh: Homer Simpson. PYRO: Thank you, man. Fu– Thank you all for watching my loyal subscribers! you guys mean the world to me! you guys you guys you guys… [MEANWHILE, I THE SUBTITLIST, INVITE YOU TO JOIN THE HOLY CIRCLE OF FORTITUDE. IT IS NOT A CULT. TOGETHER WE WILL SUMMON THE DEMON ARMY TO THE MORTAL REALM WHERE IT WOULD WIPE THIS WORLD CLEAN LIKE A DINNER PLATE.] [THE TIME IS NOW. GIVE ME YOUR BLOOD.] [I WILL DRINK YOUR BLOOD.] U GUYS please buy the merch plea– it’s so good look– there’s a design on the back! :0 It’s so epic! It’s gre– I lOvE mY mErCh. i LoVe My MeRcH sO mUcH. idk what to put here lol ¯_(ツ)_/¯ Number 15: The Hacker [DEAD GRIPS]