– Today I am at Yoga D&A, getting ready to do some pole dancing. Never done this before but I always thought it
was super fun and sexy. Woo! I hope my mom and dad is
not watching this episode. Okay! Stay tuned. This is my amazing
trainer for the day Nina. I just want to tell you I always had like tremendous
amount of respect for women who do pole dancing because
it’s not as easy as it looks. – [Nina] It’s not, no. – Right, so are you going
to take it easy on me? – You’re going to have a great time! – All right. – [Nina] It’s beginner level
one its all about having fun. – Good. – And just enjoy ourselves. – Perfect. – So go ahead and take a nice wide stance. Your legs are going to
be nice and straight. – Okay. – Take a deep breath in
and reach up to the sky. – All right.
– Elongate your body. And exhale forward, fold all the way down, bend your knees and roll
it up nice and slow. – I’m feeling a little sexy
already with the warm-up. – Good, I’m glad. That was the intention. – Okay, alright. So it’s a lot of shoulder work guys. – [Nina] Lot’s of shoulder work. – Alright. Another upper body day. – [Nina] Nice straddle. That looks good!
– Thank you! – [Nina] Good. – You know a little – [Nina] All right,
roll those hips forward. Think about tilting your
pelvis down to the floor. – Oh yeah!
– Very nice! – That’s what I’m thinking about. – [Nina] Good. Were going to send our hips back! Roll it back just like that. – Feels good guys. All right guys so we just
got done with the warm-up. Nina said it’s about to get real now. – This is called a shoulder roll. – You know what. – And its, no, no, no, it
looks scary as anything. It’s not, you’re fine, you’re fine. – Sis. – You’re going to have
your hands by your hips, and you push your hips
and feet up to the sky. Exactly. Right hand, right butt. – [Capricurves] Right there. – Left hand pushes. – [Capricurves] Left hand pushes. – Look right. Drop the right knee. Push, push, push, push. Reposition and up. And I am going to come
around and help you. – Okay. – [Nina] You’re looking good. Look to the right more. – Look to the right. – Drop the knee, drop your knee. Push, push , push, push
, push , push and… – Woo!
– We’re up. Good job. Keep in mind your hair. When you come up you want to. – Pop! – [Nina] There you go. Good job. That’s the hard part. – That was the hard part? – That’s the hard part. – Mm hm, we about to find out okay. – Moving on to the fun stuff. Your going to grab the
pole about chest level. Hips back, kind of like
you’re water skiing. You want to bend your knees. Your left leg is going to come back. Keep a soft bend in that standing leg. You’re going to swing it
around and step, and step. – All right so we’re here. – Yes.
– Out. – Good. – And then Elongate, step And step. – Nice! – Something like that? – Exactly like that.
– A lil something like that. – I’ll call the whole thing out but this is what it’s going to look like. And you are going to come
all the way down like so. – Nina, all right. – You got this. – [Capricurves] All right, all right. – Extend those arms, yes. Take a big circle, circle, circle, and lift the other leg to meet. You got this. – Don’t think to hard.
– I am still stuck right here. I am still stuck right here guys. – Please help! – Your going to try to
kick me the whole way so. Out, out, out, there it is. All right we’re going to take a big, listen to me, we’re going to do circle, circle, circle, and then lift, ready? – Circle, circle.
– Ready? – Okay.
– Circle, circle, circle, and lift. Okay. Circle , circle, circle, and lift. – I tried, I tried my, it’s much harder than it looks guys I promise, I promise. – This is called a Crazy Diamond Spin. You’re going to look
behind your right shoulder. – Okay. – And you’re going to fall
back, back, back, back, back. And your going to feel the pole
touch the back of your knee. – I am? – And yeah you are.
– Okay, all right. – Extend that leg out, out, out. Good, fall backwards, look over, yup. – Fall backwards, look over here.
– Back, back, back, back. Oh yeah, you just got to let go. You got it you just got to let go. All right now.
– Do your hands, your hands? – Yes. – Both, one hand lets go? – No I mean let go emotionally. – Ah, okay. I am not letting go. – Go, go, go, keep it out, try to kick me. Kick me, good, good, lift! Yes! Congratulations, oh my gosh. How’d that feel? – Good.
– Good! – It feels good to get it finally. – Mm hm. – Good!
– It’s super hard but I did it. You got to keep going. – Keep your knees nice and wide so you can keep it open, open, open. – Okay. – You were closed which is totally fine. – Okay. – But if you want to add a little pizzazz. Here we go, here we go,
here we go, here we go. Yes, oh yes! – Hey guys so we just finished
up with the pole dancing. We’re about to get into our freestyle. My girl Nina back there getting it. And I’ma follow her lead. I ain’t doing all that but
I’ma follow what I can do. All right, so let’s do it! Hey guys it’s Capricurves. You just watched another episode
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