– What if you took what you
thought a hotel should be
and made it what it could be,transforming every space
into a living laboratory?
It’s actual guests
who experience the innovations
and help decide what works
and what doesn’t.
to Marriott Hotels’ M Beta–
an experimental hotel
of the future
now taking reservations.[upbeat music]♪ ♪Hey, guys, if you know me,
you know that I love fitness. So that’s why I’m super excited
to check out the Charlotte Marriott
City Center’s M Beta project. Now, I have been told that they
have this killer fitness center, something that you’ve really
never seen in a hotel before. So come on, let’s go get it.♪ ♪Here it is.♪ ♪First impression–
this setup seems light-years
ahead of the normal hotel gym.But there’s so much here.
I’ve got to get the full tour.
My new pal,
fitness host Steve Perham,
begins with
the Flex Fitness Center’s
on-demand workouts.– You simply hit
the “start a class” button, and you have your different
categories of cardio…– I’m looking at hundreds
of fitness classes
ready to go
at the touch of a button.
– It tells you a synopsis
about it, your target areas, what you need
for equipment.– Steve moves on to all kinds
of different zones–
one with free weights…– Right here we’ve got these
awesome kettlebells. Now, I’m a kettlebell guy.
– Oh, yeah, I can tell here. I can tell. I can tell
right there, right there. He’s like,
“I’m a kettlebell guy.”One with a full array of
strength-training machines…
– It’s for all
your upper body.– And then
there’s specialized stuff
you almost never see
in a hotel gym,
like suspension
training bands.
Got it?
– You’re in. You’re in.– And even
an adjustable platform
for planks and box jumps.– That’s a little high.
– I can do it, actually. – You want to give it a shot?
– I got hops. – All right, let’s see–
Give me a hop or two. – You want to see it?
Here we go. Oh. – Brian,
that’s impressive, man. – You like that?
– That was good.[mellow music]– Marriott Hotels
clearly went all-in here.
To find out why,
I turn to Jennifer Hsieh–
one of the innovators
who knows the inspiration
behind the creation.– We know for a fact 70%
of our guests say that fitness is an important part
of their everyday lives. What we wanted to do
was enable our guests to be able to sync their own
personal preferences and devices from whatever app they’re using
to our equipment so they can track
what they’ve run and what
they’ve accomplished.– As a guy who’s big
on technology and fitness,
this is all music to my ears,but I know I’m not the norm.– I work out
one to two times a week. Every time I travel,
I pack my sneakers, in the hopes
that they will come out. So what we did was we said, “What would help that person
get motivated?”– Which explains not just the
state-of-the-art technology,
but the great atmosphere–the airy windows
and soft lighting,
the air filtering
with aromatherapy,
and even partnerships
with local fitness studios.
But there’s one feature that
I’ve just got to get back to.
So you know
I had to come back to the on-demand fitness
exercises. And this is way more fun
with friends, so Hannah is gonna
join me today. Are you good with this?
– I’m ready. You ready?
Okay, let’s check this out. I’m gonna ask for your help. We’re gonna start off
with this class. What are you thinking today?
What do you want to get into? – Let’s do something
with cardio and weights. Sculpt with dumbbells–
let’s try that. – We just need
exercise mats, dumbbells. Let’s got get those
before we hop in there, okay? – All right, let’s do it.♪ ♪Ooh, feel the burn. – Oh, come on, no, no. Get it. I hate this lady.
– [laughs] – She’s trying to make
my thighs fall off. [laughs]
– Nice job. Here… – I’m good. I’m good.
I’m good. I’m good. I’m good.That was a workout.But again, you don’t have
to do it all in the hotel.
In one
of the M Beta experiments,
they found a way
to make the fitness experience
a Charlotte experience.♪ ♪On this big screen here,
we have run routes, and they show you
a list of places that you can either run
or bike. I’m gonna pick
the Freedom Park and Back. And then what we got here is
the ability to send it from here to my phone. All right,
we have this text message, and this link is gonna take
the map that we see here and pop it right on my phone. All right, there it is–
Freedom Park and Back. Let’s go.♪ ♪This route takes meby some of the must-see sights
in Charlotte.
I’m getting to know the city.And you know what?
I like it.
[exhales sharply]
All right. I just finished the course. I got a really great sense
of the fitness center. So let’s check out
what the guests are saying.Using little devices
called Beta Buttons,
guests get to weigh in
on the innovations they like.
And for fitness, the count
gives a strong showing,
the Flex Fitness Center
is on the right track.Click the video for moreon Marriott Hotels’