– In this episode – Welcome to the show.
– Welcome to the show. – [Staphon] We’ll take it. – [Gary] The #AskGaryVee Show – Hey everybody,
this is Gary Vay-ner-chuk and this is episode 203
of The #AskGaryVee Show. Before we get into the lovely
guests and the one that’s going to come at some point during the
show but I gotta get running. We gotta get into it, I want
to talk about my black eye. Get in here Staphon, yes,
this morning I got a black eye. I took a huge elbow from
Ben on our media team. He was on my team. He was like defending it
it was really devastating but I kind of like it. It makes you feel
little bit tougher. And I’m excited about that. Today we’re doing a fitness
entrepreneur oriented show. We have two faces that you might
have noticed and a new face with us will start with a
lovely ladies first. Nat, why don’t you tell the
Vayner Nation who you are, what this is, what you
do, where you’re from. You get 18 seconds.
– Oh, my God 18 seconds. Natalie Jill. – You’ve got more
than 18, go. – Natalie Jill and I simplify
fitness and nutrition. I make it easier for
people that are busy. Everyone’s busy, my gosh. Showing people how to– – Not everybody can
just hire a full-time guy? – It would be amazing
if we could all have someone follow us around. So many people they
can’t get to the gym. They don’t have time. They’ve got kids.
They’ve got a job. They got a lot going on and I
think people get overwhelmed and give up–
– Yep. – a lot because they think well
I don’t have an hour and a half at the gym and I
don’t have a chef– – Do you think that’s
a bullshit excuse? Nobody is busier than me
and I think that I fixed it now I fixed it financially but
it was really a mental shift. I’m sure that anybody who’s
watching right now that claims they’re too busy to work out if
you audited their day, there’s no way in the 12 to 18 hours
that they’re awake or whatever how a person roles that they
didn’t waste an hour somehow. – I agree with that however
I think it’s always a decision. People have to decide
is a priority to them. As soon as you decide it’s
a priority, you find a way. – Agreed for example, never in
my life even the busiest and family and weddings and births
did I ever miss a play of a Jets game because I prioritized it.
– Yeah. Totally. I say it’s like brushing
your teeth every morning. – I totally agree. – Hope most people brush
their teeth in the morning. – Mike doesn’t.
That’s a good segue Mike. – Brush my teeth?
– I’m kidding. So before we get into Mike,
which I think more of them know, where did you grow up? How did you get into this? – I grew up in DC but I’m a
California girl at heart and that is where I am now. I actually was in corporate
America hustling in corporate for years and years.
– Doing what? – Doing dental implants.
Isn’t that exciting? – It’s exciting
as anything else. – It’s very exciting. – I think it’s more exciting
than being an accountant. Sorry. – I was a sales director for
a dental implant company but fitness and nutrition was my
passion and it wasn’t I was in– – You guys are allowed to laugh. This is not like fucking like,
you’re more than welcome to laugh, don’t worry. Alright. (laughter) Your homies are
allowed to laugh. – Fitness and nutrition was
always my passion but it wasn’t until I hit my own
personal rock bottom. – Yes. – Divorced, financial hardship,
gained a lot of weight, mess of a life.
– Yep. – That I had to decide, like you
said, I had to make a decision that I needed to get myself
back on track so I made this a priority to learn more about
fitness and nutrition and in changing my own self and sharing
it on social media which at the time I had no
social media following. I had my 100 high
school friends. – Yep.
– Sharing what I was doing– – And you do that where?
On Facebook? – On Facebook with
my personal friends. – On my personal Facebook, yeah. – Just sharing what I was going
through and my food what I was doing it started to
attract a lot of interest. – Let’s stop right
here, right now. The amount of you that
are like “What I do?” Yesterday I give a little quick
talk when I landed from San Diego and I went
three people went “But I don’t have
any followers.” And I’m like “Content.”
– Totally. – And they’re like, “What?” I’m like, “Yeah. Content.” And by the way, either you’re
good enough or you’re not. There’s 1 million, there’s 1
million Natalie’s that have shared their journey
and nobody gave a shit. – No. – Their high school
hundred friends didn’t care. It was boring.
You did a bad job. The picture was stupid.
You weren’t funny. You weren’t interesting.
It’s the meritocracy. Content and anybody can say well
there’s a Facebook algorithm and you’ve already got a
lot, I had zero, too. – No, I had nothing.
– I had zero too. – I shared Blackberry
photos of my food. But it was interesting to people
and they saw my body changing and I being the true
salesperson deep down– – Sure.
– people were interested. I made an initial e-book.
– Let’s stop there as well. I also had nobody but I
was also a true salesman. And then my wine
content did well. There was an understanding of
what people were going to react to and buy into whether they’re
paying for it whether they’re buying in with their
time and attention. – Yeah.
– Is what matters. If you’re a great artist. Tough luck that your picture is
so beautiful you didn’t know how to get people to buy in. – I feel like you can’t do
anything unless you have people interested in your stuff. People come to me with a
business idea for social media but it’s like do
you have a following? Do you know people
are interested in that? Until people are actually
interested in your stuff it’s really hard to come up with your
product or what you’re trying to do there. So by me sharing my food and
then ultimately my workouts people were asking me. It was so easy to create a
product because people are saying I want more of this, I
want more of this and you’re following just grows. You know, I look my Facebook
page, I have 1.6 million and it started from 100 people.
– Yep. – It was just sharing, like
you said, genuine content. – I looked at that Facebook
account, are you concerned that at that big of a reach
the engagement’s not there. I think one of things I looked
up when we didn’t know was wow that’s a really big number but
the engagement’s not as high against the big number. Where I think this is a learning
opportunity for a lot of people was there content? To me hearing the top
line number is irrelevant. – Right.
– I know it works in the world. I’m sure you walk
around and like 1.6 and people are like holy shit.
– Totally. – I look and am like fuck that’s
not a lot of engagement for 1.6 was it contests?
Was it one singular viral post? To me it seems like something
happened in that page that the lack of engagement for such a
big numbers speaks to what I’ve seen cliché happen in the
marketplace something triggered a big following in a singular or
maybe two or three events that doesn’t then follow the depth
that I think is so important. – Sure. I think my engagement was huge
and it is on some like if live video or video my engagement’s
enormous but if I do a picture with links that does come to
learning and understanding social media and what’s going
on with the feed and paying attention to that because yeah
everyday I have something that will hit 100,000, 500,000 people
and then something that hits 30. It’s just paying
attention to that. – No, it’s the algorithm. Mike lets segue.
Who are you? – I train Gary. I’m strength coach,
I’m a writer and I’ve been following this guy around for
22 months making sure that he doesn’t eat baked goods.
(laughter) – I love it. – Now, Mike I do to get kind
of ironic that you make your official show appearance
in a world where today is my all-time lowest weight.
– Mhmmm. – So we weigh ourselves every
day and literally I think it’s– – Which wasn’t a thing from the
beginning it’s something that we tested and figured
out worked for you. – Is that true?
– Yeah. – We didn’t weigh
ourselves everyday? – No, we were doing
weekly weigh-ins. No the daily weigh-ins has
only been six or seven months. – No, it hasn’t. I looked back at the,
what do we use, Withings? – Yeah, we didn’t
get the scale until– – No, no I think it
goes further back. I’ll check. Oh no,
we’re charging my phone. Anyway, fine. – You do weigh in every day?
– What’s that? – Like everyday?
– I weigh myself every day. – Okay. It keeps me in check. – It’s an accountability thing. – No question, no question if
I didn’t I would cheat more. – Okay. – And every time I weigh more I’m
always like because I did eat a piece of bread that I shouldn’t’ve
or had a glass of wine I’m always like what am I
going to tell Mike? There’s no room to slither. – And like the scale
isn’t a perfect measure. – No, the reason I’m at my all
time lowest weight is because I played basketball for
an hour and a half today and I shed a lot of water weight. I’m probably a pound or
two heavier in reality. I’ve come to learn that too. I know that is water weight. I know the after I eat a banana
on Snapchat if I go up when weigh myself I’m like oh my God that can
be a whole pound. – You eat a lot of
bananas on Snapchat. – I do, yes. That is a thing. How is Snapchat going for you? – I’m obsessed with
Snapchat. I love it. – When’d you get
serious about it? – Probably from you when I
started watching you doing it and then I got all
my friends doing it. It’s just fun. – Wait, you have questions. – [Brittany] I do
have questions. – I forgot about
that whole part. I thought that we’re
in full interview mode. Mike a little bit more, so go
back to your back story a little and then we’ll
answer a question. You also sat in office
cubicle and you said screw this. – Yep. I went to college, I
got an accounting degree. I’ve worked a
big-box accounting firm. – I didn’t even
think about that. – I hated it. It wasn’t even then I was dying
to do fitness even though that was what I liked doing for
myself it was that I hated that so much. – Why are there coffee stains
on your ideas are shit shirt? (laughter) – I spilled this morning. – You do not like an
accountant, by the way. That wouldn’t’ve worked. – Thank you. Yeah, I wasn’t
a very good accountant. – Why’d you say thank you? You just assumed that she
said that you looked good. (laughter) – That’s what she said. Right? – Keep going. – Could be I think
accountants are hot. – Make an accountants
are hot T-shirt. We need some new t-shirts. – I’ll spill coffee on that. Quit my job, I moved to New York
City to intern for free for your previous trainer,
John Romaniello. Worked for him for a year,
started building my own brand. – You know I have to say this,
Staphon, Britt, this is really funny and this is
a passion of mine. I talk about spec work and
working for free a lot and I get a lot of pushback. “Whatever, you’re going
to sell wine for free?” No, no I paid for wine so thus I
have to sell it for something. But my own time that comes
free time is your asset. – Totally.
– You have time. – Yes.
– You took pictures. You had zero, you had time you
put in the hustle, I had time, you had time.
DRock had time. In my ecosystem you and DRock
are getting the most, and India, you guys are getting
the most attention, both did something for free. You interned for a dude for free
and DRock made a movie for free. And I’m telling you guys right
now, there so many of you that are artists, musicians
make shit for free in exchange for exposure. Exposure is opportunity. – Yeah, I agree. 95% of what I do is
free content sharing. – Let’s go fast. I gotta finish up
the show, I got to go. I gotta do Cha The God
breakfast club. Oh, video. – Jill, they’re all video.
– Jill is here. Do you know Jill?
– Yes, I do. – Hey Gary, I have
a question for you. The online fitness space
especially seems super noisy and everybody is saying the same
thing for new bloggers or for new online trainers what’s the
number one piece of advice you would give them to set
themselves apart in the marketplace? You can’t just have
a super fit body. You can’t have the top
certification anymore and even being consistent with content
doesn’t seem like enough so is there an x-factor and
I would like to know what you think that is? – I would say you have to think
who your exact audience is and’s talk specifically to them and
not worry about the number and everybody else. Who is
your exact audience? Who is a type of client you’re
trying to attract and create things like you’re talking
to one person, for them? Because that’s what’s going
to attract more people to you personally. It’s not thinking
who is the masses? Who is everybody going to want? It’s just talking to your ideal
client like it’s one person. – Mike you sell, what
is it a $400 a month? – Online coaching?
– Yes. – 350.
– 350 a month. Your business took a real
interesting turn in January when you went hard on Snapchat. – Yes.
– What has happened there? To answer that question, ’cause
I think that’s my answer to Jill which is you got to
find white space. Yes, it is harder to bust out
in fitness on Instagram in April and May 2016 than it was in
January 2013 ’cause it’s called supply and demand. It’s just supply and demand. You moved fast in an
environment on Snapchat. – Being there first. – Being there
first is real guys. – Yeah I agree. I also disagree I don’t think
people are pumping out content. I think that is the
biggest weakness. I think people are lazy.
Including myself. I haven’t posted on Instagram
in two weeks and it’s pathetic. – I don’t think that to be true. – What do you mean?
That it’s pathetic? – No, that you have not
posted something on Instagram in two weeks. – I posted yesterday
but once in two weeks. Yeah, I know you’re pissed. – I’m not pissed, I’m just
highly disappointed in you. (laughter) – That’s worse. – I’m going to eat
so much shit today. (laughter) I’m gonna gain 7 pounds
on the scale today. – I agree– – I want him to feel the
disappointment that I feel right now.
Next question. I’m disappointed. I’m let down with you Mike. – [Brittany] This
question is from Jen. – Hey Gary. My name is Jen Glysson and
I’m a private trainer out of Los Angeles and my question
to you is about branding. I currently have a
personal training business that’s thriving. I have a 12 week digital work
out guide that’s selling online and my third line of income is
going to be a studio where I’m running my signature
classes all day every day. As far as branding goes how do I
build my brand to be stronger, bigger and get more people
through the door without paying a PR company
thousands of dollars a month? – You know it’s funny ’cause cut
up my because I wanted to razz him but it’s going to be the
second theme Mike’s not wrong, he’s also a very right he just
doesn’t have the ability to talk about it because he has only
posted one thing on Instagram in two weeks so he’s a hypocrite. The answer is content. The answer is
content, content, content. How do you do? A) you got this studio thing
I think is a very good idea. I like the virtual and
real aspect just like a book. We were talking before
this started this is harder. – Yes.
– The physical than the digital. A retail store
like I grew up in. An agency, that’s even harder.
Kudos on you. It’s funny, when I was watching
the video I feel very confident that you’re going
to execute on that. What about the
content around that? I think the gym or studio
that creates “The Office” so think about DailyVee. What I think you should do is
invest money to a full-time Staphon and an editor and put
out a 20 minute show about your studio on YouTube every day. Literally people
will want to go there. People travel the world to beg
to come here to take a selfie in this room when I’m not here. Just think about that. Think about if you have a studio
where there’s a sitcom around the janitor, the front desk gals
and guy, you, you know you’ll have to blur out faces because a
lot of people may not want that but some well so you got the
regular Rick who is trying… It’s “Cheers.”
It’s literally a show. I think that would be the
number one way to brand. You don’t sell from that.
That’s brand. I don’t sell from DailyVee. I macro sell.
I don’t micro sell. – What I think is, what a lot
of people don’t realize about content too is you can shoot
content for one thing like YouTube, like you
said, like I do. I do that too. And you can take content from
that YouTube video and re-edit smaller clips for
Instagram or for Facebook. – 100%.
– Transcribe it, make a blog. – My whole world
is built on that. The show inevitably
an article from Britt. I’ll give you a good example. DailyVee 34 or 33,
with Cha Tha God? – [Staphon] 33. – 33, I put on Facebook in it’s
long form, great 50,000 views, 70,000 views.
100,000 reach. A minute, 20 second clip from an
interview Cha Tha God posted it on Facebook 15 million
organic reach 4 million views. – Yeah. – And then Quote
Cards and the quotes. – Infographics for
Pinterest from it. – 100%, 100%.
And on and on and on. The Instagram, excuse me,
I don’t have a laptop around me a lot now it’s the number one
move that I’m mad that I’m not doing Snapchatting my laptop
playing the YouTube video that I want everybody to see. – Yeah.
– It’s the micro-ing the macro. – You’re not hustling enough.
– You’re right. Let’s move it. – You need to start doing that. – I fully believe
that all times. I really believe
that by the way. I always believe there’s another
even though my latest Snapchat story has me concluding last
night at midnight and starting this morning at 5 AM.
Not enough. – You’re just going to
have to DNA clone yourself. – Respect. – [Brittany] I think
this one is more for Gary. – Good.
– [Brittany] CJ. – CJ, I’m attracted to this guy. Make him louder. One more time. I was too distracted
by his charming looks. (laughter) He’s going to be so pumped. – Hey Gary. I know you recently
made a change in your life to make a fitness more
of a priority for you, how did you choose the fitness professional
that’s coaching you? – How’d I choose Mike?
– [Brittany] Yes. – Look at this
monster walking in. – What’s up, brother? – You are beating up
everybody too much or something? – [Natalie] Hey.
– How are you doing, love? – How are you?
– Hi. – What’s up brother?
– Mike. – Alright, let’s go. – You’re looking a little
bit smaller what’s going on? – Tiny guy. – I do like you
thinning out a little bit. – I like it too man. Summertime, you know
what I mean? – Yeah I get it. Mike why don’t tell everybody
real quick who you are, actually I’ll answer the question
so we can go right into the next question.
It’s very easy. A lot of things in life
are just relationship based. Two, three years ago or 3 1/2
years ago I tried to get my health going for real I put out
to social media thinking that’s what I was going to be
accountable to, the peer pressure.
Wanna get here, my man? Good to see again.
– How’s it going? You well?
– Yeah. I thought I was going to succumb
to the peer pressure of social media to hold me accountable so
I said I need to work out John Roman who we mentioned earlier
got his community to shout me out heavily I should be a guy. Great I picked him that was my
relationship, Mike was his intern that was the relationship so
I picked my person based on relationships. Mike and I actually worked out
together unsuccessfully before we got into this for five or
six months where I worked out four times, eight times in four
months and canceled 19 times on his way to
my gym because I hadn’t made
the mental shift. So to answer the
question on relationship. Mike why don’t you tell the
Vayner Nation that didn’t see our interviews that watch
The #AskGaryVee Show only a little bit about yourself. – Sorry cough drop
try to finish it up. – Hold on. Let me
ask you a question. – What’s up, buddy? – You’re 20 minutes late and
then we get to the moment and you still can’t
answer on the spot? You got to chew something? – Still got my cough drop, man.
– Go ahead. – First of all I apologize
for being late. – No worries, go, go, go. Mike Rashid CEO of I’m So Awful, imsoawful.com supplements, the Alpha Academy. I have an
okay YouTube channel. Just opened a gym.
Iron Addicts Gym Miami. So excited about that. – Tell them about the
boxing. I like that shit. – I used a box.
– Yeah. – But what he likes even more
is that I used to tap dance. – I do like that. – Play saxophone,
piano all that good stuff. I don’t anymore. I’m a businessman.
I’m in the fitness space. I started there but I have a
huge inclination for helping people I always talk that
I live a life of service. Just like my brother right
here I give, give, give, give. When you are giving the
universe gives to you. That’s not why I give. I give because it
makes me feel really good. – And it’s an important notice. For me, I am the same way
but I’m not naïve that it brings me benefit.
I like giving because I like it. Very honestly, I like
the leverage of it. Mine’s a little bit less noble. I am starting to understand
myself in my late 30s or 40s not just from the business
leverage, just like in life. I’m an immigrant that doesn’t
like to owe anybody anything. Me and my dad have a
lot of friction on this. And actually comes from a very
noble place from both of us. Which is we don’t want
know anybody anything. So it’s weird because we have
a relationship and thus were always jockeying to not owe. I got into my family business I
legitimately did not grow that business to such a level
because I wanted money. I wanted to pay my parents back
for bringing me to America and giving me the opportunity
to help the family business. It was me paying back the
debt and making sure I had to leverage over my parents or at
least equal is really kind of how it plays out to my parents
and so that was important to me. So I understand that. – Right.
– I understand that. I think people are very confused
on its bullshit you want to give, you know what you want. Yes. Nobody’s confused. I don’t think you’re confused
that nice things happen. Whether financial or emotional.
– Right. – Which is even better but
for me it’s even a little extra tweak and I wanted to share with
you guys because I’m curious about this for me and actually
stems from I don’t want to owe you anything. I hate when
people give me stuff. – A part of me giving and doing
things for people is to tip the scale in my life
of good and bad. You know what I’m saying?
– Yes. – I made a lot of
mistakes in the past. I own it, I’ve dealt with it,
I have atoned for it but I still want to do, do, do.
– Sure. – Just the other day we go
and do things for the homeless often. Recently we started recording
it and putting it out there. – Yep. – And I had somebody hop on
Instagram and say well who is better: the guy who does
this in secrecy or the guy that stands on on the
soapbox and tell anybody? I was actually asshole it
doesn’t matter who is better. What matters is
people are getting fed. You know what I’m saying? Even if I was doing it for vain
reasons, which I’m not, people are getting fed and
that’s what’s most important. – No, I get it man. – However, I love it because one
night me and the crew just went out. The next night I told people
on Snap these people don’t even care about the food
they’re fucking thirsty. They need water. So if you all want to come
help bring water, Gatorade 11:30 meet me at the gym. – Tons of people.
– [Natalie] Yeah. – Man, it was like
15, 20 cars deep. So much water, so
much Gatorade– – Once you have attention,
and once you fulfill yourself that’s the key. I tell a lot of young
entrepreneurs, a lot of young entrepreneurs right now coming
out and they want to start NGOs from the get. And I’m like cool as long as
you’re honest with yourself that you’re not doing it because
you want position yourself as a noble person in society. It’s because you feel fulfilled
already because the only way you can give is once you have. The reason why give away all of
my shit for free in a business environment is because I’m good. I’m good enough I’m fulfilled
and I don’t need to give it and something in return. Do things happen?
Do people buy books? Yes, things happen. But once your energy is in that
right place and so many of you are doing things tactically that
you think work but you haven’t fixed the way you feel
about yourself yet to have that foundation to go. It’s funny I said this to you
yesterday, Britt I think, I have to write this article it’s
called “I’ve already won.” I’ve already won because if I do
something, a book, a business, a show if it works, well I’ve won. It worked. People care.
I won. If I lose, I’ve won
because I love losing. Because I think it is fair.
It is motivating. It makes me want to climb.
I like the bottom. You were telling your story you
couldn’t even imagine my brain saying yeah. Rock-bottom.
Divorce, no money. More weight than
I’ve ever been before. That’s when you looked
in the mirror it’s all the same Rocky movie. All I want to do is take logs
and run through fucking snow. – Exactly, exactly. – One quick lesson,
I’m live on the radio. There’s two more. – [Brittany] I have one for you
guys and then we can talk after and do the thing with
the Snapchat influencers. – [Gary] We have
one more question? – One more
question for all of you. – But can I go actually? – [Brittany] You
want to go right now? – Yeah, I’m going to hug it out. I’m going to be late
and live on the air. Sorry I gotta run.
Alright, good to see you. – Good to see you too, man.
– Great to see you. – Thank you. – We will link of
the book for sure. Mike, whatever.
I love you. Alright guys,
I will see you later. You guys get to ask
the question of the day. Don’t let them go too long
because I don’t trust them. I’m kidding, I’m kidding. Ask that question and
I wish you guys well. – Thanks you.
– The lady’s in charge. – Nothing until lunch.
– All right Mike. – Hi Gary, it’s Raya. I am a trainer from Birmingham,
Alabama so I used offer these individual fitness plans but I
ran into a lot of problems with scale once my business took off. I’d like to use my background
in video and editing to create a video course and help
with the scale issue. I was wondering your thoughts on
that and if there are any known pitfalls that I should
look out for. Thanks. – That’s not my field because
I typically stay away from any kind of online training. Not that I’m against it but me
personally I’m so all in I gotta be with the person
touching feeling making sure. Spot checking making
sure certain muscles are being activated. I can give you this program and
it may not be in maybe too much for you, it may not
be enough for you. You know what I’m saying? So I’m really good with
training instinctually myself and other people. I like to be there. But I know a lot of people
are successful online training businesses and you know
it’s all good is not my… – Totally.
– You know. – I like the idea of video
academies and I like the idea of being able to reach a lot of
people but what you could do is personalize it and if you make
some more general academies and video academies. You can
have open forums. Maybe there is once month or once a week that you do a
live broadcast or a call with them so you can answer
individual questions but it is a way if you know you don’t want
to deal with more individual clients, I think creating
programs is amazing and then just deciding and also changing
the price point so rather than having what you would normally
charge for training you charge a lot less but get it out the
masses but you’re telling people this is not customized for you. You have to make
your own decisions. – What I do do I have e-books,
a complete series of my style of training. Broken down very
specific to me and I say that. And I say scale it to your body
weight, 1 rep max etc. and then certain movements they may not
know what it’s about there’s a video for that one
an actual link so. – And you can reach
more people doing that. You could give someone 1 million
per cent experience in the gym but you can only
train how many people. Compared to like giving someone your program which was going to help
them not as much if we worked out together in the gym
but you can reach 500,000, 10 million however. – Like Natalie said to let them
know this is not customized. – Yeah.
– Right. If and for the video
course they know that. – It’s also who
is your audience? For mine, it’s very
different than yours. I have a general
weight-loss audience. – Mine are housewives. – We’re the same.
(laughter) – Hard core housewives. – For me, the general weight
loss population a lot of them don’t necessarily need the
trainer and the hard gym workout right now. For them teaching them some body
weight moves and teaching them things they can do at
home, I’m able to scale that. I built my online business doing
things online. Having e-programs and video academies
and so I’m all for it. I think it’s a great way to
reach more people and still get great content out. – For sure.
– Yeah. The thing I would add too is
have community with that course. That’s a lot of people miss is
somewhere to interact with other people who are going
through the same thing. – A Facebook group or
even just doing your own membership site with that. – Yeah.
– Yeah, I like that. – For sure, for sure. – [Brittany] Okay guys, question
of the day starting this way. Mike, what do you want to
ask the Vayner Nation? – Oh, I’m asking? – Yeah. You’re all going
to ask a question. – When was the last time,
be honest, that you posted on Instagram? – I wasn’t prepared
for this one. My question of the day would be
especially for anyone trying to build their social media is to
ask yourself the next time you post, anything you’re going to
post anywhere, does it add value is it something that is going
to make people feel encouraged motivated and care?
Is it something that they’re gonna want to share? If you can fit into those things
it’s probably not great content. Thinking before you post that is
not about a selfie of yourself or whatever it is is what
you’re sharing adding value? Is it interesting? Does it encourage and empower
people? Because I think that is the essence of how I can say I
built my social media is really thinking of things that
would empower others. – Right. Question of the day. I have long questions
and layers and stuff. Why do you do what you do? Kind of piggybacking
off of what Natalie said. We see a lot of
people posting sexy shots. I want you guys to ask yourself
“Why am I posting this?” Ask yourself “What will my
mom think if she saw this or my father?” Literally think about these
kinds of things because I don’t think a lot of you really
realize why you are doing what you’re doing. You just see a lot of
people doing it and you think that’s what to do. So really ask yourself why am I
doing this? What am I trying to, what’s my objective
with this particular post? What do I want to
get out of this? What kind of attention
am I looking for? And just when you ask yourself
that and start thinking about what you’re doing you might
change or you might find some kind of direction in
what you’re trying to do. Have purpose in
what you’re doing. – Mhmmm. I like that.
That’s good. (upbeat hip hop music)