They say it’s the start that stops most people. I think it’s the stipulations. In this video it’s time to get you off to
the right start in 2014. What’s up guys? Jeff Cavaliere, ATHLEANX.COM There’s an old saying that says, It’s the
start that stops most people. Meaning that most people that if they could
just get it going could get on a roll and transform themselves and become new people,
right? And when we’re talking about with fitness,
that means change their bodies. Well, I don’t know if I agree. I think it’s the stipulations that stop most
people. What I mean by that is most people do have
the initiative to get themselves going. Matter of fact starting today when you watch
this video, this is January 1st when I’m releasing it. Everybody has good intentions, right? They all get going, the gyms are packed. You know what I’m talking about because if
you work out in a gym, you’ll be lucky if you can get on to your
favorite piece of equipment. Or wherever you usually train, find a parking
spot, right? So, starting is not necessarily the issue
there but what happens is by the third week in January, I think it’s 22 days in is the
exact stat, 85% of the people that have started a resolution will have given it up. So what is it that’s holding you back? It wasn’t the start, it was the stipulations. And what do I mean by that? Guys I want to talk straight with you here
in this video. Sort of, this is coach to client, ok coach
to student. Sometimes there are things that come up that
prevent us from wanting to work out, those are inevitable. The stipulations of the programs and the types
of routines that you’re following though, make that more likely. So what would be an example of that? You know that I’ve sort of taken a stance
against some of the DVD based workout programs for a lot of different reasons. But I’m not really picking on them, it’s just
the practicality of it. Let’s say you’re a guy who relies on your
DVD based program and you’re in a place, like I was over the weekend, I was traveling, where
I’m not going to bring my DVD player with me. What do you do then? Ok, the guys that start those type of programs
on January 1, what do you do when you don’t have your DVD player with you? Do you miss your workout? You wait until you come back when you have
access to it again? What if you’ve lost all motivation by that
point, right? So that’s a stipulation, requiring that you
have to have DVD’s in order to follow a program. Secondly, you need a gym membership. Programs that require you to have a gym membership
because of the types of machines they recommend, Lat pulldowns, assisted dip machines, cable
crossovers, right, leg extension machines. Again, that’s a stipulation. If, the second you don’t have either, money
for a gym membership or it’s snowing, like it is here in the northeast and you don’t
want to drive to the gym, what happens to the workout? You don’t do it. So again a stipulation that gets in the way
of you actually doing the workout. How about if you workout at home and the requirements
for the home equipment are too elaborate, right? You need to get too much stuff, spend too
much money on your equipment at home to have adequate stuff to get your workout in. Again a stipulation, not necessary but a stipulation
none the less. And one that can prevent you from doing the
workouts even in the first place, right? You say, I don’t have all that equipment,
so I can’t do it, ok. Next up, what about programs that require
lots of your time. Ok, workouts that are asking you for a good
investment of your time. You might start off 2014 saying you know what,
I’m going to dedicate that hour or hour and a half to my training every day because I’m
worth it. And believe me, you are, ok you are worth
it. But the second something else comes up or
whatever habits you’ve had from now, building up until now, and you need to take care of
that first, you ain’t going to take care of yourself. Ok, so that hour to 90 minute workout that
was causing you a problem in 2013, that hour to 90 minute workout is going to cause you
a problem in 2014. Most likely by the second or third week into
January. And finally, if you’re trying to follow a
meal plan, trying to follow a diet and getting yourself lean because we know that’s a critical
component to getting yourself to look good. Well guys again, here if your program requires
you to have the skills of a budding chef with a restaurant budget, most likely you’re not
going to keep that up either. You’re going to go back to eating Twinkies
or whatever it is that’s inexpensive processed food you know that allows you to be fed every
day. Alright, so, from a coach’s standpoint though,
ok, I’m going to be honest with you. I might look at all those things and say those
are “x”cuses. Alright, I really would, I might say, you
know what, that’s an “x”cuse. You know everyone of them. You can do, you can still get the job done,
that’s an “x”cuse. But what if I were able to tell you we can
remove the “x”cuses. If you’re a good coach, you can take “x”cuses
and remove them. You can always come up with a solution and
allow something that seems impossible to become possible. For you guys that have been watching my channel
for any length of time, you know that I talk about my ATHLEANX training system. I told you about our bodyweight only program,
ATHLEAN-XERO. These are all the tools that I created in
order to remove the “x”cuses. Right, we wanted to make sure that whatever
program you did, you can do it at the gym if you want to be there. I like training in the gym, sometimes. I prefer to train at home. I could do them both places. Right, ATHLEANX was made so that you could
do it in either place. ATHLEAN-XERO is because you don’t have any
equipment at all. It’s not just a decent program, it’s one of
the hardest programs I’ve ever made. And it’s pretty badass and it’s going to get
you to actually build muscle with a bodyweight only program So there’s options there. Meal plans, make them followable. Make them recipes that don’t require anything
but your own intuition, right. You don’t have to sit there and follow a recipe
list of 10 different ingredients or 12 different ingredients, go out to the grocery store in
order to buy them before you can start. That’s kind of impractical especially for
guys. We’re not maybe the best cooks in the world,
some are but most, me included, are not. Time, I don’t have a lot of time guys, I really
don’t. I do workouts, I trade in the time for intensity. I’ve mentioned it in many videos now and we’ll
talk about it again in 2014 plenty of times. Because there’s still some guys that insist
that you have to be in the gym 60 to 90 minutes and they, sorry, it’s an “x”cuse. You’re not working hard enough. If you’re working hard enough you won’t be
able to last that long because you will trade in the intensity for that length. Ok, I showed you, you can get a really intense
workout in, in under 45 minutes. So it all comes down to basically guys, in
2014 I wanted to give you guys an incentive to make it your year. To change your thought process. Think about what it is that’s holding you
back, not the start. You’ll probably start. If you’re watching this video right now, my
words might even be motivation to you to get started. But I could tell you this, it will be worthless
if you don’t keep it going. I don’t care if it’s my program. I don’t care if it’s any other program out
there. Whichever one you decide to get, if you don’t
keep it up, it’s worthless. Because two weeks of good health doesn’t equal
anything in a lifetime. You want to work on getting yourself to change
your habits this year. Get yourself to change your outlook. Get yourself to actually get into the lifestyle
of fitness. If I can be the guy that leads you down that
road this year, I’ll be an extremely happy guy, ok. Because I want you guys to be able to change
your lives. If it’s by watching my free youtube videos,
watch the free youtube videos. If it’s by taking the leap and getting one
of the programs, like I mentioned before then take that leap. But whatever you do, make 2014 the year for
you. The year that you’re going to make it different. And different, not just for this year but
for the rest of your life. Guys, Happy New Year. I hope you find the right motivation here
to not just get started but to remove all the stipulations and keep yourself going from
now to the rest of this year and beyond. Thanks guys. If you haven’t, you guys know where to go,
ATHLEANX.COM. All the training options are available for
you there. And the tools are there and I’m the coach
that will gladly take on the responsibility of helping you get in the best shape of your
life. I’ll see guys back here in a little while. You know what, do me a favor, leave your fitness
motivation, what is your resolution, here. Tell me what’s going to be different this
year than you’ve done in the past to make sure that 2014 is your best year ever. I’ll see you guys back here soon.