you are a candidate as an executive or
non-executive director of a bank under the direct supervision of the ECB your
role would be to ensure responsible risk-taking and to safeguard the
long-term interests of the bank this requires that the board has a clear
vision and strategy and makes balanced and well-informed decisions as a
candidate you need to demonstrate fitness and propriety for the task the
bank has to decide on the profile for the position taking into account its
current and future needs we as the ECB expect you to carefully
consider your role at the specific bank and whether you are up to the job we
check whether you have sufficient experience and skills to fulfill the
role our an independent thinker have no indication of reputational issues have
sufficient time to commit to the role and add value to the board we ensure
that all candidates across the euro area are treated in the same fair manner your
bank notifies the national competent authority and provides all necessary
information punctually avoiding any delays is in your own interest we assess
all available information in addition to the documentation an interview may be
conducted we make all decisions according to national deadlines and
strive to conclude them within four months maximum some candidates may be
considered not fully suitable such a consideration will always be discussed
with the bank the outcome might be that we impose specific conditions
obligations or recommendations to make you better equipped for the role once you take up the position the bank
monitors your suitability and the collective suitability of the whole
board to ensure good governance in case of new facts a reassessment might be
needed fitness and propriety contribute to a sound and stable banking sector the
ECB regularly exchanges views on fit and proper supervision with the banking
industry to achieve further improvements for more in-depth information on our fit
and proper supervision please refer to the ECB guide on fit and proper
assessments at