hi this is fitindianwoman and today is our first fitness discussion which we call as fitcussion. so this is the first talk video which I will presenting on my Fitindianwoman channel. the sole purpose of creating Fitindianwoman channel was That the people both men and women being talked about , who cannot access gyms near them or those who are unable to do weight training or due to any reason lack time and those who have 5 min,10 min, 15 min, left and in that time if they can workout without any equipment without going anywhere in a little space and that too a good workout. so for those people I created this channel so that I can present the types of workouts which can be performed in 5 min, 7 min, 15min, 20 min, 25 min as much number of times you repeat the circuit your workout time goes on increasing. so that is what this channel proposes to present to you that is how fitindianwoman came into being so the first topic which I am going to discuss is particularly that shall be TRAINING. one thing that is important is that under training I will consider all types of workout be it weight training, MMA, Kickboxing, swimming or any kind of activity that you do can be accounted in a workout That for a particular amount of time your heartbeat should have increased for about 50.-70% of your resting heart rate if not much but a considerable amount of sweating your heartbeat is high and your body feels tired / fatigued or exhausted it means that you have worked out your body running, jogging, jumping ,skipping or anything of your choice or the workouts that I present (you can see that behind on my laptop screen) I present body-weight workouts I will count them as well when it comes to TRAINING. for training it is very important for those who follow my channel or wish to follow I shall tell them specifically that if you train , then please make it consistent , it means that if you have decided that in a week you train 3, 4 or 5 days be it home workout itself then please make it consistent for example workout 5 days every week Don’t work in a way that in a week you give 1-2 days and in another week you give 6 days to workout please don’t do that , you won’t get the desired results your body won’t be able to adapt properly you may get DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) or your body may not feel the workout properly if you worked out once or twice a week you won’t feel it the way it should be and you won’t see the results. so the first point call for “CONSISTENCY IN THE WORKOUT” The second point is “NUTRITION”. try to consume all the essential macro and micro nutrients in the diet you are consuming. Protein, Carbohydrates fats , vitamins, minerals, fiber try to consume the nutrients via your basic diet Because relying on artificially prepared food and supplements and I am not against supplements, because I have consumed nutrition supplements earlier so I know about it the body and mind tends to become dependent on the supplements Basic food is very good for you , you get all the required nutrients from a well balanced meal also eat your meals in appropriate amount do not consume one good balanced meal and the rest of the meals as fast food and junk food plus consume the supplements and consider of getting healthy this way then its not gonna happen. loosing excess weight requires calorie deficit secondly consumption of appropriate nutrients to fuel up your workouts so reduce your depedence on supplements basic food, a balanced meal will provide you the strength when the base itself is weak then whatever you add up to it won’t be of much benefit. it lacks the strength. take care of your nutrition and eat natural foods. the third point shall be already got covered a little in nutrition and that is supplements whenever you purchase or consume a supplement from a TRAINER then please make sure that your TRAINER is a trusted person and shall provide you with the best quality supplement product as per your need. if purchasing from a dealer ensure that he has the required credentials and permissions to sell the product. once you are assured of his accreditation then only you consume it otherwise, in market today fake products supply is huge. In many e- commerce websites you shall find the same products at an attractive discount of 60–70% off. but please tell me what kind of a product excels in originality and quality and you get that at such an unbeleivable rates. to be honest I don’t find such things easily ever in terms of authenticity and slashed down rates fake supplement market is larger than the original one. you get the genuine products at maximum 5-10% discount , if anything seems a pretty good deal then beware ! okay! so if you consume dietary supplements such as whey protein creatine or any other one… If it is FSSAI marked then it is very good as it confirms the food supplement to be a standardized product. if not marked then assure its originality. read the labels behind the product. the guidelines. dosage Do not consume overdose of the product when the recommended dose is mentioned. whatever is written on the product it is written after research and development There may be a few elements in a supplement which are not compatible with your body (intolerance or allergic) you may not realize, get harmed and end up in a hospital… You initially thought to build your body, health and strength.. and the opposite happened. The base of your body the strength got lost due to fake products consumption. The Third point considered shall be steroids. the use of steroids is common in the bodybuilding world (profession) and its use there is understood as in bodybuilding you have to display your body as an art. bodybuilders display the hard-work done throughout the years the way the have sculpted the body in years the amount of muscle built, fat lost the entire conditioning is to be displayed in a few minutes for that ..they use steroids, and is acceptable in that field But general people such as students, professors, or the people who come from daily walks of life who are not related to bodybuilding by any means in order to bring temporary changes to their bodies or accentuate their results temporarily since you don’t get fast results and in the ADMIRATION of your favorite bodybuilder both male and female if you start consuming steroids without the correct guidance of an appropriately educated person who is aware of the correct dosage and prescription, cycles post cycle therapy (PCT) the amount being consumed, excess or low the pharmacist from whom you obtain it, if he is trusted… the recommending person because nowadays i must tell you being a fitness trainer myself i know that there are a very few people who possess updated and crisp knowledge of steroids and in general I NEVER recommend roids to anyone to people who come from general walks of life or who aren’t involved in bodybuilding or those who don’t have to compete ,steroid is a big NO for them body can develop pretty well naturally and of-course it takes time it can take 2,3,4,5 years depending upon the person the fat that you have accumulated over 10 years how can you expect it to completely go away in a few months you are improving your body and health and not making instant noodles which can be prepared and conditioned easily in a month or two… you won’t transform drastically in a short time it will take the time required it will take consistency and a body which is sculpted naturally stays as it is for a longer period of time using an Ergogenic aid/performance aid shall make you psychologically dependent on it and in the course of time if you stop using them then your body will bounce back to what it was… the skin will lose its elasticity, leaving stretch marks and the side effects can be even worst.. shall discuss all that in some other video its a general introduction video today if you are not a part of the bodybuilding clan then… don’t give in to anyone’s pressure, recommendations when the use to steroids is concerned or in the admiration of your favorite athlete. do not use any shortcuts ultimately makes you fall in a vicious trap and you harm yourself unknowingly. these are all the points which I wanted to assemble in a talk session sort of video.. so that I may interact with the people to convey the channel purpose what I plan on propagating through this channel what kind of content you shall see in future I have created three “FULL BODY WORKOUTS” they contain all types of exercises which shall help to train your entire body which constitutes Arms, Legs , Back abdominals Hence for thoee who want to maintain general health and well being and transform their bodies naturally who don’t have nearby access to the gym who cannot perform weight lifting maybe due to an injury in such cases if you want to perform body-weight exercises lack of time quickly wear your comfortable clothes wear shoes as per the exercises use a chair or sofa or table as a prop or support workout in parks do the workouts by watching the channel I have created extensive WORKOUT CIRCUITS for you all Initial two videos have been created for WORKOUT MOTIVATION the upcoming videos shall contain part specific workouts for example arms toning workout to compile all exercises for a part of the body… ARMS, CHEST , UPPER BODY LEGS so if you are INTERESTED in PART SPECIFIC WORKOUTS please let me know in the comments below how was this video? did you like the talk session ? I will have more talk sessions on different topics Many more FITCUSSIONS to come! So , yep that’s it for the day and I will see you guys in the next one!