You know a lot of us learn
from a relatively young age the important of building
on a solid foundation. Hi, I’m Brother Mark Mackey and
I want to talk to you about the First Principle and Foundation
of St. Ignatius of Loyola. It’s simple really.
At the outset of the Exercises St. Ignatius wants to make it
abundantly clear that the focus
is on God. He wants us to see the reality
that all is for God all is gift. The purpose of our lives
is to live in love with God and others. Both here now on earth
and in heaven forever. And God made everything else
from fidget spinners and memes to nature and romance To move us closer
towards his love. This is Ignatius’ principle insight: if something is promising love
let it stand if something is getting in the
way of love, knock it down. Let’s let the Principle and Foundation
create the lens through which we progress into our next
video as we officially enter the First Week of the
Spiritual Exercises.