Dom McKay musculoskeletal therapists
in this video we’re going to be talking about the hands now these are a part of
our body that really don’t get enough love people type all day they work all
day on the on the tools and you know your hands really do a lot for you in
your life and they very rarely get any sort of any sort of attention at all so I’m going to teach you how to release
the interosseous muscles so stretch the interosseous muscles these are the
muscles that sit between these bones in your hand now it’s quite simple
all you’re gonna do is you’re gonna take your fingers and you’re going to place
it again to the other hand and then just you’re keeping them as wide open as you
can and then just push back against them and then bend the end knuckles
so you end up in the position like this and you want to work through all of your
fingers in that manner now the first time you do this it’s going to be quite
intense you’ll feel all sorts of sensations between the bones of your
hands but just bear with it and hold on to that stretch and if you spend a
couple of minutes doing that you suddenly feel dexterous and and limber
in your fingers and your hands very nice feeling