Financial Wellness Two-thirds of American
workers live paycheck to paycheck, and 63% don’t have enough in their
emergency fund to cover a $500 expense. That means most of your employees
may be just one car repair or household disaster away from debt. But what if everyone could
feel financially secure? You can inspire workers to
achieve financial wellness. When they feel financially secure,
employees are more engaged and productive, and organizations can make the most
of their investment in their people. That’s the power of The Wellness Effect. But when it comes to helping
workers plan their financial future, too often basic human behaviors get in the way. Many people underestimate how long
they’ll live, put off financial planning, or believe “it won’t happen to me.” You can help inspire workers
to shift these bad behaviors, so they can rise to the financial
challenges they face. The keys are deepening their
understanding of their financial lives, providing the right tools and
offering ongoing motivation. The solution is to deliver these through
an insight-driven, holistic experience that makes a real difference in their financial
wellness – and is easy for you to implement. Learn how our onsite workshops,
realistic self-assessments and smart participant engagement strategies
can unlock the power of The Wellness Effect for your organization and workforce. Visit or
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