Hi and welcome! My name is Joe Menolascino. I am the Vice President of Operations and Lending at KCT Credit Union. Most American families today say they’re living paycheck to paycheck regardless of
the amount of income they make. The majority of Americans today say that their financial situation is poor or at best fair. All the while, they take these money worries to work and they’re asked to perform to the best of their ability. According to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, a study they conducted, 7/10 Americans say their number one stress in their life is their financial burden or debt that they have. Now this burden, this debt that they have, has also effected their lives and it’s effected their relationships with their coworkers, their family, their kids, and in particular, and most concerning to me is how it’s effected their health. Here at KCT Credit Union we’ve created a financial Debt Checkup program. Our financial Debt Checkup program is to help our members assess their current financial condition so we can solve for a better tomorrow. Our Debt Checkup is designed to examine all the outstanding obligations with their creditors and include: And remember, KCT Credit Union takes pride in assuring that you are well-educated, and that a custom-design debt reduction program is created. And ultimately, as I said prior, this will put you in a better place financially than what you came in with.