everybody I'm Jeremy this is WOD well we're back at United barbell CrossFit soma in San Francisco we're getting ready to do the CrossFit benchmark WOD fight combat our athletes are Steve and Hayley we're all here for a fundraising event called United for youth which is put on by our friends at Westside athletes Association they create CrossFit scholarships for underprivileged teams very cool organization check them out Westside athletes association comm so fight combat it's a 17 minute for reps workout it's three five-minute rounds with five movements one minute each wall balls 14 pounds to the women 20 pounds pounds for the men 9 foot target for the women 10 foot target for the men sumo deadlift high poles 55 pounds of the women 75 for the men box jumps 20 inches men and women push press 55 pounds for the women 75 for the men and then a row for calories then a one-minute rest repeat that for three rounds it's a brutal workout these guys are going to tackle it for us right now and they're gonna tell us all about it right afterwards global zealotry the very first one got no rep donks I didn't go low enough and that so I was good I have to think about going low enough and then also the tape was above the normal line in the gym so that was in my head but that was fine overall I'm really strong at wall balls so I was hoping to hit at least 30 35 reps maybe on that first round I got 30 and I wanted to kind of keep that cuz I knew if I could keep those wall balls that would really help my score so the first round I kept on pace with Stevie was right in front of me and so that was a good push like I think I got 15 no problem I think I should have kept round one like maybe held myself back a little bit and you know maybe not gotten as many reps on run one hopefully just save some more for round two in round three round one was great but it was funny it felt great and then soon as I got that one minute break the one minute break felt really short I did get no rapped I think about three times as well balls which isn't that much but it kind of gets in your head a little bit I think for sumo deadlifts I think it's a little bit deceptive like fifty five pounds is nothing but then when you're already gasps from wall balls and then you get into round two and you've already done a full round easy to burn yourself out on the shoulder press side I at some point was doing strict presses and I got no rep for that was totally fair I should have in hindsight should have paid attention closer to the rules round two was was decent as a bit of a struggle but I was able to get through it and the minute between round two and three I was just talking myself the whole time don't quit don't quit don't quit I mean I was like that workout pushes you and Hayley was pushing me so I was able to not to quit I was trying to do two things we want to stay somewhere between 20 to 25 reps is the goal and secondly Hayley is significantly better than me on wall balls and box jumps so those two places I knew I'd be behind her and so I had to really pick it up on sumo deadlift high pulls in the shoulder press the thing that mainly changed for me along the way is I wasn't sure how I was going to hold up on the box jumps and the first round of box jumps was fine the second round I jumped but I stepped down instead of jumping back and forth which cost me and then the third round I was out of gas I was actually doing step-up so I think in hindsight just more box gym training to get that endurance up so I was hoping to stay around that 25 range and I think by round 3 I maybe pushed myself a little too hard at the beginning and didn't keep a good pace and probably slipped down to around 20 reps I just felt really fortunate to be able to have done it with Haley Brian and Amy we work out in the mornings together and house greats go through that pain together thank you I appreciate it it's good thanks for being out on camera buddy Josh so thank you doing it so my goal is to beat my last year score which was a CR it was 354 so I was hoping to at least tie that maybe get a few extra reps in unfortunately I came in at 319 not sure what happened just had a hard time pushing myself those last few minutes yeah well you know what 319 is still a very respectable score I think you'd be really happy with it if you didn't have a 354 to go out again yeah yeah thanks for doing the song yeah nice thank you